Monday, June 27, 2011

Attention Joel McHale-Call Me!

THIS JUST IN!  HANNAH WENT...UM...#2 ON THE POTTY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER THIS MORNING!!!!!  WE HAVE REACHED A MILESTONE!!! (And, she got to eat some ice cream at 8:30 this morning, because we have been telling her that if she goes # 2 in the potty she can have ice cream -as generally, she goes right around 6pm so it would be appropriate for her to have it at that time...but I certainly don't mind giving it to her at 8:30 this time!)  Please join me in taking a few moments to partake in the potty dance (you can do your own version while I do mine-ready-Go!
Thanks guys!  We are one step closer to defeating the diaper/pull up stage!!!

Just another Manic Monday...or is it?  We had a pretty busy weekend (you know you are going to have to come back Wednesday to find out about it, because that's how I roll...) and I needed wanted to stay up to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians followed by Ice Loves Coco...(okay, don't roll your eyes, when you watch it one time you get sucked episode turns into 2 and 2 turns into 1 season and then you are hooked for life...I think E! (for me) is like crack...I cannot get enough of it...seriously...I need to watch all of it so when The Soup comes on I am fully aware of all of the things Joel is going to talk about, so I can laugh right along with him...or predict what he would say about it...I have said this before, but I think Joel needs a female counterpart-and not Danielle Fishel on The Style network (does The Dish even come one anymore?) she didn't really have enough sarcasm to pull it off, but do you know who does?  ME!!! Joel, seriously call me, we can work something out I am sure!)

 I digress...) but then I was just too tired and gave into my old lady status and went to sleep...I will have to catch up with E! later...shame... ;)  Speaking of The Soup...I CANNOT WAIT to hear what Joel has to say after the Bachelorette tonight! Bring on the Bentley drama!!! WOOT WOOT (insert Fist Pumping here...oh Jersey Shore, how I miss you-please start again soon!  There I go again, bringing it back...)  As I said before...It's Monday, and that means Meet Me On Monday!

1. What is your favorite food?
Spaghetti...hands down.  Did you jaw just drop about the fact that I just made a decision?  I know, if I was you mine would drop in disbelief too, however, I have been a spaghetti lover my whole life-I LOVE to make my own sauce (this has not always been the case, as I am just fine with a sauce from the can too when I don't have the time to put forth the effort to make my own) I love the noodles...I love garlic bread, which for me is a must when eating the spaghetti...oh and a nice salad before the pasta...mmmm...I am practically drooling right now!  How how I love spaghetti!

2. What color scheme is your bedroom?
Scheme?  We don't so much have a scheme...our walls are a light green (paper leaf to be exact) and our furniture is cherry colored, the carpet is beige and the ceiling fan is white (for now-in the next few weeks it will be cherry colored just like the furniture) and our bedding is black and white (well the comforter is black and white, the sheets are currently a burgundy color.   That isn't so much a scheme-more of what I am liking at the moment...and when the mood strikes, I have been known to head to the store and get a new bedding set just because...I used to do this with plate sets...for real, we have so many sets of plates, it is ridiculous!

3. Do you carry a donor card?
Donor Card?  I carry my driver's license with me and it says I am a donor, I am not aware of an additional card I should be carrying around though...anyone know anything about an extra card?

4. In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?
The glass has a beverage in it...I don't put my self in either category (there you go guys, right back to the non-decision making),  My dad is a Realist, and I believe I follow him down that path

5. Vanilla or Chocolate?
Vanilla!  I am not a huge chocolate person-in fact, I prefer dark chocolate, which is not generally as accessible as regular milk chocolate, but given the choice, i will totally opt for Vanilla...(For the record, that is ANOTHER firm decision on my part!)
I picked ice cream in honor of Hannah's milestone!
We want to Meet you today too!


  1. I am clueless about the other donor card too. I think I need to look into it.

  2. Love your answer for #4. I would never have thought of it as a full glass. Have a great week!

  3. I like your technical answer for the glass is full! That's great!
    I'm a new follower from the blog hop!
    Have a great week!
    Hope you will hop by and visit my blog too!