Monday, December 19, 2011

What's A Little Life Changing Event Amongst Friends Right?

Ahhh....Confessions...This is QUICKLY becoming my Favorite thing to do...and I am Happy that I am late posting this because if I wasn't I would not have the first confession to drone on and on about-for your reading pleasure OF COURSE...

So...Confess Sesh...where to begin...hmmm...If I was my oldest sibling, it would go a little something like this:

I am married 3 months ago...and didn't bother to tell anyone in my family-nope not a one-not even those that I speak to on a RELATIVEly regular Sister...My Mother...My Father...My Brother...nope, not a one.  But right after my husband and I tied the knot, I did have a conversation with my sister to tell her that we were going to GET married NEXT in September 2012...but I failed to mention that I already got married last September of know, those crazy life changing events that happen-that just slip your too...oh until 3 months later when I change my FACEBOOK status from "In a relationship" to "Married..."

BUT ALAS-I am NOT her...I am Me, and just so you know, the above-is a TRUE story and here is MY Confess Sesh:

I AM UPSET PEOPLE...UPSET...I am not even sure where to start with this in case you aren't friends with my sister-She, apparently, is married...I know right?!  Crazy.  What's that? -No, I don't know what her dress looked like-Oh, nope, Can't tell you how she wore her hair-Ummmm-nope don't even know "new" Brother In Law's middle name or anything about his family...oh yeah, no, I can't tell you WHAT DATE or TIME they actually did get married...nope, none of that-oh because I had no clue it was happening...and neither did any of the rest of my family for that matter.  Seriously...
Please don't get me wrong-I am ALL FOR ELOPEMENT-ELOPE if that is what you want to do-don't want a huge ceremony? Perfect-go to the JoP and have a quick ceremony..(.hey-if you want to get married in SC, call me-I can perform the ceremony for you-I am pretty dern good at it if you ask me-but I can give you references should you doubt my awesome abilities...)  Talk to you family about it though!  Life changing events are just that-THEY ARE EVENTS THAT CHANGE YOUR LIFE-ALL ASPECTS OF IT...and I am apart of that life too-and I feel super disrespected at the way I found out about this marriage...Oh, no, it wasn't via phone conversations-clearly we are much too busy being married for that...nope, it wasn't over lunch-also too busy being married for wasn't while we were trick or treating ALL TOGETHER-I didn't see a wedding ring when I saw you last either-because one of us has gone out of our way to hide this new status...until yesterday.  Yesterday my sister logs into Facebook and changes her status from in a Relationship to Married...and she doesn't have the opportunity to call her family to tell them at any point in the last THREE Months that she is married, but is OK with letting them read it on the World Wide Web where God and Country found out as well...nice...hope you secret marriage is everything you hoped it would be.  I thought we were closer than that-and I have always been the one to give you the benefit of the doubt when no one else would or did...My feelings are hurt and I feel disrespected.  no-Thank you very much.

I haven't started Christmas shopping yet...S-L-A-C-K I know...

That's it for this week kiddo's-what are your confessions? Link up with Leslie and spill your guts!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I have created a Hostile Work Environment for My Pants

So I missed Posting this Friday because we were out of town-we went to Bryson City, NC to ride the Polar Express-it was a blast-and hopefully you will have the fortunate opportunity to read about that adventure later...if I have some time to write about it (and if you are a frequent visitor or follower of mine you know not to hold your breath for a quick post because I am SLACK.)...

On to Spilling my Confessions-in no particular order other than what comes to my mind first

When the Sale comes First and the Truth comes Second...yes, I am fully aware those are lyrics to a song...but for real...and this applies to many aspects of life...say...for a job interview.  I know both the interviewer and the interviewee are both trying to sell the other party, but seriously people-FULL DISCLOSURE and HONESTY are important.  If you tell me that "People don't Leave" your company but every time I turn around they are dropping like flies for one reason or another...someone wasn't honest...if you tell someone you are a hard worker, but the only thing I see you working hard to do -is to find others to do your work...we have a problem...

I hate people who are All talk...seriously-if you were that awesome at what you do you would NEVER have to tell me (or anyone else for that matter) how good you are at something-because I would have heard it from other people-or seen it in action for myself. PERIOD
Trying to accommodate all of the families during the holidays is making me crazy...for.real.  We spend all day driving around to various houses on Christmas Day that we don't really ever get to enjoy the time we have with the people we are with (and Hannah doesn't get to play with her toys either... which wasn't really a problem before, but now that she is 3...I know so old right?...she is going to expect to be able to play with the toys she opens this year) because we are so busy thinking about when we need to leave and our next location...this year, we are going to try to spread Christmas across a few days...
I ate like a Fatty 5000 this weekend while in the Mountains...and I have been listening to my pants scream at me all morning for it too...or maybe it is my muffin top that is screaming-hard to tell at this point because I am too puffed up to lean over and see which it is for is BACK ON...anyone want some lifesavers-they must be removed from my office immediately-come people you don't want my pants to go on strike anymore than I do for labor abuse...they are going to make a hostile work environment claim in the very near future...I can feel seriously...i can feel it...

One of my Favs-is having a baby VERY soon (don't tell her that because she might get a bit freaked out-but she is totally ready for it and is a Great mom so it will be okay if she finds out...though...I am pretty sure she knows she is due soon too...) and I feel like i haven't seen her in so long and i am a bad friend...I promise to try to take you out on a Baby Mama date soon!  I know you are busy with the Holidays but should you need an escape-err...break you just say the word and I will scoop you up...

I hate the thought that people touch my stuff when I am not around...
Pot luck lunches creep me out sometimes...I mean, if I don't KNOW you, I am not likely to eat your food because I have no idea how you made it...I was unaware that I felt this way until I heard my last manager say it out loud (though she was referring to herself at the time, and not me) and it hit me-Self-you don't know what that person's kitchen looks like...and you KNOW they don't wash their hands in the restroom before they leave so why would you consider eating their food? 

So...I haven't bought those black or brown slacks I mentioned in the here but I am still on the hunt...but I haven't actually looked for any...and until the situation detailed in FOUR is resolved, I will NOT be shopping for them anytime soon

OK..I have a closet problem...but if you ask Hubs (and I STRONGLY encourage you not too...) he will tell you I have a shoe problem...I just don't have enough closet space for all of the shoes I have...or any of the ones I WANT to own...I can't help it...The shoe department is like my SPCA...I can't walk by a beautiful pair of shoes without hearing it cry out for an owner!  They WANT me to buy I do...much to Hubs' dismay...and because of the lack of closet space, and the fact that I KNOW Hubs will D-I-E if he sees me procure ANOTHER pair of shoes (in any color, height, fabric...what have you) he might...well I am not sure what he would do, but I don't want to find I keep a lot of them in my trunk...and backseat...and front passenger side of the car is a mobile shoe closet...I said it-happy?!  none the less...I can't stop myself from buying shoes...I love them...and they love me...and like I said-it just breaks my heart to see a perfectly good pair of beautiful shoes sitting around WAITING to be mother in law has this same feeling when she goes to the SPCA and now has 2 dogs...
Hubs Stinks...well...he doesn't stink...but what he is constantly letting OUT does...I mean, it was so bad yesterday, I had to leave THE HOUSE...which might have been a bad idea because when I walked back it, it was like getting slapped in the face-Dutch Oven style-TIMES 100 because the heat was on and the doors were closed...ugh...why doesn't he get that he COULD leave the room and do all that stuff in a room (or outside) where no one else is don't know...the BATHROOM? I know you know what I am talking about-if you live with a was so bad-HE was giggling and didn't want to breathe...All.Day.For.Real

I HATE HATE HATE having to repeat myself more than once...ESPECIALLY if you aren't listening...recently someone asked me to repeat what I had just went like this:
Person: hey-Erin-do you know where I can find (insert item here)
Me: Yeah, I think you can get them at Target
PERSON: What now?  Say that again, I am listening this time
Me: Sigh-I think you can get them at Target
Person: What-I wasn't listening again...
Me: I am not repeating myself again because you aren't listening...and for the asked ME for help, and THEN said you were listening, and you really weren't-it isn't like I interrupted you and asked you for your help...
Person: Well that was rude...

If you are too sick to go to church with your family, then you are too sick to go hangout with your friends to relax...get back in bed and take your medicine and go to sleep...and IF you suggest that you are going to meet up with your friends, DO NOT, and I cannot stress this enough-DO NOT complain about how bad you feel. PERIOD

I may have mentioned an OCD coworker...I brought him a Holiday treat today, and he was so excited he gave me a, before you say-so-big deal-let me explain...he doesn't touch others because of said OCD he wraps his arms around himself and squeezes and sways back and forth while telling me he is giving me a Giant Hug...I see the face you are making and all I can say is I know right?

I really cannot stand the sound of a spoon scraping the inside of a yogurt-type know...where the person is just trying to get the last bit of yogurt (pudding, soup, etc) out before throwing it nails on a chalkboard...

Similar to fourteen-I CANNOT stand the sound of cardboard rubbing on cardboard...blech...packing household items with me is a dream!

I stare at myself in mirror-whenever possible...seriously...If a reflection can be seen, I am trying to find it...I was "outed" of this character trait in high school-a group of us has gone out to dinner-Olive Garden I believe-and someone saw me staring at myself across the table...I also do this while I am talking on the phone...I like to see what faces I naturally make when speaking to others...and see if I make a face if it changes the tone I am using...

I sing songs-in my head-while brushing my teeth...and I frequently find myself dancing along to said does Hubs...who always wants to know what I am which he receives the following response:
"Brushing my teeth-Duh" what does it look like? 

That is probably enough for one session...Hope to read your confessions too!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Wee Vent Sesh

So...I am not a "morning" person...I have never really been a person, not have I EVER claimed to be a morning person...when I wake up in the morning, I like to take my time getting out of bed-it is a process that USED to (pre-Hannah) go a little something like this:
1) I find THE comfy spot in the bed-you know the one I am referencing here-the one you spend ALL night looking for-without realizing it, of course
2) The alarm goes off approximately immediately after said comfy spot is located.
3) snooze on the alarm (which, at current, is the LOVELY sound of a lie.  the more irritating the sound of my alarm is, the more likely it will wake me up...don't believe me?  ask my roommate from my Sophomore year-Melinda-she will tell you-I had this alarm clock that would play nature sounds-beach, babbling brook, forest me?  Good-well it would go off every morning, and of course, every morning, I would sleep right through it because I did not find them irritating enough to cause me to stir from my state of slumber-and every morning, Melinda would yell at me about hating the sound of running water in our room...seriously...ask her...Shout out-Love and Miss your face Mindy! Sorry for the torture you endured with the running water and birds least you don't hear the rooster, like Hubs does though.)
4)rooster crows again
5)rooster is silenced (this repeats at LEAST 3 times...don't judge me...if I could set longer snooze times on the alarm I would probably do it and it MIGHT reduce the amount of times I hit snooze...but the world (nor the Hubs) will ever know because it is not an option...
6) I move one leg out from under the blanket to make me slightly more uncomfortable to make it easier to get out of bed
7) sit up
8) groan as I get out of bed
9) shower
10) get dressed while watching a combo of The Daily Buzz, VH1/MTV videos, and Live 5 news for current news and traffic weather reports...
11) get in my car and listen to music that fits my current mood
12) arrive at work and get started on the to do list made the day before...
Now, all of that being said (pre-Hannah time) I generally don't like to strike up ANY sort of conversation OR do anything that makes me feel uneasy or cause me stress until about 9:30 or just better for everyone that
(As an aside, now that we are in the Hannah stage of life, I operate under her schedule, and after dropping her off (or leaving home, in the event Hubs is off for the day) I resume into the no talking mode...Hey-you can't not speak to the Hannah-it's not possible because she WON'T let you...(not that I would really want to because I love that kid) she will literally repeat her statement/question over and over again, until you address know like that SUPER IRRITATING Family Guy commercial (I REALLY HATE this commercial BTW) where the kid is stand there saying Mommy Mommy-Mom-mom-mama-mama...yeah, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about-and you either hate it like I do, or you are laughing all over yourself like Hubs does because you know someone who hates it like I do...ugh...I digress-none-the-less-I will make an exception to my silence in the morning rule when it comes to Ms. Hans.

There is always that one person (generally a female-and you know if this is you) who is the Epitome of Morning know the one...She walks in and you can practically HEAR the bounce in her step, and can LITERALLY hear her say Good Morning to EVERYONE around the path she takes to her desk-(at this point you have either said "Self, she is talking about me!" or "Ugh, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and know a person who fits this description perfectly...") I will say good morning back to this person but then return to my nonspeaking condition...and generally put mt ear buds back in my ears so I can drown out any surrounding noise and get back in the focused -work mode. 

Now, you also need to know that I have a few pet peeves when it comes to driving...oh come on-you do too, you just don't want people to know...I am only going to list a few of them...because I would like to keep your attention so you will keep reading and hear the actual Vent Sesh...(shout out to Cara there, because I know she is grinning ear to ear right now with the use of shortened words...) Moving Right along...Pet Peeves while driving
1) slow drivers...specifically being stuck behind someone who is a slow driver...ESPECIALLY if they are in the "fast" lane of a multi-lane road...Examples include, but are not limited to MOPEDS-I don't care what the speed limit is people, get your moped out from in front of my vehicle...period...,(shout out to my sister for this one...) People who cannot multi-task (e.g. talking on the phone and driving, talking to the passengers in their vehicle and driving, singing while driving, entertaining toddlers while driving, doing your makeup while driving, changing the radio station while driving...)seriously-I am not saying you should be doing ANY of those things while operating a motor vehicle, but if you are considering doing any of the aforementioned-and it results in your driving slower than you should be-GET OFF THE ROAD or don't do it....I digress
2)People who turn their blinker on A MILE before they turn...I don't need you to announce your intentions of turning until you can at LEAST see the place in which you intend to turn
3) That being said, I also hate when people DON'T use their blinkers at all...If I am trying to turn onto a road while at a stop sign, and you are on the road of which I need to turn, and you DON'T use your blinker-letting me know I can turn and not T-Bone you, I am going to get mad...and saying something like-"What-your blinker doesn't work today?" not that you can hear it, but it will make me feel better none-the-less...also with the lack of blinker...
4) If I want to change lanes on a 3 laned road and I turn on my blinker to do so, and you also want to change lanes to get into the middle lane also-but you opt to NOT use your will likely find out that you are #1...and see a few choice words from me, as I swerve back into my original are not on the road alone people, so don't act like you own it, you don't...and if you did, you need to put more money into fixing it...until that point, USE YOUR BLINKER (I should add that Hubs rarely uses his blinker to notify people of his lane changing intentions and then gets frustrated when people don't let him which I say "Well Mister, they can't read your mind, why would they arbitrarily slow down in the off chance that YOU, in the random car on the road in the lane next to them, wants to get over?" It makes him mad every time, but hey...I am right and he knows it...
5) When people choose to stay IN your blind know the ones, who maintain a pace that prohibits you from changing lanes...ugh...speed up or slow down (when you are doing this, if you happen to see my mouth moving, you will likely see me saying that statement...just slightly more colorful...)
6) People who INTENTIONALLY get in a lane that is ending so they can bypass traffic with the expectation that people further down in traffic will let them over...I HATE HATE HATE this tactic, and refuse to let you over if I see this happening.  Now, I know that sometimes you don't realize that your lane is ending-it might be the first time you are traveling on that road...but when I see you change lanes to get into the one that ends and then immediately turn your blinker on as you drive down the lane so someone else will let you have crossed the line...the dotted white line painted on the road and you can stay right where you are Mister/Missy, because I am not letting you over, and don't try to nose your car's way into my lane, because in the event our cars touch-YOU, my frenemy-will be paying for my damages because you couldn't be patient and wait in the line of traffic like the rest of us...which BTW-was probably caused because of people like YOU who were too impatient to wait in the first place...
7) general...i don't like to wait in lines, not in a store, not in a car, not at an amusement park (I feel like a bad Dr. Seuss book right now...)

Now, I also have one more thing that really irks my nerve that you should be made aware of before my vent sesh...and that is my EXTREME DISDAIN for CREEPY OLD DUDES...I feel like this goes without needing an explanation...nuff said...

Let the ACTUAL Vent Sesh Begin.
So this morning, I was IN the Comfy spot, and of course, the rooster starts a crowin-and immediately, he is silenced-and off he goes again, and again I put the kibosh on that loudness.  Before I have the unfortunate opportunity to be blessed with the sound of the fake-rooster crow-I hear Hannah yell-"MOMMY!"  Immediately, I run into her room to see what the problem is...when I arrive 2.5 seconds later, Hannah proceeds to tell me, in the darkness from her bed, that "Reeber (River) woke me up and won't get out."  To which I tell her I am sorry that the Pupper (maybe puppy in your house ,but it is Pupper in ours) woke her up and I closed the door...and advised Reeber that her stay at my house will be drastically shortened if she continues to wake up I return to my room and try to get back in my bed...but it is clearly time to get my morning routine is ruined...not a good sign...

I drop Hannah off at my mom's with one thought...I NEED an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts...yep, if you are having an off morning, get yourself a coffee or tea treat and that will help you get back into the right frame of mind...though when I pass DD, the line for the drive thru is around the building and the parking lot (the WEE parking lot) is I opt to pass on that DD and decide to visit the one closer to problem...

Here I am, driving along my usual morning route for my morning commute, minding my own business when I turn my blinker to notify the other road warriors of my intention and desire to change lanes (specifically, I wanted to depart from my current location in the far LEFT lane and venture into the Middle lane).  When I turn my blinker on, I check the middle lane, where I see a white truck...lingering around my blind I wait a minute...and look again to see if the coast is clear...but at this point, have to slow down drastically because I am approaching the long line of traffic I was hoping to avoid by changing lanes in the first place...but the middle lane is moving just fine...except for this ridiculous truck...who has not increased his speed, but rather, decelerated to match my decrease in speed-allowing him to remain in a position to prohibit me from changing lanes-UGH...i am starting to get mad at this finally the white truck comes CREEPING up next to me and I look over into the window of the truck to see A CREEPY OLD DUDE (now to caveat this OLD status-it is really anyone who looks older than I...1 year, 5 year 10 years 50 years, doesn't matter how much older...if you look older and you are creepy, you are lumped into this category...if you look younger than me, you fall into the CREEPY McCreeperson be clear) what makes this dude creepy you might ask, well allow me to tell you-as he passes he is making a (blech) kissy face at me while (gag) licking (blech) his fingers (oh...I am going to be sick again)...GA-ROSSE!  WHY?!?!?!?!  unnecessary!  Now, my day started out off kilter, I don't have my iced coffee yet, you have angered me with your poor driving and you are a CREEPY OLD DUDE...

PSA:  It is not necessary to make lewd gestures at a female when she drives by-period...seriously.  That female is someones daughter, and granddaughter-could be a wife-a mother-a sister-an aunt-a niece-anything-imagine how you would feel if some creepy old dude made lude gestures at was your wife or daughter or granddaughter or sister or would HATE it-and if you saw it you would likely not have nice things to say to the individual making the just don't...

I spent the rest of my commute to DD and then to work with a perma-stink face...I have it again now as I type...ew...I threw up a little in my mouth when I thought about it again just then...blech...

Now-along the CREEPY OLD DUDE line...Saturday evening, we had a Santa Claus in prior years, Hannah has not been a fan of Santa, though this year, she is warming up to the we were at a venue (that shall remain nameless, because I know this particular Santa does not have an affiliation with the establishment of which we were visiting...because a)they have higher standards and b) he announced that he had just left another engagement and came in for a snack...but did not bother to change his get-up first...

So Hannah tells me she wants to go see we go stand in the line...and right before her turn, she decides she no longer wants to sit on Santa's lap and runs away...and 10 minutes later requested we get back in line (because the first time was just a warm up I guess) to see we do.  She climbs up on his lap he asks her what she wants for Christmas and she says "Cinderella and a Baby doll" good to know...he gives her a candy cane and we go back to our seats...Later Santa begins walking around and visiting with all of the tables...I attempt to take Santa's picture as he approaches our table (I am sitting next to my mom (Ms. Claus was also with him, and I was hoping to get a candid of both of them together...) he sees me taking the pic, and poses for the photo op...after the picture is snapped, he approaches me and leans down and says in a loud whisper, "You know, we could do this the right way and you can come sit in my lap and tell me what you want from me." WHAT?!?!?!  SANTA!  I.KNOW.NOT.  I.DIE...CA-REAP-EEEEE.  I instantly regretted letting Hannah sit in his lap and wished she was still afraid of him...because I am now...thanks a lot creepy old dude...

I KNOW that was not the real Santa...and I feel like this is appropriate...

I hope you have a CREEPY OLD DUDE Free day!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Say What?

So Hannah is really something else-I really never know what she is going to say.  This weekend I tried to get her out of the house as much as possible so Hubs could sleep (he worked nights this weekend).  At some point on Saturday, she picked up a new thing to add to anything she says...Real life examples can be found below:
"I will get that for you, Sweetie"
"I will open the door for you, Sweetie"
"I got this fork for you, Sweetie"
"I will see you after my nap, Sweetie"
"I will help you put your shoes on, Sweetie"

Now...from the above (few) examples, one would likely conclude that I call her Sweetie too frequently and should ease up on the usage a bit...however...I don't use the word Sweetie...I I do, it is a variation of the word and is "Sweets."  Nope, she picked this new word up from our waitress from breakfast Saturday...and so from then on, it was a Sweetie filled day.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it, there are FAR worse things she could pick up fro ma stranger than the word Sweetie...but it makes her sound like an older lady no?

Some other Random Hannah isms from this weekend are:
The So you don't get cold line-examples below:

"I am going to put my princesses on your tushie (while I was laying on my tummy reading her a story) so you don't get cold"

"I have ice..I am going to rub it on your cheeks so you don't get cold"

"I need bubbles in my bath-you do it so you don't get cold"

"I  need another starburst...can you do it so you don't get cold?"

Clearly Hubs and I are very concerned with her body temperature...

The Can't be Sure response (of which, she most definitely got from me"

Me: "Hannah, do you want applesauce or raisins for your snack?"  Hannah "Hmmm...can't be too sure Mommy...can't be too sure..."

Me: "Hannah, would you rather watch Charlotte's Web or Pocahontas today?" "Can't be to sure which one, Mommy, can't be too sure..."

The following has only been used once, so far, but I KNOW I will hear it MANY times as she gets older
Hubs bought a Christmas Music CD for her to listen to in the car.  Some of the songs are sang by Mickey and friends, the others are just random people...there are 10 songs total, and Mickey, ET AL., sing 5 of them...and of course, Hannah only likes those 5...well...listening to the SAME 5 songs over and over again gets REALLY I decided that we could listen to one of the non-Mickey songs-please see below for conversation with my 3 years old.

"Um...Mommy? No."
"Hannah, what are you saying 'No' to?"
"I don't no like this song, Mommy"
"Well, Hannah, Mommy and Daddy like it so we are going to listen to it for a minute, okay Bug?"
"Ugh, This song makes me sick." said while crossing her arms...

She also has an immense hatred for ants and mosquitoes...which results in the following comments:
"Be careful when you cross the street mommy!  Don't let the Ants get you!"
"Oh, and remember Mommy, don't step in the ants"
"Remember that one time, when the ants got on me?" (For the record, at the time this statement was made, the referenced occurrence happened 1 year ago...the kid forgets nothing)
"Remember that time at the Quarium, (Aquarium) when the skeetos bite my leg?" (There were some serious mosquitoes inside the Aquarium during a visit-4 months ago...and she still talks about it today)
"I'm sorry ants and skeetos bite my leg...Poor Hannah" (seriously said by Hannah)

Yesterday I asked her to please go back to her room and pick out her pj's and she looked at me with a straight face and said "Well, i am coloring right now, but maybe in a few minutes I can go back there Mommy, k?  That will be okay?"  hmmm...she is already a skilled negotiator and Hubs and I are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E...for real.  You never know what that girl is going to say!

Hannah is sitting on the soccer ball "So it doesn't get cold"

Friday, December 2, 2011


So Leslie, over at A Blonde Ambition started a Link up called Confessions...and it sounds like something that is right up my I am going to be keepin it real...not that I don't always keep it real, but I do try to keep it real "PC" most of the time...and the Confessions are just for the things that are on your here we go!

1) My shoes smell funny...not all of them, just this pair that I wore today...(and I used to have another SUPER cute pair of red heels that also had the same smell and I threw them away...this pair might end up with the same fate...) To me, they smell like weird meat...and they smelled like this before I wore them for the first time-which also happens to be today...and I feel like everywhere I go people think I smell like weird isn't is my shoes, and it isn't my feet that caused it either...

2) I used to be obsessed with the Kardashians...but I no longer feel the need to keep up with them...though let's not be confused-if there is nothing else on TV that will satisfy my viewing pleasure, I will likely have E! on, and should they be on-I won't turn it off...but it is not something I am going to look for...

3) I have an addiction to online shopping...I can't help it...I LOVE to buy shoes on line...(which is how weird meat shoes came to be mine...seriously-anyone know how to resolve the weird shoe smell-it has to be something with the material...anyone?) and I KNOW Hubs HATES it...but I can't stop it.

4) I probably have over 20 pairs of trouser pants for work...and yet not one par is a normal solid brown or black...I am determined to fix this "problem" and will likely end up with one of each as well as 5 more in random color/patterns.

5) Sometimes I would much rather text someone than call them...nothing against the person (most of the time)...Hubs and I will text each other while in the same is better than yelling down the hall to turn the tv down because it is too loud...I feel like that defeats the purpose of decreasing the loudness...

6) I like to dress  I used to only wear jeans and a hoodie (or t-shirt when it was too warm for said hoodie) but I actually enjoy looking nice-for me-not anyone else, but it is a bonus for you all because you can enjoy seeing all of the outfits and shoes I choose to sport!

7) My kid is bossy...yeah.  I know she is, and I have NO idea what to do about it because sometimes it is cute and it makes me laugh-when it is not directed at me...for example-Hannah was talking to Hubs the other day while we were decorating the Christmas tree.  This year we have a train that circles around the tree-because Hannah LOVES trains...well that thing is L-O-U-D so we turned it off and told Hannah that it needed to rest...after about 10 minutes Hannah said "Daddy, is the train done resting?"  Hubs did not respond, so Hannah repeated her question...2 more finally she says "Excuse me Mister!  Jason look at me when I am speaking to you and we don't say the train done resting now?"  I cracked up (quietly of course) because what do you say to that?  She also likes to tell me to be careful and not step on the ants when I go outside...weird no?

8) I do not know what I am going to do with all of my free time when football season is really is my favorite time of the year...

9) I really have no idea what to do about Christmas gifts this year...I am thinking homemade things from Hannah...let the judgement commence...

10) This morning, at the gas station, a woman walked up with a jacket that had not 1 but 2 rows of extra long fringe on the back and under the arms...and matching knee boots...all I could say was "Self, WHY IS THERE NO ONE HERE TO SEE THIS WITH ME?!"

11) I cannot stand to hear people talk about wanting to lose weight and then doing nothing productive to make it happen...seriously-don't tell me how you think you are fat and then show up with a Big Mac...I will not respond kindly...

12) I could eat cereal EVERY night for dinner...seriously...I love it...

13) I think my professional career is causing Hannah trauma...during Thanksgiving her teacher asked her what she was thankful for and she said: my Friends because they play with me, my family because they work, and animals because giraffes are my favorite."  Sigh...I hate feeling guilty because I have to work for her to enjoy the things she likes to do...without the job we couldn't take her to the zoo to see the giraffes...hopefully she will have a good work ethic when she is older...

14) I would Love to move to a different city or state, but don't think I would make it without my mom and dad...judge away I don't care.

15) I have a hard time not chiming into other people's conversations when they are wrong...or just irritating...for example-while ago, I was listening to someone complain about a situation...for like an hour-no exaggeration...and then he says: "Well, I really don't care about it, I'm just sayin..." To which, I HAD to speak up and say "Excuse me-if you don't care about it-then WHY have I had to listen to you drone on and on about the issue for the last hour?"  it was not received well-but I felt like it needed to be said...clearly...

16) The guy who sits across from me is OCD about stuff on the floor or being in its much so that one day a PAPERCLIP (gasp!) had fallen off of my desk and landed UNDER my chair while I was STILL SITTING IN IT, and he freaked out about having a mess on the floor and how everything has its place...(XQ-I am at my own desk-in my own space...and how in the world was I going to see that paperclip UNDER my chair while I was still seated?) so the other day someone may or may not have thrown 4 paperclips on his floor while he was at lunch...and then laughed about it...for a long time...

That's good enough for you have any confessions?