Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Confessions: Ice Cream Loves My Thighs

It's FRIDAY!  So that means it is time for a Confess Sesh with Leslie over at A Blonde Let's get to it!

1) I confess that I silently (ok fine, sometimes not so silently) judge people for their use of poor grammar.

2) I confess that I watch swamp people...I know, I know.  I really just can't turn it off.  I am thankful that there are subtitles because I am really not 100% positive that everyone speaks English all of time...

3) I bought some ice cream cupcakes for me to enjoy Hubs' birthday this week.  He and Hans had 1...I may have eaten far...and I fully intend to eat more. 

4) I am obsessed with ice doesn't matter what season it is or what the weather is outside, I want ice cream every day.  I love ice cream and ice cream loves my thighs...

5) Father's Day is this weekend, and Hans and I already gave Hubs his in last month.  It is a 2 person rocking hammock-and it is amazing.  You should be jealous if you don't have one or if you don't know someone who does have one. 

It's a wee picture but you should still be jealous.
6) Hans and I went on a date to see Madagascar 3 and I didn't really care for much of the movie, but I did like this part...and Hans and I might frequently reenact it...
7) My vacation doesn't start for another 2 weeks but I am already in vacation mode...and may have been for a cool 2 weeks now...sad but true.

8) I might be the world's worst pen pal...seriously-it took me almost 2 months to respond to my pen pal's letter...AND I TYPED IT...not even hand written...but I did go back and draw some pictures on it with pretty colored ink...does that count for anything?

9) The Gamecocks are back in Omaha for the CWS!!!  Hoping for a 3peat but I am just excited for them to have made it back there again (side note, Hubs was at the first game against Oklahoma the night Hans and I went out for our date-I am jealous but I still loved the QT with my Hans.)

10) Speaking of the Gamecocks-I CANNOT wait for FOOTBALL SEASON TO START ALREADY!!!!! 

Link up with Leslie and Share your confessions too!

Friday, June 1, 2012


On May 23, My little Hannah graduated from K-3.  I have no idea when she got to be old enough to play soccer or have dance recitals so how is it possible that my baby girl is on her way to K-4?! 

So Silly All the Time

Call the POLICE!  Someone stole Ty Ty's hair

Maw Maw and Granci

Silly Face Time

No one likes a frowny face
My Baby getting her diploma!

Cookie time!

Tiny Dancer

Hannah started taking Dance this year-both tap and ballet- and she loved it.  Her first recital was just a few weeks ago (so this post is not actually so late...yay?) and it was so sweet!  I loved it-and now you can too!

Isn't she so cute?!

An action shot

Love this little dancer!

Flowers from Daddy before he had to leave for work

Hannah and Elizabeth

Me & Bug

Gang of misfits...really they were sweet (most of them)
Taking a bow!

I melt

Hans and Hay

Very First Trophy!

With Granda

With Nana

With Aunt Jillian

With Maw Maw & Poppi

Mr & Mrs. Hudson Est. 4/27/12

So remember when I said that MBFF was getting hitched?  No?  Well you can read about the bridal shower here ...k-all caught up now?  Good.  So on April 27 I had the wonderful honor and privilege to marry MBFF (you may know her as Casey-but I am pretty sure if you only know me via this blog, you really do only know her as MBFF).   You may recall from a previous post that I am in the business of marrying people, and thanks to MBFF the legacy continues.  It was such a beautiful wedding and Hubs and I had a blast! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Congrats Casey (MBFF) & Allen! 


Getting Ready for the Show!

Signing the guest "book" which was a puzzle and a great idea!


Me & Hubs

And It Is Go Time!

Here comes the Bride!

So beautiful!

Happy to announce Mr & Mrs. Hudson!

Bride & Me

I love this one

Me and the Hubs

Me & Jane

Beautiful sunset

I just LOVE Glo & Jack!

Thumbs Up!

Oh Megan...

Me & Cara

Cara, Jane & Me

I am not sure what is going on here...but obvi it was a good time!

One Last Vacay Adventure

Before Heading back to reality we decided to visit the MB Aquarium.  Hans LOVES the aquarium so we were excited for her to see a bigger one with new things! 
Ready to Roll!

She did NOT like the loud noises the Dinos made

Hans and Hay

Getting these 2 to smile is ridiculous

And Take 10,000-thanks for the smile guys!

There is a shark tunnel in the aquarium and they swim right over you-this guy needs braces...

big ol octopus

School o' Hannah fish

Fam Shot

So tired after a long FUN weekend!