Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twizzlers-An Anytime of the Day Food

Welcome to What I'm Loving Wednesday! 
(I feel like when I say that I need to follow it up with "And I'm your Host!")

1. Twizzlers...I love a Twizzler-for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner, brinner, dessert...anytime of the day is a good time to have a twizzler

2. Birthdays!  No, February is NOT my birthday month, but it is for some very special people in my life, so here you go special people

My older sister Nina

My Younger Brother Nick (and his lovely wife Ashley is also in the photo, but her birthday isn't until the summer)

Caraline (a.k.a. Bear, as in CareBear-but only a few very special people get to call her that)
To Read about the celebration of Bear's Birthday lunch done Grubber Style click here
Happy Birthday to everyone else who is not pictured above as well!

3. White Haven Sauvignon Blanc.  When Hubs and I went on our date night while we were in Columbia a few weeks ago, we visited the bar so we could enjoy a nice drink during our wait to be seated...well I was torn as to what to order.  Two lovely older women walked up next to me and ordered their wine without hesitation (this move astounds me when anyone does this because there are SO many choices you can make, how do you know for sure that that is what you want (see previous posts where I mention being indecisive...) I digress) and I asked one what they ordered.  She told me it was White Haven, and if I liked grapefruit then I would like this wine and then offered me a sip of hers (while I did NOT take a sip of a stranger's beverage, I did order a glass for myself because I LOVE while I was waiting for my glass, the woman looked at me and said "Honey, if you don't like it, I will take it and buy you a new glass of something else"  She was really nice and because of her I have a new favorite wine :)

4. Coca Cola Cherry found obsession.  Now that I have introduced caffeine back into my life, I have been trying out new sodas in the zero calorie range...I do love diet coke, but this is delicious in a whole different way!

5. The WONDERFUL really is a beautiful week here!  I am sorry for those of you who are experiencing weather that is not to your liking, but it is February 16, and the weather this week is AWESOME...please see below for further confirmation that Hubs, Hannah and I will be at the park, bike riding, and playing outside this weekend! 

6. Hannah-but more specifically for this week, Hannah's excitement about our attendance to her Class Valentine's Day Party.  When she realized Hubs and I walked in she started jumping up and down saying "Mommy, I so Happy, Mommy!"  It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  She was really excited to pass out her valentines to everyone, but what she really wanted was to sit down at the table and eat the blueberries that were on her plate...she LOVES blueberries and strawberries, and the mommy assigned to bring the fruit did not skimp out on the berries, that's for sure. 

She was so happy to show me her Valentine's Bag

Thumbs Up for lunch time!

mmmmm Juice!
Love her!

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  1. I am honored to be included. And you are correct, it just wouldn't be the same if anyone else called me Bear. Also, you have the cutest kid ever and I am super-psyched that she is not just cute but exceptionally smart and won herself a start student award! Go ahead with her bad (by that, I mean awesome) self!