Monday, January 31, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

I can't believe football season is practically over!  I am not your run of the mill girl-in that I LOVE LOVE LOVE football-I love college football- I cheer for the USC Gamecocks and mostly only track the SEC for that reason-there are far too many colleges for me to try to keep up with...but even more so-I LOOOOOOVE the NFL.  I live for my Fantasy Team-which sadly, 2 years running, has finished the season in 3rd place...The silly playoffs do me in every year...Last year, I was in 1st place going into the playoffs and don't you know, most of my starters were benched (ahem Reggie Wayne)...ugh knocked down to 3rd, this year, I bumped the play offs up a week to see if that would help...but no, Reggie Wayne did nothing for me when it counted...and bumped down to 3rd again...oh well.  Like I said, i love it. 
My fav team is the Patriots...Before you sit there and say-oh a band wagon fan-you are incorrect-I used to live in New England-when I was in middle school-which is when I developed my love for the sport-so please hold any band wagon fan comments for someone who is.  Further...This year, The Patriots had a STELLAR regular season (you know, if you don't consider that devastating loss to Big Peyton Hillis The Browns-I still shake my head about that game) and what did they do in the Playoffs?  They lost to the Jets...THE JETS-of all teams to lose to-Why big mouth sore loser trash talkin Rex Ryan and the Jets...ugh.  I detest the Jets...I didn't even have any of them on my fantasy team...well let me not lie...I had Santonio Holmes the week he came off of his 4 week suspension-of which he did NOTHING for me-so I dropped him and never looked back-so I should rephrase, I didn't have any on my team by the time the season ended.

Any how, this weekend is the Superbowl.  Which comes down to the Steelers v/ The I hod no stock in either team...honestly I am torn as to whom to cheer for.  On one hand you have Aaron Rodgers...and that's about it-if you are a Green Bay fan you KNOW Rodgers carries the team...yeah he has one or 2 good wide outs-BUT they are only good because of Rodgers...and I can't support another team who is carried by one man...On the other hand you have the Steelers-6 time "World Champions" (Why is the Superbowl winner considered a World Champion?  They did not play ANYONE outside of the US...not one team...why can't they just be called the NFL Champs or the Superbowl Champs-why World Champion? I digress...) led by Big Ben who has enough drama for the entire team-between him, Brett Favre, and the Jets courtroom issues, There is enough drama for the entire NFL...and then some!  anyhow...I believe the Steelers have a stronger defense and more solid options to look to when/if Big Ben were to ever get in trouble...where as Rodgers has not been blessed in that area (with the exception of their last game-because that was not a normal performance by the Packers-by any means-and even if you are a die hard fan you know you have to agree-it might be the kid of playing you have been hoping for or the kind of playing you knew they could do, it certainly is not the type of playing that they have displayed this season....)
Anyhow...i think I made up my mind that I am pulling for the Steelers...
There is a guy who works at Dunkin Donuts down the street from where I work that has his car painted to say "6 Time World Champions" and it has a Steelers helmet and colors all over it...what happens if they win again?  new paint job?  what happened to bumper stickers or window decals?  I guess he is a true fan...where as I am just a sad Patriots fan who wishes Brady could have gotten the team to get their act together sooner than the last 4 minutes of the game...shame....shame...but at least I won't be too upset when I team doesn't win! (pretty much the only upside I can find in this-also considering that the AFC was STOMPED on in the ProBowl...again Shame Shame Shame)
I will be watching the game from my couch with the Hubs and my baby eating Wild Wing-Jealous?  You should be because it is going to be delicious!

Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Question Friday

So I am going to give this a we go 

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?
I met Jason the first day of my Sophomore year of College. He was at the school helping his step sister move in, and then he came over to help his best friend's girlfriend set up her loft bad...who just also happened to be my suitemate. Jason saw that I was moving my stuff in without any help...(lame thanks mom and dad...) and he offered to carry my suitcase upstairs for me...though before that he saw me walking up the stairs and said "Princess huh? So you think you are a Princess?" I was wearing a studded belt that read princess on the back...anyhow...we went on our first date Labor Day weekend...and no, it was not love instantly, it was more of an eye roll and an-I know that guy did NOT just say that to me ;)
2. What is your favorite room in your house?
I am a fan of our Living room...mostly because it is where the family gets to spend time together...I also like my room, because that is where my bed is and I LOVE my bed...

3. Can you wiggle your ears?
No I cannot wiggle my ears...but I have been weirdly Fascinated and disgusted all at the same time by people who can wiggle their ears...I just don't get it, but if you ever saw me trying you would get a good laugh out of it...

4. What is your evening ritual?
After Hannah goes down for the night, I clean up the living room (The living room only stays clean when Hannah is asleep...) then move into the kitchen to wash the dishes/load the dishwaasher...then back to the bedroom where it is jama time, take the contacts out, brush my teeth, and these days, turn on the heated mattress pad-seriously if you don't have one get one-they are AMAZING) then I get in bed and watch some awesome reality show (or if it is Wednesday Modern Family) and do some kind of reading/sodoku/wordsearch-you know...some kind of old lady activity...then I tend to fall asleep doing one of those's okay i fyou want to judge, I am an old lady...

5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
To function-2-to function well-at least 4-maximum functioning-6-8 an more than that I can't even imagine WHAT that would be like!