Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v.11

This did not happen over the weekend, but...

USC GAMECOCKS ARE THE CWS CHAMPIONS-AGAIN!!! Back to Back for Garnet & BLACK!!! Sorry for all of you Florida fans, but I needed to put that out there because the CWS is one of the reasons I have been staying up so late these last few weeks and I am so excited that they won! I am sure I will be SUPER tired as the day goes on, but I am going to go ahead and say that it was all worth it...I am also going to say that I have a crush on Scott Wingo...i know, compared to him I am practically 80, but who cares, sometimes, I am in denial about how old I am...whatever. I would also like to say that I had this crush BEFORE the CWS, for the record, but it most certainly did not hurt when he made so many OUTSTANDING plays throughout the CWS. Even last night, while Hubs was on the couch watching the game and I was packing my gym bag in the bedroom, I got a text from Hubs that said "I think I might have a crush on Wingo too." To which I responded with-"You should, I have impeccable taste in men-but he was mine first ;)" Silly Hubs, none the less, it was a great game (well, unless you were a Florida fan like Taryn, then it was probably pretty painful to watch, but HEY-now you know how we feel when we play you during football season...just sayin) and I am still pretty case you can't tell. (Additionally...I am pretty sure Hubs would kill me if he knew I told you about that text, so if you don't mind, let's keep that between us...thanks!)

Moving on to the events that actually occurred this weekend.

Friday, some people from work decided that we were going to head out to lunch. I was a little hesitant to go out to eat, because I am seriously on diet lock down. I have been doing very well (in my opinion) staying on the diet wagon and not falling off-so I told them that I would only go if I knew in advance where they were going & if the place everyone decided on had nutritional information available for me to look at BEFORE going so I could plan out my meal (hey, I told you I am serious, and that's what you have to do when you are tracking your calories...which, honestly, I never thought I could or would EVER do-a few years ago (when I was pregnant with Hannah) some of my friends decided that they were going to diet together and every week, on Monday, they would send me their weight info-now, not the actual amount they weighed, but the amount it changed by-either positive or negative, and I kept track of their progress (I was tracking it because I was an impartial 3rd party-as I was pregnant so I really wasn't supposed to be trying to lose weight-not so good for the baby), well about a month into it, Jane was really the only one still making progress with the weight loss, and she did a PHENOMENAL job-I mean, she looked awesome! When I asked her how she did it, she told me she was counting calories, and I just scoffed and said-well I just can't do that, so it won't work for me...well look at me that was some story just for you to know why I said what I did...oh well, you love it and that's why you are here :) I digress...So they decided on Jason's Deli, which, is way better when you go and eat there as opposed to having it catered if you are having an office meeting or some other function, and they also ice cream with every meal, oh ice cream, how I love you...I have practically NO will power when it comes to ice because I was able to research the nutritional information and plan out what I was going to eat ahead of time (so there was less likelihood of me picking something terrible for me at the last minute) I agreed to go. As usual, there was the standard, "So, who is driving" conversation. I have a car seat (and a mess) in my back seat, and as you are aware, I HATE driving, but I still offered, but due to the car seat we opted to go with someone else, so Steph said she would drive-she has an SUV. We all get in the SUV, and Lana said, oh I forgot that I have the mini van and not the car, so I could drive (to me, this was a moot point as we were already in Steph's car and it was on...) (you should also know that Lana has twin boys so when she has her car there are 2 car seats in the back so there was not a chance that she would have been able to drive the 4 of us if she did have the car (which is 99% of the time), so that's why she didn't volunteer to drive at first. Apparently, Tameka has NEVER gone for a ride in a minivan before, and literally has Steph turn off her car, and we all got out so we could take Tameka for her first ride in a mini van. MAN! She was excited-you have no idea...Lana even had to set up the 3rd row for us to sit (the car seats were in the 2nd row)...oh the ridiculousness.
Lana trying to set up the third row so we could ride in the minivan

She is seriously excited about this trip in the mini

The third row is so far away from the front seat...

She was excited the whole ride so I had to document the occasion
 We made it to Jason's Deli, and as we are standing in line waiting to order, I heard my name-I turn around and I saw Charli! Charli and I went to college together, and I haven't seen her in a pretty long time, so I was super excited to see her (and her beautiful family) and I told her about Hannah's birthday party and she thinks they are going to be able to make it! I am excited! (as seen by the amount of exclamation points i have used so far...) I got back in line to place my order, and I realized I was standing in front of a gentleman who is in the military (as made evident by his uniform and military inspired (or mandated) haircut. When I was checking out, I asked him if he would be so kind as to let me pay for his meal as well as mine. He seemed to be taken pretty off guard by my request and kind of stared at me and told me I did not have to do that, to which I responded with, I know, but you also don't have to serve in the Military, it was a choice you made, and this is a choice I am making to show my appreciation, and I would really like to pay for your lunch-as a token of my gratitude for you service-and then I told him that if I can't pay for my brother's lunch because he is actively deployed, I would like to pay for his instead. He let me and we went on our way. I hope you guys, in situations that you can afford to, will consider doing the same for the people who make the choice to serve you and this country as well.

I left work Friday, and headed to the gym for a nice workout with Heather coupled together with some quality time on the treadmill. During this workout, Heather and I came up with a plan for a weight loss competition between her 3 main clients, which will be starting Friday...I am stoked, because the winner gets a free pedicure AND massage! AWESOME...I don't even know why I bother saying winner, because clearly, I am going to win (riiiiight)-so there is another reason for me not to fall off the diet wagon-I am going to need some support guys, so if you see me reaching for something that doesn't look like it belongs in a diet, please slap it out of my hand...seriously...slap that piece right out of my hand and remind me that my back fat does not appreciate what I was about to eat...Friday night Hubs and I camped out to watch the CWS-USC v Virginia Rematch-we had already beaten Virginia earlier in the week, but they went on to beat UCAL so we had a rematch to determine who would go on to face off against Florida in the Championship Series...which, of course, if you read my intro, you know USC beat UVA!!!

Saturday, we got dressed and hopped in the car to go to the post office-I needed to buy stamps to mail out Hannah's birthday invitations, and we saw Poppi and Hayley there-which was pretty random. After dropping the invitations off, we headed to Target-or The Red store, which you might also know as Hannah's favorite store...I was hoping to find some things for her party, but they really didn't have much in the way of Mickey and Minnie...sad (neither did Walmart for that matter-which I find weird), so we got some random things we needed like disinfectant wipes, nail polish remover, iced animal crackers (for Hannah) that were in the Hot Spot so they were only $1 and some drinks for us since it was only about 88 degrees at that point, and we left (I have yet to make a trip to Target and leave with the only item(s) for which my trip was intended). After Target, we went to some shoe store to try to find some sandals for Hannah to wear for her upcoming pictures...but I didn't have any luck (I think it's because I wanted red ones, and could focus on anything else...except for the HEELS for toddler has a hard enough time walking barefoot, she most certainly does NOT need 2" heels! I was appalled.) The we went to the Party Store down the street from Target and loaded up on more birthday party necessities (like plates and napkins with Mickey and Minnie's faces on them). We decided that we were going to have a cupcake cake instead of an actual cake because they are easier to "cut" and eat (Steph raised a good point the other day about cupcakes...they really are only cake, and since we take the wrapper off to eat them, why is it acceptable to eat cupcakes with our hands and not to eat regular cake?) so I wanted to go to Publix to see if they had a Mickey Cupcake cake, and sure enough they did, but so did WalMart...we were going to go to WalMart to compare prices but when I looked at Hans in the back seat, she was rubbing her eyes and she told me she was a tired teddy bear and wanted to take a nap, so we headed home instead. We all laid down for a little while (Hubs and Hannah napped and I watched Kathy Griffin's stand up routine...MAN! I love Kathy Griffin!).

We went to Walmart after everyone woke up to try to find some shoes for Hannah for the pictures...and to look at the price of the cake we wanted-bu sadly, we were informed that they don't have the kit for the cake we wanted so they couldn't make it...Publix won that battle...and sadly I didn't find any red sandals like I had hoped, but Hannah picked out some white sparkly peep toe sandals so we got those and left for home. We gave Hannah some dinner and got put her bathing suit on her because her very first swim lesson was at 6. We got to the pool and at 5:52 the instructor called to tell me he couldn't make it...insert broken hearted Hannah here. Seriously, she was so excited about the lesson, she had been talking about it all day. As a compromise, we set up her animal water park in the back yard (side note, we have a guy who does our yard work-and he is supposed to come every Friday...and because we had been getting hammered with rain (from drought to drowning) our back yard looks like a freaking jungle please excuse the height of the grass because Gary hasn't been by in a while. Hannah played in her water park for a while then we went inside to get cleaned up. When Hans went to sleep, Hubs and I had "date night" which was really just sitting on the couch watching a movie-we watch Inception-first time either one of us had seen it...and man, I really wish Hubs had seen it before me so I could have asked him 10000 questions...good movie though!
Kali watched Hannah play in the water...and stayed far away from it

River was also not interested in playing in the water
This is Phalen Water Park...
Laying in the Alligator
Hubs stole her towel
This was her attempt to avoid getting out because we turned the water off and put the other peices away at this point

Sunday, we woke up and got Hannah ready for her 3 year old pictures...I will say it again, I cannot believe my baby is almost 3! We drove out to Mt. Pleasant and went to the same place we had her 1 year old pictures taken. Hannah was in a great mood and did an excellent job listening to the photographer (who, in my opinion, used too much of a high pitched voice for a 3 year old...but that is one of my pet peeves, so I am sure it wouldn't bother anyone else) and we got some really good pictures of her. While we waited for the pictures to be printed, we walked over to Bed Bath and Beyond to waste some time. Okay, for those of you who live in the Charleston area, the BB&B in Mt. P has a MUCH larger selection than the BB&B in n. Charleston-I mean it was ridiculous-there is an entire beauty section-complete with nail polish-like it is Target or something! It was crazy! We ended up getting some random things for Hannah's party there (some tubs for drinks and a pump to make water balloons...Hubs picked it out and wouldn't put it back, so in an effort to avoid a tantrum from both Hannah and Hubs, we got people, please be aware that if you come to Hannah's party, apparently there will be water balloons...unless that pump happens to magically disappear between now and then...that would be a shame...) I would like to also add that during the photo session, the photographer asked Hannah if she liked princesses-and Hannah said "Yes, I do like princesses" so when the Lady asked Hannah who her favorite princess was what did Hannah say? "Hannah." Yep, that's my girl! (For those of you who are wondering, her (current) favorite princess is Belle-I believe it is because she has long brown hair like Hannah but who knows.)
a sample pack, if you will, of the pictures...when did she get so big? I also just realized there is one picture on there twice...but since it is a cute picture of a cute kid I didn't think you would mind
When Hannah's pictures were ready, we went out in search of some lunch...during lunch Hannah announced that she was a tired teddy bear again (that comes from that song-Teddy Bear's Picnic-at six o'clock their mommies and daddies will take them home to bed, because they are tired little teddy bears) So we headed home for a nap. Dad came over and helped Hubs install the new toilets (people, I am not kidding, it is like being in a hotel bathroom for me-the toilets are so much nicer now than the old ones were! AND! They are taller than the other one's so you don't feel like you are falling on the way down to sit on them! AWESOME!) and install a ceiling fan (again, AWESOME) and to try to take remove the stupid basketball pole/hoop that is in the back yard (the dogs have dug up all of the dirt around it so much that they could literally walk under the cement patio...dangerous...and bad dogs!)

Hannah's swim lesson was rescheduled to Sunday, so we got her ready for her lesson and headed to the pool. The instructor was probably no older than 16, and I am pretty sure he didn't have much experience with toddlers...all I want is for Hannah to know how to float and have a less likelihood of drowning since she has no fear of jumping into the pool at anytime, however, apparently the instructor was convinced that she needed to learn the proper techniques of swimming and each stroke...not what I was looking for, but Hannah still had fun. We won't be going back there for lessons, but I have found another organization that I am considering using for the lessons. Hannah is a water baby by nature and I just want to make sure she is a safe and educated water baby.
Practicing kicking

I love this because she always sticks her tongue out when she is concentrating

Just went under the water like a professional...but it only happened twice...the second time did not go smoothly so she woulnd't do it again.
That was our weekend...Hubs said "Man! We had a busy weekend," when we sat down Sunday night...and he was right, we did have a pretty busy weekend.

I also want to add that in my Meet Me on Monday Post, I mentioned that I was going ot be watching the Bachelorette for the Bentley drama...shame on me, I forgot the Championship series of the CWS started Monday night (just for a moment though-no to worry) so I had to divide my time between the 2...good news-Bentley is NOT, in fact coming back, and it would appear that Ashley has learned her lesson about liking (or loving-blech) him and asked him to leave. The game was pretty uneventful during the first 9 was in the extra innings that it got REALLY exciting-and I mean the, sitting on the edge of your seat, nail biting, heart is racing kind of excitement. (clearly USC won in the end, but there was a point, when I got a text from Taryn, aforementioned Florida fan, that read "Game Over, Lady" MAN-that was a bit premature because she clearly did not get the memo that bases loaded for the USC defense means nothing but a chance to make yet another double play, and Wingo (ahhh Wingo) made not 1 but 2 plays causing outs at home AND the 2nd one turned into, yep you guessed it-an AWESOME double play! USC won by scoring on a throwing error made by the Florida pitcher, but it certainly was a battle until the end!)  And one more time for good measure (and because I heart Wingo and this song)!

How was your weekend? Do you have any plans for July 4th? We are going to the Riverdogs' game Monday. Someone asked me what my favorite part about July 4th is, and I had to really think about it...the day off, the bbq's, the fireworks, the, it is that for 1 whole day, the nation remembers our freedom and appreciates the people who made (and are still making) it possible to maintain our freedom today. Shout out to all of you in the military who CHOOSE to serve-especially those who are actively deployed currently and cannot spend this holiday with their families-so their families can have the opportunity to enjoy this holiday...

Whatever your plans may be, I hope that you are safe. Please, please, please drink responsibly and do NOT drive if you have been drinking, there is always someone who is willing to come get you and all you need to do is ask.  You never know who is on the rode with you at any given time-it could be your family.

"Life without liberty is like a body without a spirit" 

Also, July 4th is a very tough day for a dear friend of mine, and if you are reading this, you know who you are, please know that you will, as always, be in my thoughts and prayers because I know this is a difficult day for you-I am only a phone call away-Love you!

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