Monday, May 16, 2011


I know I have been MIA.  I am really sorry for all of you who are trying to follow me...don't give up, I promise I will be back to a more regular schedule soon.  A few posts ago, I mentioned that I felt like I was on a roller coaster- a lot of ups and downs and I said I would go more into it later...well, I guess now is later...soo...I started a new job Last Tuesday.  It was not an easy decision for me to make as I had been with my old job for over 5 years and have developed many great relationships there, but ultimately, it was the best decision for me.  My new company is amazing.  The team is smaller than my old team, but we do different functions here so we don't require as many people, but they are all super nice.  Last week was pretty much full of training-or my brain felt like it was going to explode, but other than that, it was a great first week. 
Why did I start on Tuesday and not a Monday?  Good question friends.  Last weekend (also Mother's Day Weekend) was my Grandpa's 75th birthday, so we all headed up to VA to celebrate it with him.  I saw family there that I hadn't seen in over 10 years, so that was nice (and a little weird).  There was a party for him on Friday.  We got on the road at 8.  Hannah did AMAZING!  No throwing up at all during this road trip-that might have been the best part (generally Hans gets sick when we are in the car for more than 3 lie, and I don't think it has anything to do with being car sick, she just doesn't like to be in her seat for a long time-so she ends up throwing up, and we have to pull over in the nearest parking lot and take her out, strip her down and try to clean her up (the best you can in a parking lot)...and then we have to deal with eh car seat that happens to be covered in puke too... so we spend the remainder of the trip smelling the remnants of Hans' car seat/road trip protest...good times).  Because we were in the car, she really didn't take a nap, and the party wasn't supposed to start until 6:30, so she was going to eat a late(r) dinner.  We were also staying in a hotel that she wasn't familiar with...strange place + no nap+ late(r) dinner = recipe for a Hannah melt down...she ended up falling asleep around 5:30 and when I tried to wake her up, she threw one of the biggest fits I have ever seen her throw in my life...seriously, face down in the bed, legs and arms kicking and swinging everywhere, screaming, tears, red face, sweat, the whole Hubs made the executive decision to take Hans to Burger King to get some nuggets (I swear that kid is going to turn into a chicken nugget one day) and play on the slide...then if she was feeling up to it, they were going to meet us at the party.  Right as we were walking out the car, the sky opened up and the wind started blowing pretty hard, it looked like a tropical storm outside...
I rode with Mom, Dad and Hayley to the party, and half way through it, I got a message from Hubs saying that they were going to go swimming at the hotel instead of trying to get her to the party...probably the best decision for everyone involved...By the time I got home, they were both sleeping peacefully.

We woke up the next morning and headed to Gram and Grampa's house.  Then we went to a petting zoo (which was located at the SPCA-best idea ever!) and we fed goats, lamas, and deer.  They also had bunnies, chickens, a black leopard (!), an eagle and 2 bobcats.  Hannah LOVED it.  The goats were crazy though!  Anytime Hubs would try to get more food, they would try to push his hand out of the way from the food dispenser and put their tongues in it! 
When we left the petting zoo, we went to this place called Bluegap Farm.  There were also farm animals here, most of them were behind fences and gates so you couldn't pet them, but Hannah loved it just the same.  She saw turkeys, ducks, peacocks, horses, more goats and lamas, a donkey, cows and pigs.  There was also a park for kids to play on right in the middle of the farm.  Hans was in heaven!  When we left the farm, we went to the Power Museum, and saw old planes and rockets-which were really cool too.  I haven't been there since I was about Hayley's age.  After the planes, we went to Chic-fil-a-chosen by Hannah (obviously), and by that time, it was nap time for us.  Hubs, Hans and I headed back to the hotel and took a nap.  When we woke up it was dinner time and we all headed out to the Surf Rider-a seafood restaurant in Downtown Hampton...I had my first fish tacos there, and they were delicious-I also tried Mom's She Crab soup-AMAZING!  We decided to head back to the hotel after dinner so Hans could go swimming again.  Hans is a water baby for sure (just like me when I was younger) she always wants to be in the water no matter what it is-a bath, a pool, a lake, the beach-it doesn't matter to her. 

Sunday was Mother's Day and we all woke up and had brunch with Gram and Grampa before starting the long trek home.  We decided that because it was Mother's Day, we would try to stop through Columbia to see Marty and Judy (Nana and Granda to Hans).  They just bought a new house on the lake and were eager to show us so we had dinner with them at the new house before finishing the last hour and a half trip home.  Again, Hans was a rock star on the trip home (and actually took a nap for a while on the way to Columbia). 

We got home pretty late Sunday, and I knew I wouldn't have wanted to start a new job after an entire day in the car, so I asked them if it would be possible to start on a Tuesday-and they were okay with that request...(I know, that was a long story for the answer to the question of why did I start on a Tuesday and not a Monday...but I know deep down you were hoping for a long explanation so you could get caught up with me!) 

Monday, Hans had a dentist appointment (each time it gets better...I am hoping that there will be no screaming and crying for her appointment in November...) and she was very excited to get a new toothbrush (green of course) and a balloon (the dental assistant tried to get her to take a purple one, but my Hans only had eyes for the green one...) and then she picked out 2 stickers (both with elephants of course).  After the dentist, Hans and I headed to Monkey Joes- for some fun.  Hubs met up with us after his doctor's appointment.  Hubs took Hans to lunch and I met up with Jane and Cinco (my mini boyfriend-he is such a cutie-you should be jealous that you didn't get the chance to dine with them).  I had errands to run after lunch, and a session with Heather at the gym later that afternoon as well.  After working out, I headed home because we were meeting up with Sherri (Granci to Hans) for dinner for a late Mother's Day celebration.  Busy day off (and technically Monday I was officially unemployed) but it was really nice to be able to spend it with Hans and Hubs just having fun. 

So you are pretty caught up...except for this weekend, which, my Uncle Andy & Aunt Jill were in town from Nebraska so we spent some time with them on Friday and Saturday.

I posted this earlier and completely forgot to give a shout out to Megan!  Her birthday was last Monday and we were able to celebrate her birthday this weekend!  Happy Birthday Megan-Hope it was awesome!

I promise to try to get on a more regular schedule with posting for you guys, and I will post some pictures of our adventures later-so that's something to look forward to!

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