Thursday, December 30, 2010


I can't believe 2010 is practically it is December 30, and It feels like it should only be about September...don't get me wrong...I am happy to have the glorious break from work (this year I called it the 13 Days of Christmas :)  try not to be jealous).  Anyhow...
Christmas was good.  We traveled to Columbia to see Jason's Dad and Stepmom and sister-we went out to dinner and then to the Zoo to see the lights.  Even though it was pretty cold, we had fun...until Hannah had a melt down-because she was tired, but as soon as we got her in the car under her blanket watching Nemo we were all better-in fact, she said- "I feel better now"  boy-is she a big girl going through her terrible 2' you can see Hannah in her "Nemo Coma"

Jason and me at the zoo
Hannah playing in her new tent and tunnel
On Christmas morning Hannah was super excited to see what Santa brought her. I was just excited to see her face as she opened all of her gifts...and boy did she get a lot of are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure

Hannah's new Balabce Bike

She sang Rock a Bye Baby to her new baby was so cute front of all of the Christmas trash...

After we got dressed we headed out to Jason's Grandma's house...where Hannah ate a rather large Banana

Then we left for Jason's Mom's house

Playing with whatever was on the window ledge


My Love

Up to no good

Opening Gifts

Jason stole part of Ty Ty gift

My niece Hayley

Silly In front of the tree

Hannah and Ty Ty

Merry Christmas
Then we left to go to My parent's house...which is where Hannah tried to take a nap butit was not successful so we left and came back for dinner...she did very well all day for not having a nap...and I think she was even tired of opening presents...though now everytime we go somewhere she says "Oh no!  Where are my presents?"  Hope she will soon realize that that is a special thing for Christmas...

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hit or Miss

I started this blog thinking it would be a great way to help everyone stay up to date with the Phalen Fam...but...not only have I been delinquent in updating regularly, but it does not appear that this is the route I am going to end up taking with this I am starting over-with Hit or are going to just read about the random (and yet awesome) happenings of my everyday life...which surely will include my Fantastic Family and my Awesome Friends...
Below is a picture of Me and My Love :) We were in line waiting to ride Thomas the Train :)

So here we go.
I made my second attempt at spinning on Wednesday-now, the first time I tried this, I HATED legs hurt, my bum hurt and I didn't want to sit for I was quite reluctant to try it again...but I needed to in order for me to know if I truly didn't like it or if it was just that one experience that I didn't I did it...and you know, it really wasn't that bad!  I kind of liked it-so much so that I am doing it again tomorrow-I did, however, tell my dad that if he was still in search of something to get me for Christmas, I would not mind a nice cushy gel seat to take with me to the class so my bum area doesn't have to be quite so sore for the next day...What made this spinning class so much better than the last one?  Well I have narrowed it down to a few things and in no particular order they are:
1) The music was AWESOME-it was like Heather picked the music for me-Warm up to Fergie and then climb to Britney Spears-don't mind if I do!  Seriously -I found myself singing along to most of the songs during the class that I didn't notice that my legs were burning
2) The instructor-Heather-now this is a tricky thing because Heather is my new Trainer-so I thought this was going to make or break us-but she was awesome and I am pretty sure I will only go back to her classes
3) The first class the instructor told me that either a) I have really big feet or b) I just have really wide shoes...and I looked at her and said-I am pretty sure they are really big feet inside of wide shoes...but seriously who says that to someone?  I don't really think I have abnormally large feet-they are about a 9...granted they are a little wider than most others-but not so wide that I can't wear normal sized shoes made for the general women's population
4) This class was 45 mins and not an hour-I don't know if the extra 15 mins last time is what did me in, but I appreciated the fact that I was only in there for 45 mins...
5) There were other new people in there as well...even though the first class i took was technically a beginners class, I swear they were all professional and they were also mostly "woo" know the ones...the girls who put themselves right in front of the mirror or right in front of the room and when the going gets tough they shout out "WOOOOO!!!" which then causing an immediate eye roll reaction from me...(and this is where I would also insert the statement of and I threw up in my mouth a little-but i don't want you to think that i was pushing myself to the point of throwing up during the class because I was CERTAINLY no where near that point-but you see where I am going with this right?  good...).

That's about it for Spinning right now...on to training. 
So as previously mentioned, Heather is my new trainer...and she is crazy hard core...yesterday we did legs...and my upper leg/lower bum area is entirely too sore right now...and I don't like it right now-I might be singing a different tune later when my thighs are smaller, but for bueno.  I have a training session tomorrow morning around 8:30...apparently, we will be doing abs...and then when we finish we will be spinning-I should be about as sturdy as a limp noodle by the time I leave the gym...let's hope Hannah wants to take a long nap when we get home.

Christmas is coming soon...and by soon, I mean in about a week...this year, Jason and I have decided that we aren't getting each other anything-instead we had a date weekend-Hannah stayed with her Granci (Jason's mom) and we organized the house, did a bit of shopping and went out to dinner and then downtown with some of my friends.  It was nice. 

Below are some pictures from our night out on the town for your viewing pleasure:

In the car on the way downtown
 At Pearlz
 Enjoying Date Night

This year, we are heading to Columbia to see Nana and Granda (Jason's dad and step-mom) then we will head back home for Christmas Eve Service (which I am COMPLETELY stoked about).  We are attending the 5pm service, and then I will be serving in the 7pm serivce :)  If you don't already have plans, you should come out to Coastal Community Church for one of the Services-you will not be disappointed! 
I am sure Jason is going to force Hannah to watch Claymation Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and then when I get home from Church, we will read our Christmas story...then Hannah will go down for the night...Christmas morning Hannah will open all of her gifts and then we will all get ready and head over to MawMaw and Poppi's (My mom and dad) and then over to see some more of Jason's family...Christmas is a pretty busy day for us, and I am already feeling tired just thinking about it!  Of course, all of that is contingent upon one Hannah Rose's nap schedule...a 2 year old can only stay in a good mood for so long you know...and by that, I mean my 2 year old needs a nap otherwise she is not a very nice all...
I have a new favorite Christmas joke (you should be aware of the fact that I like random (some might say lame) prepare yourself)
What does the Gingerbread man put on his bed?


Cookie Sheets...
I know-it's pretty awesome. 
I wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays and please be safe!