Monday, February 28, 2011

Who Has 2 Thumbs and the Flu?

I hope you all had a great weekend (more about the weekend outings in a later post).  Mine started out nice, and then ended rather sadly, as my Hannah officially has the flu-and it kills me to see he so sad and helpless-she is like an Eeyore when he loses his tail. 

1. What are you wearing right now?
Anytime I hear/read that question I always laugh a little because it sounds a little stalkerish... but none the less, I am wearing a black dress with thin white horizontal stripes on it (or maybe it is White with thick black stripes...hmmm...I am going with black because it isn't appropriate to bring out the white just yet) with a 3/4  sleeve black jacket and RED heels...I like to give a little color punch with my shoes.

 2. Do you have any freckles?
Not in the Pippi-Longstocking-a funny freckled face girl-kind of way-but I have a few freckels here and there, and Hannah never fails to point them out

 3. What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?
I am going with red...but I really don't eat them all that much

 4. What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
Saw in a theater? has been quite a while since I have done long, that I think it was Baby Mama...I can't think of one I have seen that is more recent than that-if it wasn't for my Netflix, I would never be able to watch movies that don't involve Curious George, Nemo or some other underwater critter...

5. Would you rather live without tv or without music?
TV...hands down, I don't think I would make it too long without music...and if I chose music, does that mean that there wouldn't be any music on my TV?  I am interested to see how that would work...guess that means no more Glee...also, am I still able to watch my shows on hulu-it isn't  technically tv at that point...
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Friday, February 25, 2011


I got my VERY FIRST Award today!  WOOT WOOT!
(If you are reading this, I hope you are picturing me doing a dance and fist pumping-because that is what is happening-also if you are reading this THANKS for stopping by!)

Thank you Emily P for the Award!!!

Rules – Fill out the following survey & then tag some folks..

1. Who/What inspires you?
Well, my dad.  My dad lives by a few simple rules and they are: Do the right thing, even when no one is looking, and I know, first hand, that my dad does this, and when I was growing up, I always wanted to make sure anything I did would not cause the "parental look of disapproval" from my dad.  2:2:1 What is that ratio you might be asking yourself-well I heard it so much growing up that it is cemented in my brain-God gave us 2 eyes, 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a reason, so you should be extra observant, listen that much closer and make sure you know what you want/need to say before saying it. 

Also, My Aunt Susie is an inspiration to me.  Susie is a fighter.  in 2000 she found out that she had breast cancer...I was shocked, I couldn't believe it, here she was in her early 30's (and she even found out on her birthday to top it off...) and people that young just don't get breast cancer!  After a tough battle, Susie beat the cancer-she was NOT going to let it beat her!  Susie is also a proud member of the Army.  After her battle against the cancer, Susie got orders that she was deploying to "The Sandbox."  Again I couldn't believe it!  How could this woman put up the fight of her life, only to have to turn around and go fight for our rights in another country?!?!  While she was deployed she coordinated a Breast Cancer Walk for the other actively deployed people in her "area."  She is incredible, and seriously my eyes are watering right now as I am typing this blog.  I only hope that one day, I am as strong as my aunt Susie has proven to be, time and time again.

2. What is your favorite season and why?
My favorite Season is Fall!  I love when the weather is cool enough to wear jeans and a hoodie (this was my general "uniform" when I was in school) but not so cold that you feel like your fingers have turned into icicles.  The leaves change colors so it makes the traffic during the morning/afternoon commutes just a little more bearable, and it means the Holiday season is just around the corner!

3. What are you looking most forward to this year?
Hmmmm...honestly I am looking forward to getting to my goal weight.  I have been working on reaching different goal weights for a few years now, but this year, I am GOING TO reach my ULTIMATE goal weight-and I don't care what it takes.  When I reach it, I am rewarding myself with Lasik for my eyes...I can't wait!!!  I am also looking forward to July 4th.  Hannah loves and I mean (LOVES) fireworks and the beach and July 4th this year = 3 day weekend and we will most definitely be making a trip to the beach AND watching fireworks.

4. If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?
Me of course!  Wait-did you just roll your eyes, as if to say you wouldn't be interest in reading about me and my life?  You know I am awesome...I would probably write a book about the things no one ever tells you but EXPECTS you to know or ASSUMES that you already in labor and delivery-Everyone talks about how AMAZING the epidural is, but no one EVER bothers to mention how ridiculously painful it is when they stick you with that needle...they just just assume you already knew it...or how if you just get yourself a little zippered lingerie bag and put your baby's wee socks in it, you will never have to worry about the dryer monster eating the little socks like it does to yours.  (Seriously, I know there are probably 10000 unmatched socks in dryer limbo, where ever that may be.)  Or how If an elderly gentleman backs into your car and says he didn't know it happened, then we clearly can't hold him responsible for that, even if it happened in broad day light, with witnesses and the paint of your car is on his bumper...(still a bit bitter) things like that...

5. What is your greatest passion?
Hannah hands down.  She is what I live for.  The best part of my day is when I get to leave work and go see her.  I love her-Someone once said that To choose to have a child is to choose to watch your heart walk around outside of your body for the rest of your life...I agree.  I hope that I never let her down and that I give her all of the things she needs in life to be successful and has no regrets about anything. 

Always #1 in my eyes!
Before Hannah it was helping others as much as I possibly could.  I like to help other people-it is a simple as that.  If I can donate something, some time, or some money, to help ease the burdens of someone else, I am happy to do it.

6. If you could change one thing about your life or yourself, what would it be.
Boy this is tough...I would like to have more control over when my face turns red...seriously.  It turns BRIGHT red all of the is embarrassing.  I hate to be put on the spot-which happens a lot-so my face is frequently red at work...and people do not hesitate to call you out for it.  (My other thing would be to reach my Goal weight, but I already mentioned that above)
7. Lastly, what is your favorite novel?

I don't really have a favorite novel...I have books that I like to read, but lately, I don't have much time to read for fun-Hannah keeps me pretty busy.  I do enjoy Jane Green and James Patterson (specifically the Alex Cross series) books though

As for the tagging part, this is tricky, as sadly, I don't have many followers (hoping to change that this year!) but I will tag some of the blogs that I try to keep up with so here goes:

Thanks again Emily!

No One Brings Cabbage To Work For A Mid-Morning Snack.

It's FRIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! This morning, the sun was out, though I have heard that we are in for some thunderstorms this afternoon-which can't be good for the commute home-people forget how to drive in the rain-I mean-it could be just a very slight mist on your windshield and all of a sudden people don't know where the brake pedal is r how to steady their steering wheels...I digress-IT'S FRIDAY-and because of that let's jump into Five Question Friday!

1. Can you drive a stick shift?

Heck yeah I can.  When I was a Junior in high school my dad told me that the only way I was going to be able to drive to school was if I learned to drive Cole (yes, I name my cars...).  Cole was a Honda Civic hatch back which also happened to be a stick shift.  I tried to fight it KNOWING that Bessie was still in the driveway (Oldsmobile) and was very functional, but no, Pops said learn to drive Cole (and change the oil & tires on it-It was Pops' policy that I had to learn to do those things on any car I wanted to drive-because if you don't know how to provide basic maintenance on the vehicle it you shouldn't be driving it...) or I was riding the Bus-WHAT?!?! Ride the Cheese as a High School Junior?  No Way...  The day before the first day of school we went out and practiced-and on the first day of school I was stalling out zooming off in was a rough ride at times, but I now am appreciative that Pops made me learn to drive a manual vehicle-because I can be a DD for anyone no matter what type of transmission is in their car :)

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?

Bananas-blech I hate bananas-I hate way the smell, the texture, the taste the gross peel that people tend to throw anywhere they please when they have finished eating the nasty thing...they turn brown and look gross and become mushy-ew, they are just awful.  I can smell a banana if anyone in the office is eating one or has eaten and the silly peel is still in their trash can.  I am practically gagging thinking about it.  As for one other food I can't eat...steamed/boiled cabbage...blech...I had to eat that when I was younger and I remember going over to a friend's house after dinner, and while we were playing, I threw up...all over the place, multiple times, and the only thing I can think that caused it was the cabbage my mom served with dinner...and told me I would be sitting at the table until all of it was gone...there is nothing like cooked cabbage that is cold...ew...I think this is worse than the bananas-except no one brings cabbage to work for a mid morning snack.

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
We do order them.  I am a fan of the lemon ones, myself.  I love most anything that is lemon flavored.  I do also love a tag-a-long and a shortbread cookie...mmmm shortbread....Hubs is a fan of the Samoas-so that makes for a lot of cookies to purchase, and one (or 3 ) happy Girl Scouts.

4. How do you pamper yourself?
Pedicure-I LOVE LOVE LOVE a pedicure.  It is so relaxing to sit back in a massaging chair, put my feet in the warm foot jacuzzi and have someone rub my feet-and then when I leave my toes are presentable and I can wear my beloved flip flops again without feeling self conscious about the fact that people are judging my chipped polish or ashy heels...

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
I have a few.  Boo Boo or Uubs-came from Hubs.  ELOP cam from Melinda- Those would be all of my initials if I hyphenated my last name when I got married.  Mary calls me Eeyore-Because my maiden name startes with Or...and the first letter of my first name is an E...E-or=Eeyore.  Those are pretty much it as far as nick names go for me.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

{one} do you always wear your seat belt in the car?

Yes...when I am driving or am riding in the front seat. When I am in the backseat, I sometimes don't, but I am pretty sure the law states that you only have to wear it in the front seat, so at least I am a law abiding citizen...

{two} do you crack your knuckles?

Sometimes. When I was younger, I did ALL of the time, now, I only do it when they hurt or accidentally.

{three} what is your favorite flavor of gum?

Spearmint...specifically Extra Sugar Free Spearmint (I am pretty sure I sound like a Biggest Loser Plug right now)

{four} what is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?

Well...I would have to say it is a 3 way tie (is that cheating? The tie is a set worn together so to me it is like one piece) My wedding ring, engagement ring and my thanks for having my baby ring, I wear them all stacked on my left ring finger, and when all 3 aren't there, I feel naked.

{five} who is your best friend?

Hubs-He knows everything about me-I look forward to seeing him everyday (and at the risk of sounding SUPER cheesy) I am so blessed to have found and married by best friend

{six} what is your favorite smell?
Fresh Laundry or Acqua De Gio by Georgio Armani-this smells AMAZING and I can tell when any man is wearing it...ahhhh...

{seven} what is your favorite lunch meat?
Turkey... or Roast Beef...really it is a toss up between the 2, I don't really each much lunch meat though

{eight} do you still have your tonsils?

Why yes I do...there isn't much that I was born with that I am without today :) (even baby fat...or at least that is what I call it)

{nine} do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
Well...I rarely wear shoes that require tying laces to wear...but when I do, no, I don't untie them first.  I probably should though because when I take my shoes off after working out at the gym I just put them straight into my gym bag.  The next day when I go to put them back on it takes a good 2-3 minutes to untie them and put them on again, which, sometimes, causes me to be late for training sessions with Heather...and late=nothing good for me!  All that being said, will I start untying them when I take them off from now on...probably not-hey I am a creature of habit!

{ten} what color is your car?
Red...and oddly enough, so part of the bumper of Mr. Smith's car, even though he claims he didn't know he hit me (click here to read about why I sound just a wee bit bitter-and to see the pretty red color of my car)...but I love a red car.  Hubs' car is a red color too.  (Though I am pretty sure he picked the color of his car to show his undying Gamecock support-I picked mine because it is pretty)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

The last few days, the weather here has been BEAUTIFUL...until today-it is like someone turned on the A/C outside...oh well- here we go with this week's installment of What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1.) I am loving the aforementioned BEAUTIFUL weather we have been having here lately-when I got in my car yesterday, my dashboard said it was 80 degrees-and it brought a smile to my face

2.) When you are in your car and a song comes on the radio and it makes you smile because it brought you back to an old memory.  This just happened to me and it made me think of my dear friend Alana (or Alama or Anala or LanieBoo or whatever else I felt like calling her that day)  Sadly the last time I saw her was at her wedding but she looked beautiful so here is a picture from her wedding-I miss her terribly and all of the fun we used to have "back in the day."
Kristen, Alana, Erin & Me.
3. Starbucks Vanilla Latte...I know, it isn't a very exciting drink, but it is delicious none the less and I love it!
4. Flowers...Flowers are starting to bloom here (due to the AMAZING weather) and I love them...My favorite is a Stargazer Lily as seen below

5. As usual, My Hannah.  This week, specifically because she was selected as a Star Student of her class and she received her award this week.  I am so proud of her!  She was so excited to see Hubs and me at the ceremony that she did not want to sit with her class when the presentation was over. 

So excited that she got a pencil, sticker, certificate & medal :)

Love her!

So excited about her new Medal!
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Clothes Don't Grow-Kids Do

If you read my previous post (thanks in advance for keeping up with me) then you saw a reference to me making a (traumatic) trip to the Post Office to send a package for thredUp.  If you did not read my previous post, I strongly encourage you to do so (for selfish reasons in that I want you to read what I blog about, that's why I blog...) or you can just take my word for it that thredUP is mentioned in the blog...your choice.  Any how, Saturday I sent a thredUP package.  Now, you might be asking yourself "What is thredUP?"  Well if you are a parent (and by that I don't mean a parent to pets-sorry) then you should be interested in reading further...if you aren't a parent, you can still read, but you might not be as if I am losing you here, thanks for stopping by for a minute :)

If you have kids, you know that they grow out of their clothes practically before you have time to remove the tags and wash them.  Hannah has tubs and tubs of clothes that she has outgrown, and we, of course, saved them just in case Baby #2 happened to be a girl as well, but if you read one of my previous posts, you know that Jason and I have decided that our family is perfect just the way it now we need to find something to do with all of her "old" clothes (how old can they be, I mean she is only 2...)  I went out and did some research and stumbled across thredUP. 

Very simply put, thredUP works like this: create an account, pick a box you like, pay $5 plus shipping, prepare a box of items that no longer fit your child, when someone picks your box, send it for free.

thredUP sends you the boxes for you to pack-I received 10 medium flat rate boxes in the mail, and you fill them with the clothes your child(red) has/have outgrown.  It is super easy.  The person who selects your box pays for the shipping costs so all you have to do is send it, and you can even have your mail carrier pick it up from your front door so if you can't make your way to the Post Office, the pick up is scheduled for you!  It really couldn't be easier!

The more boxes you post, the more you can choose from other people's boxes.  The person selecting the box gets to rate & review your box based on style and quality/quantity of the clothes in each box. As previously mentioned, I built a box, and literally 5 minutes after I posted it for others to view, it was selected! (I firmly believe this was due to the excellent description I provided for each item in the box-and it was PACKED) I don't want to toot my own horn, but (toot toot!) I was awarded 4 stars and 10 stylie points (max points in both categories) by the person who selected my very first box.  thredUp has a Golden Rule and it is "Send only what you'd be willing to receive."

I chose a box and it arrived within a few days, and I loved all of the clothes in it. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation with the clothes, please check out thredUP and join in the trading fun.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What is Age Discrimination?

According to Wikipedia, Age Discrimination is discrimination on the grounds of age. Although theoretically the word can refer to the discrimination against any age group, age discrimination usually comes in one of three forms: discrimination against youth (also called adultism), discrimination against those 40 years old or older, and discrimination against elderly people.
I believe I am the victim of Age Discrimination, and specifically, I believe I am the victim of Adultism.  I will let you be the judge. 

Saturday I woke up early to go to my usual 9am Spinning Class (which was awesome by the way) and then I headed off to the Post Office to mail a package (for Thredup-more about that in a future post).  While attempting to back out of my parking space, a man in a gold colored truck backed into my car, causing my car to jolt forward.  I pulled into the nearest space so I would not be in the road, blocking others from leaving the post office, so I could speak with the man and exchange insurance info etc...well, as I get out of my car-the man DROVE AWAY!  Lucky for me, I saw his license plate # so I quickly entered it into my phone so I wouldn't forget it.  I called Hubs (who is a police officer) to ask him what I should do, and he gave me the correct number for the local police (no need for 911, as it was clearly not an emergency).  I called the police so I could make a report.  (While watching him drive away, I thought to myself, I said "Self, I think I was just the victim of a HATE crime-just like Cara! I texted her immediately)

For the record, I am not hurt, just a little shaken up. 

The Police Officer arrives and gets my license, registration and insurance (I assume this is standard, though I cannot be sure...well, I could be sure if I asked Hubs, but what's the point now right?)  and he proceeds to run all of my information through his fancy laptop in his patrol vehicle, comes back and tells me all of it checks out (well duh Officer, if it wasn't going to "checkout" do you think I would have called the Police?)  and I then explain the situation to him.  How I was backed all the way out of my spot and then the truck backed into me (as noted above). 

The Officer advises me that if they are able to locate the gentleman who did it, they will site him for leaving the scene of an accident and everything will be taken care of.  Well, about an hour later he advises me that the gentleman is on his way back to the post office (so much for the Hate Crime theory).  The man pulls up next to my car (a little too close if you ask me-seriously mister, you just backed into my vehicle, what makes you think I want you to park next to it now?)  and gets out.  I hear the officer talking to him for a bit (where I overhear him say-"Wow, I have no idea where that red paint on my bumper came from Officer"-uh hello!  It is from my the bumper of my RED CAR that YOU JUST RAN INTO!!!  Also Mr. Smith said "Well, I felt something like a bump, but I just thought it was my transmission shifting so I just left...." WTH?) and then the officer returns to his patrol car and the gentleman approaches me (again, I would prefer not to have to speak to you, as you did just back into my vehicle and then I seriously the only person who feels this way?)  Mr. Smith * (name changed to protect the "innocent") approaches me and says "I am really sorry we have to meet this way," and then shakes my hand.  Through additional conversation, I learn that Mr. Smith* will be 80 next month, and will be attending the birthday party of a dear Friend of his who turned 93 Saturday (and in case you are interested, Mr. Smith does not which to have a party thrown for him for his upcoming birthday but he does not believe his 6 kids will comply with his wish), and just as an FYI, all of his kids are great and none have ever been caught up with drugs...(a little piece of me wanted to know if he was implying that maybe I was caught up with drugs, but then I just decided to let it go...)

The Officer approaches me to tell me that through talking to Mr. Smith, he can't, "in good conscience" site Mr. Smith for backing into my car OR for leaving the scene of an accident because...wait for it...

"He told me he didn't even know it happened." Then the Officer looks me in my face and says "You know, we have to look out for our elderly. I am sympathetic to people who back into things-I mean we have all done it haven't we?" Wait-WHAT!?!?!?! WTF? WHAT! W.T.F....did that Officer really just say what I think he did-he isn't going to write that man a ticket or charge him with anything just because he is old and said that he didn't know it happened? So I said "Let me get this straight Officer: That man backs into my vehicle, then drives away and tells you that he didn't know it happened, so you are NOT going to do anything about it...anything...not a ticket, not a warning, not anything?" Officer: "Yes, mam, if he says he didn't know it happened, how can I charge him with leaving the scene of an accident?" Me: "And the paint from my bumper on his bumper doesn't mean anything to you or him?" Officer " Mam, if he says he doesn't know, he doesn't know, okay? I can't, in good conscience write him a ticket. The law advises us to protect the elderly." Me: " Well, Officer, what law is protecting me? The person who was hit by an elderly man-who now has to file this worthless police report with her insurance company, and then PAY for the damages, herself, and have her insurance rates increase, because you, in good conscience, will not site him as being at fault?" Officer: "Well, mam, I am sure the damage won't be more than a few hundred dollars so you should be fine."

Okay W.T.F? Did that really just happen? Yes it did.  I really don't feel like it was fair to me at all! Seriously, just because I am not 80 doesn't mean that he shouldn't have issued that man a ticket!

The upside is that a)no one was hurt b) My Hannah wasn't in the car c) the damage is minimal-in that I will need to have the bumper repainted and some work done to it to smooth out the big dent & raised portion of the bumper...but it is drivable.
Again, damage is minimal, but there is STILL damage (and if you look closely you can see that I am rocking the socks & soccer sandal look, remember I was coming from the gym before you judge me too harshly)
Now, I feel like people are judging me as I drive by with the bumper damage :(
Apparently, if you tell a Police Officer that you didn't know you hit some one's car, you won't be charged for take that little bit of information and put it in your back pocket for a rainy day when you are behind (or in front of or next to) someone you don't really like.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Am NOT A City Girl!

The weather has been beautiful out all week so I am pretty sure I have a case of Spring Fever...which is weird, because generally, I prefer the cooler weather...I wish my work would just do itself so I can go out and play today...

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?

Yeah...don't is generally when I am not feeling well and I am in comfy lounge pants and some type of hoodie or soft long sleeved shirt...if I am not leaving the house and I don't feel good, then I really don't care...and you shouldn't either, it isn't like you can see it (that's me rationalizing my decision...*sigh*)

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?

Ew...if you know me at all, you know I am NOT a city girl...I do not like public transportation...and I am quite leery of strangers...and I am navigationally challenged-I get lost quite I am cringing right now thinking of moving to a Large I just have a vacation home in LA? I have never been there, and judging from the awesome reality shows I watch religiously, the traffic is HORRIBLE, but I would like to visit there...maybe annually...or a vacation home in Vegas-I hear there is always something going on in Vegas...then I would like to go back to my suburban life.

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?

Hannah has only been on a trip that required flying once-and she was about 9 months old, so it was fairly easy. She hates being in her car seat for too long but I think as long as we have Shark Tale, Reef, or Nemo on the DVD player she is a happier camper…so I say if the trip is over 6 hours fly but if it is under, we are going to be sucking it up and driving…

4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?

A good Spring cleaning is when we first go through all of our clothes and get rid of what we don’t wear/doesn’t fit/no longer want. Then we pack it up and donate it to the Goodwill (we do this every year). When I was in high school, I LOVED spring Cleaning time, because it meant that my friend Alana was doing this at her house, and I got to be the recipient of all of her old stuff…we weren’t very wealthy growing up with 3 kids all close in age and my dad was in the military so we really did get the new, “in-style” clothes too often, but as my mom would say “at least we were never naked” so there’s that…anyhow, When Alana’s mom would force her to clean out the closet, I got to go over and try on all of the cast offs .

Back to Spring Cleaning. Then Jason and I go through every other room in the house doing the same thing-getting rid of stuff we don’t want/use around the house-then that goes to Goodwill as well. Then the cleaning part commences-vacuuming, dusting, wiping down the walls, cabinets, door frames, light switch plates, etc, dishes, cleaning of kitchen appliances, scrubbing of the bathtub (with toothbrush, as we have tiles in our shower-which I hate), laundry, fresh sheets on everyone’s beds…dusting the ceiling fans…organizing the garage…this is quite a long process and we generally send Hannah to her Granci’s house when we decide what weekend we are going to get on the Spring Cleaning wagon. Now that Hannah is older, we also go through her toys to make sure we only keep out age appropriate toys and then of those toys, the ones she actually plays with…then those get donated as well…

5. What is the best book you have ever read?

Ever? Boy, that is tough…I really like Jane Green books-Jemima J, To Have and to Hold, the Other Woman…I haven’t found a book of hers I did not enjoy-they aren’t too serious and it is like a nice vacation for my mind…I also like the Alex Cross Series by James Patterson…I love a good mystery-you know, when you are so into the book that you don’t want to put it down and you realize you have been reading it far past your bedtime? Both Jane Green and James Patterson do that to me…

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twizzlers-An Anytime of the Day Food

Welcome to What I'm Loving Wednesday! 
(I feel like when I say that I need to follow it up with "And I'm your Host!")

1. Twizzlers...I love a Twizzler-for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner, brinner, dessert...anytime of the day is a good time to have a twizzler

2. Birthdays!  No, February is NOT my birthday month, but it is for some very special people in my life, so here you go special people

My older sister Nina

My Younger Brother Nick (and his lovely wife Ashley is also in the photo, but her birthday isn't until the summer)

Caraline (a.k.a. Bear, as in CareBear-but only a few very special people get to call her that)
To Read about the celebration of Bear's Birthday lunch done Grubber Style click here
Happy Birthday to everyone else who is not pictured above as well!

3. White Haven Sauvignon Blanc.  When Hubs and I went on our date night while we were in Columbia a few weeks ago, we visited the bar so we could enjoy a nice drink during our wait to be seated...well I was torn as to what to order.  Two lovely older women walked up next to me and ordered their wine without hesitation (this move astounds me when anyone does this because there are SO many choices you can make, how do you know for sure that that is what you want (see previous posts where I mention being indecisive...) I digress) and I asked one what they ordered.  She told me it was White Haven, and if I liked grapefruit then I would like this wine and then offered me a sip of hers (while I did NOT take a sip of a stranger's beverage, I did order a glass for myself because I LOVE while I was waiting for my glass, the woman looked at me and said "Honey, if you don't like it, I will take it and buy you a new glass of something else"  She was really nice and because of her I have a new favorite wine :)

4. Coca Cola Cherry found obsession.  Now that I have introduced caffeine back into my life, I have been trying out new sodas in the zero calorie range...I do love diet coke, but this is delicious in a whole different way!

5. The WONDERFUL really is a beautiful week here!  I am sorry for those of you who are experiencing weather that is not to your liking, but it is February 16, and the weather this week is AWESOME...please see below for further confirmation that Hubs, Hannah and I will be at the park, bike riding, and playing outside this weekend! 

6. Hannah-but more specifically for this week, Hannah's excitement about our attendance to her Class Valentine's Day Party.  When she realized Hubs and I walked in she started jumping up and down saying "Mommy, I so Happy, Mommy!"  It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  She was really excited to pass out her valentines to everyone, but what she really wanted was to sit down at the table and eat the blueberries that were on her plate...she LOVES blueberries and strawberries, and the mommy assigned to bring the fruit did not skimp out on the berries, that's for sure. 

She was so happy to show me her Valentine's Bag

Thumbs Up for lunch time!

mmmmm Juice!
Love her!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!  I am really not emotionally tied to Valentine's Day-it really hasn't been anything special for me in the past-regardless of my relationship status, so for me, it is really just another eat candy...and wear my favorite red sweater from Loft with a cute pink tank under it...Thank you Cupid :)  I am growing more excited about Valentine's Day-mostly because of my Hans...She is just starting to understand what all of the holidays are about, and now that she is in school (still loving it) she has her first School party tomorrow and she is very excited about her class party.  Me on the other hand...not so much...more on that part to follow.  I love that Hannah is excited about her party and her new Valentine's Day shirt with all of the sparkly hearts on it.  Jason and I have made it our mission to make sure she gets a special valentine every year.  This year, it is Tinkerbell her new bedding for her big girl bed is Tinkerbell (which just arrived Friday, so she was very excited to take a nap this weekend-which led to a 3.5 hour nap-unheard of in our house-but not unwelcome)  So I can't wait to give her her present when I get home from the gym tonight...(yes, I said gym, Spinning tonight followed by a session with Heather=one tired Erin...)

As for Hannah's party.  Hubs picked up Hans from school Thursday and asked me if I was aware of the fact that we are responsible for bringing sandwiches to the party...SANDWICHES!  and to make it better they can't have peanut butter in them...I feel like I am going to fail right out of the gate with this one...what kind of sandwich do you make a 2 year old for lunch? PB&J or grilled cheese right?  (or maybe it is just me)  So somehow, we landed entree portion of the party, and I feel so pressured!  We decided to go with some jelly and some turkey & cheese...and bring a small mayo & mustard with us in case someone wants it...ugh...sandwiches.  Why didn't we get chips & dip or even juice?  I is tomorrow morning so let's hope the other parents don't judge us for our sandwiches...BUT to spice it up we are doing heart shaped sandwiches so maybe people will be so distracted about the heart shape that they don't notice the lack of creativity in their entrees...seriously-I can't get over it-sandwiches...can't I just bring pizza and call it a day?

Hannah and I hung out all weekend.  We went shopping Saturday morning.  When we were in Target, she looked at me and said "I'm tired, can we go home and I take a nap in my new bed?"  it was the cutest thing ever, but I looked at her and told her that she was going to have to work on her shopping stamina because it was just a bit ridiculous for her to be that tired after only going to 2 stores...silly Hans... Yesterday it was so beautiful outside-somewhere in the 60's and sunny-so we went to the park and played for a little while.  We are still working on the potty training thing-and I introduced her to diet coke.  She really likes to drink "Mommy's juice" no matter what it is (well except root beer-she HATES root beer-and after she drinks it-she will look right at you like you poisoned her...).  Hans was sitting on her potty when she announced that she needed more "diet coat" I told her it was coke ... and proceeded to make the "k" sound-her response was "so?  I still need more..."  ahhhh Hannah. 

Hubs and I really don't exchange Valentine's Day Gifts-or if we do we put some silly $5.00 limit on the gift and go from there...This year-he got a box of chocolate covered cherries...he loves them and has already eaten 2 according to the last text I received...

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ty Is Cuter Than Clinton

1. Would you rather be on ABC's Extreme Home MakeOver or TLC's What not to Wear?

You know...I would LOVE to be on What Not to Wear!  a $5,000 wardrobe?  A free vacation?  Meeting Stacey & Clinton?  Don't mind if I do!!!  But...then again...I would really like to have my home renovated...and subsequently...paid for-that would be my catch here, if I have to make mortgage payments on this awesome enormous house that you just built for me...but I can't afford the new payment-what happens then?  Do you take my house back, and then we are worse off than we were before?  I would need more details there...but then again, the whole family could benefit from the choose Extreme Home Make-Over-because Hubs & Hans can benefit...and if the builder pays off my mortgage, then I can spend more money on vacations & a wardrobe-I wouldn't be able to meet Stacey & Clinton, but I can accept Ty Pennington for sure, as he is cuter than Clinton...!

2. Do you have any tattoos?

No.  I considered this for a few years while I was in college, but, if you know me, you know how indecisive I am-so what if I pick a tattoo one day and in a few months I hate it?  No mam, not for this gal.  Hubs has one-he says he doesn't regret getting the one he got, but one day he is going to have to explain to Hans what that thing is, and I would like to be around to watch him fumble through that situation... There is approximately 1 situation in which I would consider getting a tattoo, but anytime I think about it, it makes my eyes water and my nose turn sad...too sad...moving on

3. Do you tell your kids about things you did growing up?

I tell Hans everything...but she is only 2 so she doesn't care.  I will tell her what I did, I am not ashamed of my past (and, let's face it, I was a pretty good kid compared to what I see in the news these days anyway!) and I don't want Hans to make the same mistakes I did.  To be clear though, if she does make them, I will still love her no matter what, but she will probably find herself being grounded, much like I was...and considering how good of listener she has been (please read that with extreme sarcasm, as she is only 2) I see history repeating itself  frequently in Hans' future for sure!

4. If the traffic signal turns yellow, do you stop or speed up?

How close am I?  Are there cars in front of me-or behind me that could potentially hit me if I slow down to stop?  Is it raining?  I know you are supposed to yield, IF YOU ARE ABLE TO.  That being said, sometimes you just aren't able to.  If the light just turned yellow, then I make no effort to brake, as then I would have to slam on the brakes and that is dangerous for everyone.  If I can slow down and I am not in fear of someone hitting me because they are too close to my rear end i will slow down.  (Please note that if you are following too closely to my vehicle, you may see a finger of my choosing raised in the air if Hans is not present in the vehicle...) It really just depends on the situation.

5. What's your preference: chocolate or chips? 

Why can't I choose Chocolate Chips?  seriously?  I had a brownie the other day and it had chocolate chips in it and it was AMAZING.  Ugh, If my friend Jane were doing this, it would be a no brainer because she hates chocolate (weird right?  Well I can't judge because I hate bananas...) Anyhow...that being said, I really like dark chocolate, but you can't eat too much of it at a time...but, I do love some chips...chips and salsa, Doritos, salt & vinegar, Frito's, (I just realized I am started to sound like Bubba Gump...boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, baked shrimp...etc.)  So that being said, I am choosing Chips... :)

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1. L'Oreal Paris Go 360 Cleanser for Sensitive Skin
I love the little scrublet and my face feels AMAZING after I finish washing it!

2. I am Loving that Hannah Loves sleeping in her Big Girl Bed!
We just transitioned her to her Big Girl Bed a few weeks ago, and EVERY TIME she wakes up in the morning or from a nap, she says "I like my new bed!"  And I love that she is growing up!

3.  I am LOVING the new Spicy Chicken Biscuit from Chic-Fil-A!  I had one for breakfast today and it is pretty much the perfect combo of spicy chicken with the hint of sweet biscuit...Chic-Fil-A has never gotten it wrong in my book!
4. I am LOVING that Hannah loves going to school!  She started going to school 2 days a week in January, and wants to go EVERY day. 

This was from her first day of school and she was so excited to go!  (If you look closely enough, you can see my eyes watering...)

5. This shoe...I a pair of these...I have a shoe problem...I LOVE shoes, but I think Hubs will shoot me if I bring another pair home...and the area under my desk is getting a bit crowded from the other shoes I have bought and have not taken home for the same reason...

6. I Love my Little Family-which is perfect just the way it is!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I hate a hypocrite...but, when it comes to this topic, I totally am we go.  I read blogs-because I like them-because I get hooked on them-because I feel like I know these people...similar to why I watch reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians-I have watched the show so much-those girls have become a staple in my life and I feel like I know them...anyway-judge me if you will.  Back to the Blog thing.  I am HORRIBLE at keeping my blog updated-HORRIBLE...BUT there are a few blogs I read daily (or the days I am online) and I really get frustrated when the blogs aren't up to date...for example.  If you just had a baby-I NEED you to update your blog IMMEDIATELY so I can read about the story and see pictures of your baby-and know how you are adjusting to life with your new love...I NEED it...I will check your blog numerous times throughout the days following the announcement of you going into labor-just waiting to read your blog...(ridiculous I know)  Now, being a mother of a 2 year old-I am no stranger to the whole-no sleep, struggle with keeping your eyes open & make any type of coherent thoughts-or a complete sentence when you have a newborn infant who cannot communicate why they are crying and you have already fed, changed, burped and cuddled the baby and nothing seems to help...I know what that's like...but I feel like you should still update your blog...(selfish I know...unrealistic-yes...divaish very-but like I said-I NEED to know this type of information...

As previously mentioned...I am no good at updating my blog-and I did not just have a baby-so I really shouldn't expect people to be Johnny-On-The-Spot with theirs when they did...but I hate feeling out of the loop-I REALLY like to be "In The Know" and preferably one of the firsts to know...but I will settle for just being in the know...