Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...So Here Are A Ton!

So, there is no Meet Me on Monday-clearly, as today is Tuesday.  Though, I know I have been promising you some pictures, and it must be your lucky day, because I am going to do just that!  I will give you a heads up that this post will be full of pictures, and should catch you up to just before this weekend, which you can read about tomorrow for Weekend Wednesday...yes, I know, it might sound mean, but that's what gets me through the week, so you should look forward to it as well.

We are starting (again) potty training...I am pretty sure that every time we try to start this process, Hannah gets sick...and yep, you guessed it, Hannah came down with something late Sunday and so we weren't very productive on the big girl potty yesterday, but this morning, even though she still wasn't feeling too great and felt like a little ball of fire (she gets that from Hubs, I am always cold no matter what), she went pee pee on her potty like a big girl...I will say I am pretty sure it had a lot to do with the enormous bowl of candy she saw in the kitchen minutes before...She asked me if she could have some candy, and I told her that it was her Pee Pee on the Potty Candy-and if she wanted some, she had to go pee pee on the potty like a big girl...and what do you know?  2 minutes later Hannah told me she had to go potty, and sure enough she did-we celebrated by doing the Pee Pee Dance and she got to pick out some candy from the PPOTP candy bowl-she chose 2 star bursts and went on about her morning business (you know, lounging around in my bed, watching tv, telling me that Oso is on, asking for chocolate milk...the usual).  I am hoping that she continues this (yes I am not above bribing my kid to go pee pee on the potty-I would prefer that she not go to college in diapers...though then I wouldn't have to worry about who she is dating...hmmm...maybe I will rethink this potty training....) so that by the time she turns 3 (July 14...I CANNOT BELIEVE MY BABY IS TURNING 3!) she is completely diaper free and she will transition to 3 day 3's (school next year) without any problem...keep your fingers crossed that this goes smoothly...I think as long as we keep that candy bowl stocked we should be good to go...I mean, who doesn't want variety packs of M&Ms, Star bursts (favorite reds, people if you haven't seen this pack of star bursts, you need to get it-AWESOME-but beware of the trick watermelon one, it is the color of the traditional strawberry, but is most definitely NOT strawberry...) and tootsie roll pops...I am kind of sad I don't get a treat every time I go to the bathroom...OH and My mom offers ice cream to her if she goes...um...#2  on the potty...that kid has it made! 

Moving on, we have a lot of pictures to catch up on...where do we begin?  The last time I posted some pictures was really Easter...so let's start with the Premier Jewelry Party I hosted...this was the last weekend of April-(hey, 1 month late isn't that bad is it?)  Some very lovely ladies come out to look at some jewelry and to have a good time in general...

My Sister In Law-Ashley and her Sister Amber...who I am pretty sure was frightened by all of the Loud Ladies of the group...sorry Amber!

Group shot of the Ladies at the table...Kayla, Megan, Jane, Madeleine, Elizabeth, Angel, Amber and Ashley...who can be seen cheesing it up for the camera!

Ahhh-Kayla and Megan

Jane...doing I am not sure what...and Madeleine, these two should never be seated next to each other...ever...

Ahhhh...the obligatory self portrait!

Mom and Me

This is why we can't have nice things...I am not sure how, but Megan and/or Jane got 2 necklaces tangled up...but don't worry, I fixed it

hamming it up for the camera

Lisa checking herself out

Clearly Lisa is listening to what is going on and Jessica doesn't seem to like what she just saw...
So that was the jewelry party...moving right along to our trip to VA.  I mentioned previously that we headed to VA for my Grampa's 75th birthday...don't recall it?  Read about it here.  Hannah loved playing on the AC unit and the couch cushions...so here are some pictures of that randomness

On her "Tangles Tower" (You might know the movie as Tangled)

Chillin on the AC

She doesn't miss an opportunity to show off her muscles

She literally is saying "Whew!  Something smells a little stinky in here"
 Saturday was filled with all kinds of adventures!  First we made our way to the SPCA, which also had a petting zoo...Hannah was in such a good mood on the way here she is making a silly face

The Petting Zoo had goats, lamas, chickens, a black leopard (!) deer, bobcats, bunnies and a kangaroo...there were supposed to be 3 otters, but either they were sleeping or they just weren't there because we didn't seem them in their area at all...but seriously, that is a random mix of critters for a petting zoo, but then again, it is pretty random to have a petting zoo in the SPCA...

Big Fat Overfed Goats...on the table

I was seriously concerned that this chicken was going to try to attack my kanks...

I was unaware that deer were petting zoo material

Hannah perfected the one finger pet...

That goat followed Hubs around the whole time we were there...he tried to eat his shirt when he turned around

Hans wanted to try to feed him too

Llama face...
I am not sure why these pictures are placed where they are...they do what they want...and I just go with it...at least I am putting them in here...

After the petting zoo we made our way to Bluebird Gap Farm-which had even more animals and a park to play on...I will spare you all of the pictures of the animals...except for the peacock...that thing puffed up his tail and was strutting around for a while...

 After we saw all of the animals, we played at the park. 

Hayley on the swing

She loves a swing...Hubs looks so excited to be pushing her!

Ma Dukes and me

Dad and Mom taking a breather

So excited to be playing at the park!
So we left Bluebird Gap Farm and headed to see the old planes

That plane makes Hannah look TINY

Poppi telling Hayley the history of some of those planes...

Never misses an opportunity to pick flowers

or to see the water

So that wraps up the VA tour. We came home late Sunday evening-Sunday was Mother's Day and I am so blessed to have been able to spend the entire day with Hans and Hubs. As previously mentioned, I also started a new job that Tuesday, May 10th, which was also the week of Megan's birthday, so we went out to celebrate

Peter and Megan Take 1

Peter!  Hold up your drink so we can see how small that glass is!

Hubs and Allen waiting for their beverages...or maybe they were waiting for mine and Casey's beverages...

Megan and Casey

LOVE THEM (and that pink drink!)

My Little Hans also graduated from her 2 year old preschool class! 

She had a cap and a diploma!

I told her to show me her diploma and this is how she held it up...silly

The Littlest Graduate of all!
I will close this extremely picture heavy post with one of Hans showing her muscles...for your viewing pleasure!