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Weekend Wednesday v.9

So, If you read my Meet Me on Monday post you know that we had a pretty exciting weekend!  If you did NOT read my post, shame on you, stop reading now, go catch up and come back-I will wait-no seriously, I will wait...

Caught up?  Great. Moving on.  So this weekend was Hubs' birthday-he is the Big 31!  We celebrated on Saturday, even though his real birthday was Sunday.

We kicked off the weekend by attending yet another, Charleston Riverdogs' baseball game, though this week, the tickets were given out through Hubs' work so I really didn't know too many people there-well you know, other than the ones we brought...Our group consisted of Hubs, Hannah, My mom and dad, Hayley, Ashley, and Hubs' Mom and Step dad (Ray-or Gramps if you are Hans).  I should note that this baseball game was Ray's very first baseball game he has ever attended-did I just hear you gasp?  I felt the same way-he really just isn't into sports-so we were very excited the he came out to spend some time with us!  We had another picnic before the game-same hot dog/hamburger mix, though I will say that the lemonade was a little better this week than it was last week so that was a plus! 

Hubs' mom & my mom together

Hubs and Hannah
Ray's first Riverdogs' game!
Dad and Hayley

Hubs and Hans really only like to go to the game to eat peanuts...can't tell they are related can you?

Mom and Ashley
Hubs and Me
Hannah did not forget her new found love for Chelsea and Charlie-as when she woke up Friday morning she announced that she was going to see Chelsea and give her a huggie, and sure enough, as soon as she saw Chelsea, Hannah gave her a huggie!  She also gave Charlie a huggie-that kid is so stinking cute I don't know what to do with her!  Also-We had a MAJOR potty training break through at the game.  I was quite hesitant to put Hannah in a pull up for the game because when she is "busy" she can't seem to remember to stop and go potty so I was afraid we were setting her up for failure by taking her out of her element and letting her run around during the game.  However-Hannah went potty on the BIG potty (you should know that she typically only uses her potty-which is a princess throne and plays royal music when she goes (or if the potty catcher part is not put back on correctly which is SUPER aggravating but that is another story) and not really on a real toilet) not once but TWICE-2 times she told me she needed to try to go potty, but made me promise not to flush it (because it was SUPER loud and scared me a bit the first time I flushed it so I don't blame her one bit)...and then she actually went!  I was so excited and so was she!  She ran out of the bathroom back to where we were sitting to announce to everyone that she went potty and we did the Potty Dance!  Such a proud moment!  (As a side note, I did, in fact, flush the potty, I just let her move closer to the door before flushing it so it wasn't as bad for her...just so you know). 

Chelsea is her favorite so we have to find her first

But we can't leave without giving Charlie a Huggie too!

And what is a baseball game without Italian ice-and when you are Hannah, of course you need every flavor-Blue Raspberry, Lemonade, Mango and Tangerine!
Saturday, I woke up early and went to the gym to workout with Heather-I needed a good workout because I knew I was not going to be eating as well as I should be later on that evening due to the birthday events for Hubs.  When I got home, Hubs dropped Hans and the dogs off at my parents' house and we set out to spend the day together.  I planned a whole day for him without him knowing about most of it-I am pretty proud of myself for it too!  We started out playing Putt-putt...seriously-if you haven't played putt putt in a while, you need to, it is great to just get out there and goof off!  I was totally winning (by a good bit) in the beginning, which is pretty standard for Hubs and I...then as usual Hubs came back to beat me which is par for the course...come on, you know I had to do it! 

I actually beat him on this hole...

I am happy here because I was actually winning...
Thankfully we went out early, because it was not too busy and it was getting SUPER hot while we were out, and I was not trying to get sunburned while playing mini-golf....After putt putt, we left and went to grab some lunch.  We didn't go anywhere exciting, but we did have an adult beverage-I had a bloody mary, which, I kind of wish I didn't have because it really wasn't that great...but oh well.  After lunch, we headed out to the bowling alley.  Hubs bowled the best game of his LIFE Saturday...which I find to be absolutely ridiculous because all he does is pick a super heavy ball and then throws it as HARD as he possibly can at the pins-doesn't try to aim or know, back in the day I used to be a pretty good bowler-(please don't unfollow me on account of my extreme geekiness-hey-we all have a past no?) but now, not so much...ugh I digress...none the less, Hubs beat me for the first 2 games, but then, during the last game, fate intervened!  The lights went out and Cosmic Bowling began!  Apparently whenever there is a birthday party planned the cosmic lights come on, regardless of the time of day-as soon as the regular lights went off and the fancy black lights and lasers came on, Hubs lost his ability to hit the pins-and I got mine back-and I won!  I was so excited to win 1 game-it happens to rarely so I have to take it whenever I can get it!

Hamming it up for the camera

Seriously, I used to be a pretty good bowler...

My love

Best game of Hubs' Life...not so much for me

After bowling, we went home for about and hour and Hubs took a brief nap and I painted my nails...Side bar!  So I have been looking for the OPI shatter polish for quite sometime, and everywhere I have been has been sold out...which was a bummer for me, but Friday, I popped my head into Trade Secret and low and behold-they had it!  I was stoked!  I picked out an awesome Red-An Affair in Red Square-to put on as the base (and let me just tell you, for me, the process of deciding on a nail polish color is WORSE than trying to pick out a card for someones birthday-seriously-I know you know what I am talking about-where you have to read at least 10 cards and then you have to narrow them down and then by the time you think you know which one you are going to get, the lovely sales woman walks up and points you in the direction of even MORE cards so you have to start ALL over again...)-you know I love a red and black combo-and I went to check out and the (Look, don't hate me but I am not convinced that the person helping me was, in fact, a female...if it weren't for the length of hair, I would have been convinced that it was a male, but I can't be sure) pointed out that the new Pirates of the Caribbean line had just come in-and shows me that the shatter for that line is-wait for it-SILVER-yes people, you KNOW I needed that STAT!  So I grab the silver shatter and a lovely purple (A Grape Fit) and I roll out with 4 bottles of nail polish...I was so excited about the silver that I wanted to use that one first-before the black one.  Back to Saturday.
So I paint my toe and fingernails purple-and for those of you who know me, you are aware that I NEVER paint my finger nails ANY color other than a neutral or clear coat because I don't want to draw attention to my fingers due to my nail biting issue, but I was so excited about the silver shatter that I didn't care!  (and I also figured that if the polish chipped while the shatter was on, it would be less noticeable right?)  I wait for the purple to dry and I apply the Shatter-and wait...and wait...and wait some more...seriously people, it looked awful, I was so disappointed by the lackluster performance that I took it all off immediately-and started fresh with the purple again...but I couldn't get all of the stupid purple off of my finger nails-I am in serious need of some nail polish remover- so I had to repaint my fingers purple as even though I hate that the shatter failed, and that my finger nails are now a rather loud purple, I am going to make a conscious effort to make my nails look nice and not bite them...we will see how long that lasts....

After Hubs' nap, we both got ready for the evening events-I made reservations on the Spirit of Charleston for a dinner cruise.  I was particularly excited about this because a) it was a complete surprise and b) neither Hubs nor I have ever done that before.  The cruise was supposed to begin boarding at 6:30, so we got there a bit early to make sure we had enough time to find it (we RARELY visit mt. Pleasant-so there was a very good chance I was going to get us lost, even with map quest-you know I am navigationally challenged people!) and get our boarding passes.  I opted to wear a strapless denim dress and Hubs wore a button up with the sleeves rolled up and some khakis...I also decided (for God only knows what reason) that it would be a great idea to wear my hair DOWN (another Rare occurrence) and curl it...I paid for this later while we waited in the line to board the boat-it was approximately 1 BILLION degrees...okay so maybe not 1 BILLION but it was hot, REALLY REALLY HOT and I thought I was going to melt before we were able to board-so just in case you are considering going on a cruise yourself, please do yourself a favor and don't get there early, just wait so you don't have to wait in line and hear the CRAZIES that are waiting to get on the boat with you...for example (come on you knew there would be a for example!) there was a class reunion from 1976 that was on our boat-and there were so many of them-all dressed in Orange-that everyone behind Hubs and I were trying to see where they were seated to make sure it wasn't with them-they were THAT loud and we asked the people when we boarded where that group was seated-and we were told 'The Middle Deck."-Phew!  Hubs and I were on the Upper deck-no worries for us-until we realized that by Middle-he meant Upper-and they were, in fact, on our for another example-I am pretty sure that 1 of the 2 couples in front of me -who did not look a day over 18, consisted of a young desperate boy and his escort, her dress was so short, I think it was actually a tank top that she stretched below (and I mean JUST BELOW) her butt was bad...

I had no idea we were putting ourselves in danger by heading to Mount Pleasant!  Watch out for the Coyotes!

Waiting to board the boat

The view while we were waiting in line
 None the less.  because I made our reservations close to the cruise, I couldn't reserve a table for 2 so we knew we were going to be seated with at least 1 other couple-and as long as it wasn't one of the ones from the reunion, I really didn't care who it was (hey, at least the escort would have been  Hubs and I were seated at our table-for 4, and we anxiously waited to see who was going to be seated across from us...Enter Richard and Tina...and I want to go on record and say that even if I had not come to find out that they were both in the business of selling cars, I would have said that they both were salespeople of something...Richard and Tina were a great couple to get to know and I was so proud of Hubs for making conversation with them!  They were celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary-after dating for a mere 18 years...yes people, Tina told him she was sick of being his girlfriend and wanted a ring-so she got it!  Go ahead Tina! 

Tina & Richard...who may or may not have been drinking heavily when this was taken
Hubs and I chose our entree options-Hubs chose the Pork steak (I had no idea there was a such thing a a Pork steak, but you learn something new everyday) and I opted for the Beef tenderloin...then we made our way to the top deck to see the view of the was beautiful! When dinner was ready we made our way back to our table and sat down.  The food was pretty good.  I should also tell you that Tina ordered the Salmon...and according to Richard, the Salmon was 10 times better than the beef tenderloin (which he also ordered after asking me what I was having and told the waiter-mmm-i will have what she's having) and that I should try it.  I politely declined his offer (I really am not that big of a fan of salmon...I mean, I will eat it if I have to, but when does anyone EVER have to eat salmon...well, if you are sitting with Richard, you do have to eat it.  Richard, proceeded to cut a piece of Tina's salmon and put it on my plate and told me I had to try it...honestly, I was so taken aback, that I just picked up a piece and ate it...and then Hubs did the same thing!  Who knows what would have happened if we hadn't eaten it!?  Tina then scolded Richard, reminding him that we are NOT their children or their grand children so he shouldn't force us to eat food, but by then the damage had been done (for the record, the salmon was pretty good, but I still preferred the beef).  After dinner, we headed back up to the top deck to take in more of the harbor view.  It was so nice to just relax with Hubs.

In case you wondered what our menu options were...

And we are off!

Photo Opportunity! This is also proof that I wore my hair down...take it in people take it in...

Hubs and I hanging out Topside (Don't I sound like real boat people?)

This was during dinner-it was super chilly inside so I was happy I grabbed a sweater before we left the house!

The bridge all lit up-Hubs took this picture...

Right before we docked

This was my attempt at taking a picture of the bridge...I am just going to blame the fact that we were moving and that's why it is blurry...
After the cruise, we made our way to Wild Wing, where 2 of Hubs' friends were meeting us.  There was an awesome live band (Hitsmack-Hipslap?  I am not sure...I am going to have to look it up) but I kept professing my love for the band to Hubs the whole time we were there.  We stayed at Wild Wing for a few hours, and then we made our way home...we got home pretty late.  I did no wake up until 11 Sunday morning...we had every intention of going to church, but clearly missed that...I needed about 1000 ibuprofen, but that is a whole different story.  We most definitely partied like we were 21 again, and quickly realized that we canNOT hang with the single crowd anymore.  I always say that I am too old to hang with the young pups, and Hubs pointed out that I was the youngest person out Saturday night...sad no?

getting the after party started!

Travie had a little bit of Drink envy...HEY!  You can see my purple nails in this one!

I love a Woodchuck-especially when it is draft!

Hubs and Nick...

I was trying to get them all to give a thumbs up but clearly Travie was not participating

Travie and Me
As I mentioned, I didn't wake up until 11, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I have been able to sleep past 6 in a very long time-thank you Hannah and the "Real" world (and by that I mean my J-O-B), so I was pretty out of it when I finally did wake up.  Hubs announced that his brother was on the way over to collect all of the baby stuff we had in our attic/garage, so we had to kick it in high gear and get started on getting that stuff down from the attic...Hubs' brother (Ryan) and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in November-and due to the fact that Hubs and I decided that we do not wish to expand our family to include any additional children, we were completely stoked to give them all of the stuff that Hannah has grown out the bassinet, pack-n-play, activity mat, jump-a-roo, baby tub, baby toys, boppy pillow, travel systems-complete with 2 car seat bases, 2 additional strollers-diaper bags oh how the list goes on-all of that stuff filled the entire back of Ryan's truck as well as the inside of the cab behind the seats...and we still have more stuff to give them.  As they drove away, Hubs and I did a dance to celebrate the fact that we now have room in both our garage and attic for other stuff!

We headed out to Sonic to get some food to put in our stomachs-with the hope of helping us to feel better...I opted for a diet cherry limeade as my choice in beverage, and I have to say, I wish I opted for the undiet...oh well...then we headed over to my parents' house to pick up Hans and the dogs, by this time it was about 1:30, and I was certainly ready for a nap.  When we got home, Hans announced that she was ready for a nap as well, so we all took a nap...a 4 hour nap to be exact-and it was AWESOME!  Sunday was Hubs' actual birthday, and we really didn't do anything but sleep.  When we woke up, Hubs decided he wanted Chinese food, so we went to dinner, came home and watched Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland (again...jealous?) and then Hannah went to bed and so did I said, all we did was sleep Sunday, and yet, I was still so tired Sunday night!  It was ridiculous!  Hubs made us make a pact that we would never try to party like we were young ever again-I agreed-seriously people, I am too old to be hanging out with the young pups! 

That was our weekend-Happy Birthday Hubs I hope this year is even better than last year! I will probably spend the rest of this week (through the weekend) recovering from all of the excitement!  That reminds me, Sunday is Father's Day-what are you guys getting the Father's in your life?

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