Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v. 8

Another weekend came and went...much too quickly, in my opinion, but then again, what weekend doesn't fly by? 

Friday, Hannah and I went to a Riverdogs' Baseball game-I got tickets for this game before I left my old company (old...I make it sound like I have been gone for years, when in reality, it has only been like 3 weeks...but I was BEYOND excited to see MBFF!) because they were selling them for 2 dollars each, and how can I pass that up?  Hannah has been to a few other games, and did ok-she got tired before the game was over in the past games-which wasn't an issue because Hubs and I drove separately from the rest of the group we were with so we could just leave whenever Hans started to get fussy.  This time, however, Hans and I rode together with my we were there for as long as they wanted to be there.  There was a picnic (hamburgers and hot dogs) before the game for the company, I had a hamburger and Hans opted for the hot dog, and she used it to make "fireworks" on her plate (this was accomplished by dipping the hot dog into her ketchup and dabbing it all over her plate).  After dinner, we went to our seats to watch the game...(or eat peanuts if you are Hannah).This time, just like the others, Hannah started to get tired and wanted to leave the game, to which I told her that we would leave in a while.  She would go run around for a little while longer and come back and ask to leave again...never ending cycle.

We're # 1...Hans LOVED that foam finger!
Ashley came out to play for the game too!

It's hard to tell, but she is totally trying to open her peanut

Awe!  Mom and Hayley are so pretty in Pink!

Hannah needed to tell Poppi that she was out of peanuts (he is the peanut supplier)

It's Tacos Frenzy & The Ginga Ninja!


 I have mentioned a few times before that Hans is afraid of critters in costume (Easter Bunny, Chic Fil A Cow, etc.) so when Charlie and Chelsea the Riverdogs Mascots began to walk around the stands I knew we were going to have trouble...both dogs made their way to our section, and Hannah immediately got scared and turned into me-Charlie tried to give her a high five and she wouldn't have anything to do with it, so I gave him five and he went on his way...after that, Hans decided if Mommy could do it, then clearly she could too, so she walked up the one step to the top area and started calling  for the dogs to come back to then became a hound hunt, because Hannah was determined to give that doggy a hug...So when I saw Chelsea standing around without a crowd around her, I asked Hannah if she still wanted to see the doggy, and sure enough, she we made our way down to Chelsea...and Hannah Hugged her...and...get this...asked to go back to give her a kissy!  It was crazy!  She went from terrified of the larger than life critters to wanting to give them "huggies and kissies!"  It did not stop with just Chelsea either-she actually wanted to see Charlie too!  She took a picture with both of them...I still can't believe it....though, I don't think she has completely overcome her fear of all mascotsih things, because there was this rather large palm tree  who walks around with the dogs, and Hannah would NOT even consider giving that thing a high five...but we made a pretty big break through last Friday...
This was when she asked to go back for Kissies...

Let me set the scene for you, it was about 95 degrees, and there really wasn't much breeze in the stands while we were watching the game, and Hannah was steadily running around with Sissy-which I didn't mind because it just meant that she was going to sleep well when she went down for the night right?  Riiiiiiiight....So My dad buys some Italian ice for everyone (thanks Pops!) and Hannah is so excited to eat it because it is like ice cream!  She eats some and then goes to run around again...then another hoodlum -approximately 8 years of age- in the area pushes my little 2 year old down...who, as previously mentioned, is exhausted-and ends up screaming-like someone is attacking her-and crying.  I run over to her and pick her up to console her...then I notice that she is starting to make a very familiar noise, and I realize that she is about to vomit...all over me and everyone else in the area, so I make a break for the trashcan, but we didn't quite make it-and she threw up on the ground-next to the picnic area...2 times in about a week I have seen the hot dog Hannah ate for the previous meal...lucky me right?  She felt awful, but the poor girl was holding out for the fireworks that happen at the end of every Friday evening game...which were about to start right when we got her (and her throw up) cleaned up...(side note, there were 4 dudes who worked there that saw her throw up all over the place, and yet, not one decided it would be a good idea to ask if I needed help or let me know where I could find some paper towels to clean up the area in which THEY work...ugh-jerks) so we sat back down and watched the fireworks...she loved it, and after that, I carried her to the car...(we are going to another picnic/game this Friday so we will see if she is willing to hug the doggies again-but let's seriously hope for no more visits from the Vomit Monster!)

When we got home, I changed Hannah and put her to bed...she woke up at about 1 coughing something I got up and got her some cough medicine hoping that would help her, but with Hannah, if she coughs enough, it causes her to gag and then she will throw up, and knowing that she already experienced tummy troubles earlier in the night, every time she coughed I woke up alarmed and waiting to run in and help her....but she never did (thankfully) get sick...but when she woke up Saturday, she was coughing and had a runny nose and full on we stayed inside-it was in the upper 90's again Saturday and I didn't not want to run the risk of her getting overheated again...)  Sunday, we went to church, and then went to lunch with my parents, where Hannah started to have a brief melt down, so we left and went home to take a nap....
Hubs took Hannah to the doctor Monday, where the doctor confirmed that she only has a cold, but warned us that it is most definitely going to get worse before it gets better....poor kid...(Additionally, Hannah actively boycotted using her big girl potty all we are still struggling with the potty training front-any suggestions from those of you who do have children as far as what worked for you and what was an epic fail? I would LOVE anything that you can throw my way....)
I should also mention that my cable was out this weekend, and it has been out since Thursday... so there was nothing to do while Hannah was napping (ok, I am sure I could have done laundry or dishes, but I didn't feel like it ok?  Sheesh, cut a sister some slack-it was a long weekend with a crankapotomous named Hannah and I just wanted to by lazy) so I dug up Laguna Beach Seasons 1 & 2...ahhh....High School drama of Laguna Beach...those kids are crazy rich and beyond spoiled, and I can't get enough of if you were wondering what I have been watching-now you know. 
Our cable was restored last night-just in time for Monday night tv...I still struggle finding something good to watch on Monday nights, and again, I found myself watching the bachelorette...ugh, First, yes, Bentley was wrong for leading the girl on, however, if you are dumb enough to say you fell in love with someone after ONE day...then you are setting yourself up for misery.  Ashely's friend tried to warn her that Bentley was going to play her (similar to how real life dating is...) and yet, Ashley chose to ignore those warnings, and still kept that dude around...though, I will say Bentley should have been mad enough to tell her that he really didn't like her and wasn't leaving because he missed his daughter...but again, if this was real life, he probably would have done the same it is what it is...does he deserve to be labeled a jerk-yeah, it wasn't nice what he did-but when you agree to go on reality shows like The Bachelor or the Bachelorette-or any show where there is a prize in the end-be it a person or lump sum of money, you know, going into it, that there is the possibility of game play...and duh, Ashley, you know what that's like from when you were on the Bachelor...oh well...hope next week she doesn't cry, because I am done watching her cry...(okay really I am going to watch it until something better comes on on Monday night...please people, I am begging you...what do you watch on Mondays?)
Seriously-pull yourself together Girl!  Stop the crying madness!
 Additionally, did ANYONE watch The Voice last night?  I know I am not the first to say (or think) this, but Come on Christina!  You need to fire your stylist OR Hire a Personal Trainer if you ever want to wear those Hot Pants again...She looked bad...and that probably sounds mean, but when I saw her, all I could think was "Man!  Her stylist should be shot...and what happened to her?"  Don't get me wrong, I do NOT, by any means, consider overweight, or "big" because I am sure she is still very much a size 4 (my kankles might be a size I am not one to throw stones-but you do NOT see me prancing around on tv wearing leather hot pants...or leather granny panties...I mean, those things looked like she lubed up in Crisco and took a running start and jumped into them to force those puppies on...just sayin), but you can't look good while wearing ill fitted clothing-and I don't care what size you are!  On that same note, did you happen to see the wardrobe selection for her Lady Marmalade number?  If so, were you as concerned as I was about the potential for a wardrobe malfunction?  OH.MY.GOSH...her ta tas were all over the place...and again, I did not find it appealing to the eye...she just hasn't had flattering wardrobe choices this whole season...Rule of thumb-just because they make it in your size does NOT mean you should wear it-and just because it "fits" you doesn't mean it is your size-Get it?  Got it?  Good. (Side bar-what is sad is that I went on NBC's website to see if I could get a picture of both wardrobe distasters of Ms. Christina, and ironically, none of the photos she was in would load...but all of the others did...weird coincidence?  You tell me...I will find you some pictures though...)

So there you have it, my weekend recap-hope you all had amazing weekends!

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