Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v.1

I am not sure why I always wait to blog about the Weekend Recap until later in the week...maybe it is because I miss the weekend more when it seems SO far away on Wednesday...or maybe it is because I am super busy at work...probably both...but none the less, this one is about Our very weekend...and how it did not end how it started...

So I did it-I took a day off-Did I just hear you gasp?  It's understandable.  I knew that if I didn't take a day off Friday then I would not be able to take one for quite a I have to jump when I had the chance.  So Friday, Hubs, Hans and I made our way to Columbia to go to the Zoo for some Quality Family Time.  Hubs and I went to the Zoo on our first day-10 years ago (egads-that is a long time) so it has always been special for to us, and Hannah LOVES to see the animals so she is a big fan of the zoo as well.  We recently procured a family membership for the zoo that included a wristband so we didn't have to pay for any additional attractions Hannah might want to partake in...such as:
Riding the "Merry Go Round"

Feeding the Birds
Riding a Pony (named Bear...very confusing for a 2 year old)
Riding the Train (who looks more excited to you-Hans or Hubs?)
Or even feeding the giraffe (Chrissy likes to be fed-but does NOT like to be touched...when we got closer, Hannah said "I don't no want to touch we went to see the elephants)
We had a lot of fun at the Zoo
When we left the zoo we went to eat at the Salty of our favorite places in Columbia and this was Hans' first trip there...she really like throwing the peanuts on the floor...and me...and in my drink...

Saturday I woke up early and went to the gym for my usual Saturday Morning Spin class...Man!  That class is no joke, though I really did feel like I was going to fall over while we were stretching at the end-so I had to sit down for a minute in the locker room...when I got up to check my phone I saw I had a text from Hubs asking if I was on the way yet...usually I don't get that type of text unless a) I am late (which is VERY unusual) b) Hans is a crankapotamous or c) something is I texted back saying that I was walking out...when he responded he said that he thought he needed to go to the hospital...WHAT?!  I called ASAP.  Hubs told me he felt awful stomach pain and then threw up blood...I called my mom and asked her to please come get Hans and I hurried home to pick up Hubs.  (I am sure I did not smell very good, and I was certainly very sweaty...lucky for me (and everyone around me) I bring a body splash to the gym and carry a full size deodorant in my purse...Hey-you never know when you are going to need some people-so I reapplied and spritzed up on the way home.)  We arrived at the hospital at 10:30am...
He would kill me if he knew I took his picture...and posted it...
After MANY hours (seriously we didn't leave until 5.  We were there for so long that Hubs' nurse, Jeffrey, came in around 4 and said "Oh-you guys are still here?  I left for a while and went to see my son's baseball game."  It was at that moment that I no longer cared that I smelled bad and came in all sweaty) and many tests (including 2 ultrasounds (SIDE BAR STORY- So the ultrasound tech wheels Hubs to the her ultrasound room-and on the way proceeds to tell me that the room is rather small and she is quite claustrophobic so she asks that I don't stand over her shoulder while performing the ultrasound...No problem here-as I HATE when people stand over my shoulder-so we go to the room, and sure enough-it is pretty as she is performing the ultrasound-she says "I am having a really difficult time seeing your pancreas through this big ball of gas..."(now, if you know Hubs you KNOW he is always...releasing gas (to put it nicely) so the tech proceeds to begin pushing on said ball of gas-to "push it down"-may I remind you that we were in a VERY small room-so that very small room started smelling a little less welcoming...and now (days later) any time he releasing  some gas, he will look at me and say "She pushed on my stomach so the ball of gas would move down..."oh dear) and 1 CT scan) the Doctor advised us that Hubs is full of the kidney...and has some sludge in his gall bladder (um...I always just thought he was full of I know that he is full of poo & sludge? It is going to get very deep at home...) and his condition could turn into appendicitis...but he was okay for now...
If you look closely at that picture his heart rate says Fail...never a good sign...
And today poor Hubs passed one of those dreaded stones...poor guy...
Sunday was full of yard work, but I did get to take Hans on a bike ride-which she also LOVES.  Sadly I think poor Hans has seasonal allergies and she became quite sniffly as the evening went on...

So anyway-the weekend most definitely did not end how it started, but luckily Hubs is "okay" and we had a great Family day on Friday :) 
I am thinking of doing Weekend Wednesdays...seems like a good day to recap...we will see if I stick to it though...
Hope you guys had a great weekend...

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm A Twirler

So...How was every one's weekend?  Mine did not quite end like it began (more on that later) But let's just being with Meet Me on Monday with Java

1. What jewelry do you wear 24/7?
24/7?  None...I take all of my jewelry off when I sleep.  I used to take my rings off because at night my fingers would swell due to the heat in SC, but when I began my weight loss journey, my rings stayed the same size, but my fingers got smaller...seriously-you can lose the fat between your fingers before you will lose any belly fat...sigh...I now I take them off because they will fall off of my finger and get lost somewhere if i don' an aside-I once threw all 3 of the bands I wear on my left ring finger away-on accident.  It wasn't until I was driving home from work that I realized they weren't there...which caused my heart to drop into my butt while sitting in that time, I couldn't remember if I had even put them on that morning...or maybe it was that afternoon that I took them off to put some lotion on and I left them on my desk...I called my mom in a panic and asked her to go to my house to check the soap dish in my bathroom to see if they were there...meanwhile, I had already turned around and headed back to work to check my rings anywhere, and Mom called to tell me the rings weren't in my bathroom either...great...something told me to go to the restroom and check the trash...(gross I know, you don't have to tell me...) so I put my hand in the trash and shook it and I heard 3 little clinks...THEY WERE IN THERE!!!! (I was excited and disgusted all at the same time...I reached way down in there and collected my rings...then ran them under hot water and washed them with soap because I was not putting them on my fingers straight out of the trash...moral of the story...if you lose weight and you don't get your rings re sized, make sure you double check that they are still on your fingers after you wash your hands...

2. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
 I twirl mine...and cut Hannah's...she is so cute when she tries to twirl hers though...I love spaghetti

3. How many siblings do you have?
I have 2 blood siblings (older sister and younger brother), 1 in-law (brother) and Hubs has a step-sister

4. Were you named after anyone?
In my family we do this via the middle name-as a middle name.  So, yes, I was named after my Aunt Patty...who is Patricia Lee... so I inherited the Lee as my middle name.  Hannah was named after my mom, so they both have the same middle name...

My Aunt Patty being silly at my parent's birthday party
5. Coke or Pepsi?
COKE-all the way (You may have read about my love for Cherry Coke Zero in the past...but if not, feel free to read it here)  I am also a fan of the Diet Coke.  I find Pepsi to be too sweet...

Want to Play?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I know...I know... I KNOW!  I haven't blogged since last Friday...shame on me-I really am sorry-I have just been super busy...sooo...forgive?
I take the fact that you are still reading as a sign that I am forgiven so THANKS GUYS! So as previously mentioned (with my head hanging in shame) I haven't updated you guys in a while so let's start with where I left off Friday-The First Annual Award Ceremony for was pretty fun-I am not going to lie! Below are some pictures from Friday evening:

Hubs and Me stopping for the mandatory self portrait (hey if we didn't do this, we would never have pictures of us together!)
Hubs and me again

That's right people-I have made SIGNIFICANT contributions, as Hubs said "They wouldn't engrave it in wood if they didn't mean it..."

Me with Mom and Dad-they clean up well!

The Grubbers

Due to her pregnant status, Kendall cannot drink she makes you order it so she can smell it...

Hubs being silly

If you had the logo on the back of your agenda (I am not sure what to call it so I am going with agenda) then you were the winner and proud owner of the flower arrangement center piece-look how excited Hubs is about the fact that he won!

Hubs and his flowers

Me and Pops
Overall, it really was a good time.  Now to figure out how to get on that committee so I can go next year too...
Thumbs up for approval :)
Saturday was our 6th Wedding Anniversary.  What did we do to celebrate you might be wondering?  Well, I woke up early and went to the gym for my early morning spinning class and to work out with Heather...meanwhile, Hubs got his oil changed and went to pick Hans up from her Granci's house (Hubs' mom).  We met at Poblanos (Mexican) for lunch and then Hubs went to work and Hans and I went to Target (or the Red Store if you ask Hans) and then we went home to take a nap because we were both SUPER tired. 

Monday was the Finale of the Bachelor...Now, I have not blogged about the Bachelor, but I have been team Emily for a while...sorry for all of you Chantal O. lovers, BUT I really got sick of hearing her say "after doing this with/for you Brad, you better be putting a ring on my finger..." UGH really?  So imagine my excitement when Brad gave Chantal the boot and then proposed to Emily!  Sweet, quite, reserved Emily (much like myself...Bahahahahaha who am I kidding right?!) who told Brad's family that she was ready to move her daughter to Austin, TX to start a life with Imagine my Disappointment when I found out that Emily totally did a 180 on Brad!  I know not, I am officially throwing my Team Emily shirt away (okay, I don't really have a Team Emily shirt, but IF I DID, It would be in the trash...for sure.  Oh AND Ashley is going to be the new bachelorette?  Really?  She does not have a personality that I enjoy all...they should have picked someone who was feisty so they would get better ratings...oh well...
Now that The Bachelor is over, what is on TV on Monday nights?  Anyone?

Moving right along-or back tracking slightly, After my Monday evening workout with Heather (who really did a number on my legs Saturday so I was pretty sore to be honest) I left the gym and Hubs and I took Hans on a bike ride. Now that the weather is so nice out we want to get her outside before it becomes too hot-and SHE LOVED the bike ride...she had the biggest smile on her face the whole time...I would post a picture of her, but the last time I tried to take a picture of her while riding a bike, I almost crashed into a's okay if you are judging, I would be too...So Tuesday, we were going to take her on another bike ride because the weather was beautiful AGAIN. I got home, after my Heather workout and a spinning class-but Hans only wanted to go for a ride in her "crab" which can be seen below

I think she calls it a crab because the eyes look like Sebastian's from The Little Mermaid (and this is a really old picture of her...)
But Hans doesn't like to Fred Flintstone power the Hubs and I push her...and she is pretty cramped inside of the we were about 3/4 of the way around out block when we decided it was time for Hans to get her own Hans Powered we went to grab a bite to eat (let's not fool ourselves into thinking I only had a bite though) and then we were on a mission to find Hans her new car...and this is what we got...
The picture without the little blond girl wouldn't save down correctly...Hannah looks way cuter than this kid...of course!
So the battery is currently charging in the garage and Hans will soon be cruising the neighborhood in her New ride...I never had one of these when I was younger, but I always wanted one...I am living vicariously through Hans...

We are also going to the Zoo this weekend!  I can't wait (well I can wait to smell the stinky animals, but I can't wait too see how excited Hans gets when we are there-she loves the animals!  It is going to be AWESOME-85 degrees, QT with the fam-I can't wait.  I hope you are looking forward to pictures from the Zoo because they will be here next week

Have a great weekend guys!

Friday, March 11, 2011

MMMMM....Spaghetti Pie!

F-R-I-D-A-Y ~IT'S FRIDAY!!!  How did this week go by so quickly?  Tonight is the First Annual Awards Ceremony for my place of employment-and I am pretty stoked about it...well, in that I got a new dress, and Hubs is going to be looking quite dapper (I know this, because I was responsible for his clothing selection...excuse me while i toot my own horn for a minute...TOOT TOOT!), and I will get to see my parents all dressed up as well (for those of you who do not know, my dad and I work for the same company, but no, I do not work for my dad and he did NOT have any leverage for getting me the job I have now, for the record), and I can't remember the last time I saw Madukes get dressed up, and I will be in the company of some quite lovely will be posted later...any previously mentioned-IT'S FRIDAY so let's start Five Question Friday!

1. Do you know what your REAL hair color is?

Yes...I haven't had my hair colored since right before Christmas, so my real color color can be seen from my roots to about an inch and a half away from the roots-but again, before the judging begins, the color Margaret puts in my hair is almost the same color as my REAL hair color, it just has a red tint to it so there is no drastic blond/black root thing going on on my head...

2. Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants?
Um, for what would I be planning?  We really only planned for the summer of 08, because that is when my Hannah made her debut-so you know, there was approximately 10 months of planning, painting, shopping (who am I kidding shopping is a year-round event), and preparing for the New Love of My Life...
I do try to workout more when i know that beach season is approaching-I don't want to embarrass my family by showing up all of my glory and no one can make eye contact with me because I look that bad...I never want to be that mom...but we really don't plan ahead for the summer other than that (if that even counts for planning ahead for the summer...)
No idea what we were in for!

So worth the wait!
Already had Hubs wrapped around her finger and she wasn't even 1 hour old yet!

3. What is your favorite meal to cook?
This is tough...I really like to "cook" anything in my crock pot- Best Invention-Hands Down!  But separate from the Crock, where there is actual cooking and prep work involved, I would say it is a 3 way tie between Pot Roast with carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and celery-delicious (and can also be made in the crock if needed), Chili-I LOVE LOVE LOVE chili and cornbread-specifically Krusteez honey cornbread-if you haven't tried this stuff do it-no seriously-go to your local grocer and get some, now, you will not be disappointed- I can wait...

Welcome back, the 3rd part of the 3 way tie is Spaghetti Pie...mmmmmmmm Spaghetti is my favorite food in general, but I love the pie I make...and it is low calorie so it is diet friendly...
Recipe Below if you want to try it

Nonstick cooking spray
4 ounces dried spaghetti
2 egg whites, lightly beaten
1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 egg whites, lightly beaten
1 12-ounce container (1 1/4 cups) low-fat cottage cheese, drained
8 ounces uncooked ground turkey breast or 90% or higher lean ground beef
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped green and/or red sweet pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 8-ounce can no-salt-added tomato sauce
1-1/2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning, crushed
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese (2 ounces)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Coat a 9-inch pie plate with nonstick cooking spray; set aside. For crust: Cook spaghetti according to package directions, except omit the cooking oil and salt. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, stir together 2 egg whites, the Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. Drain spaghetti well; add to egg white mixture and toss to coat. Press spaghetti mixture evenly into the bottom and up the side of the prepared pie plate; set aside.2. In a small bowl, stir together 2 egg whites and drained cottage cheese. Spread the cottage cheese mixture over the crust in pie plate. Set aside.3. In a large skillet, cook turkey, mushrooms, onion, sweet pepper, and garlic until meat is browned. Drain off fat. Stir tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, and salt into meat mixture in skillet. Spoon over cottage cheese mixture in crust.4. Bake about 20 minutes or until heated through. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. Bake about 5 minutes more or until the cheese is melted. Let stand for 15 minutes before serving. Cut into wedges to serve. Makes 6 servings.

Nutrition Facts

Calories 256, Total Fat 7 g, Saturated Fat 3 g, Cholesterol 27 mg, Sodium 479 mg, Carbohydrate 23 g, Fiber 2 g, Protein 26 g. Daily Values: Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 0%, Iron 0%. Exchanges: Vegetable .5, Starch 1.5, Fat .5.

End Result=Delicious-and even Hannah loves it!
4. Do you get offended by not receiving thank yous? depends on the situation.  Is it something I would do normally, like hold the door open or did I go out of my way to do something?  Did you ask me to do it or did I just do it willingly?  I frequently go through the drive thru of Starbucks and pay for the person behind me just because everyone deserves a I expect a thank you-no, but I love the rush I get knowing that they are getting a surprise!  Now, did you ask me to do something for you and I had to stop what I was doing to help you and then when the task was complete you just walked away-I probably do expect a thank you...and when you don't say it, I will probably just yell You're Welcome!  as you walk away...

5. How did you meet your best friend?
If you read one Previous Post of mine, you know Hubs is my Best Friend.  We met at my college.  The day I moved in for Sophomore year.  Put your reading glasses on readers because it is STORY TIME!!!  I loved college-everything about it was awesome.  I was so excited to start my sophomore year because i was sans long distance relationship so I was a SINGLE LADY  (please feel free to sing Single Ladies in your head-or aloud for the good of the group at this time) and ready to spend time with my friends.  Well, as it turned out, my brother had a soccer tournament, out of town, the day I was moving in, and my parents decided that they needed to attend his tournament (ahem* he still lived at home-I was moving away...I see who your favorite is *ahem) instead of helping me.  So off to Columbia  I went-with a car loaded up to the max and no help to unload it.  ( I should mention that I attended an Women's College.)

I arrived at school, checked in, and began unloading...all worries though, I work out ;)  My suite mate at the time was also moving in and had a loft bed.  Her boyfriend was there, helping her set up the bed, and take it down (because it was too shaky) and put it back up again, and she decided he needed help as well, so he called his friends to come help as well.  Hubs, who was helping his step-sister move in-in the building adjacent to mine, came over with another one of his friends.  Now, at this point, I had heard stories about both Hubs AND Hubs' friend from my suite mate but I had never actually met either of them before so I didn't know which was which...(as a side note, one of them spent hours after showering trying to ensure that his arm hair laid down correctly-yeah, you read that correctly-arm hair, this same guy also considered himself a ladies man and thought he could get any girl he wanted...) so when one of them shouted at me "So, you think you're a princess huh?"  you can see why I was pretty cautious/skeptical when responding. 

To help paint the picture, I had on a one shoulder white tank top, shorts, my brown glasses, and some tennis shoes.  I was also wearing a studded belt that read "Princess."  (Don't judge you know you had one too.)  So I turned around and said "I don't think I am , I know I am" and proceeded to bring the next round of crap
really important stuff from my car upstairs.  I didn't stick around long enough to hear the response, nor did I look up to see the reaction. 

On my next trip down both Hubs and friend were on the porch because they had finished putting together the loft bed (which I herd was still shaky)-and I was down to my last 2 suitcases and I was determined that this would be my last trip so i grabbed them both and headed for the stairs.  Hubs approached me and asked if I needed help-I said no and proceeded to walk to the stairs rolling both suitcases...being persistent-in true Hubs fashion, he ran in front of me and told me that he was going that way anyway so he would really like to help me.  I considered it...and I was tired from all of the trips up and down the I gave him the smaller of the 2 suite cases (because I didn't want to look like a wuss) and proceeded up the stairs.  By the time I got to my room the other suite case was already there and Hubs was no where to be found.  (To this day when I tell this story to people and Hubs is around, I tell people he grabbed the smaller one and left me stranded with the big suitcase...he gets mad every time.)

My suite mate's BF told me Hubs thought I was cute and wanted to go out so our first date was to the Zoo on Labor Day weekend...and tomorrow 3/12/11 is our 6th Wedding Anniversary :)
My favorite picture 03/12/05
My suite mate's BF, and Hubs' friend from the above story were groomsmen in our wedding
Join in on Five Question Friday too!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm A Pencil Snob

Welcome to Wee Bit of Me Wednesdays, hosted by Leigh

{one} what color is your kitchen?

Light blue...but we are putting new tile in the kitchen (read that as we are putting tile in the kitchen because the dogs have destroyed the current flooring in there) and then we are getting new counter tops, so depending on what color we choose for the tile/counters, we are probably going to be repainting the kitchen...I am thinking I like the black and white look (the cabinets are white) so we will see how it all plays out
{two} do you have a good luck charm?
Wait-does Hannah count?  No?  It's because she is not an actual charm isn't it?  Then no, Mr. Picky Pants, I do not have a good luck charm...

{three} do you prefer to write with a pen or pencil?
It really depends on the situation...I do love a nice flowing blue pen (the Bic Pilot is nice-and we have them at work so they are at my disposal when needed).  I do love using a pencil though.  I like mechanical ones, specifically, my papermate, clear point .5 mm mechanical pencil OR my BIC Velocity  .7 far as non mechanical pencils go-I really don't like the "rubber ones"  I know you know what I am talking about, the ones that you would hold horizontally in the air and move them up and down rapidly to see them moving like rubber in the air?  I don't like the way those write, I really prefer the wooden ones...I am a pencil snob...
Probably my favorite mechanical pencil...
four} can you use chopsticks?
Why yes I can, I am pretty good at it too!  I like to use them when I eat sushi...or Japanese food...I also like to use them like drum sticks and bang them on the table...

{five} do you prefer baths or showers?
Normally a shower-they are quicker and if the water gets cold you have been in there for entirely too long (at least in my house anyway).  However, if I am super stressed, there is nothing like a nice long bubble bath in a garden tub-with a glass of wine...ahhh...HOWEVER-the water for a bath gets cold before I want to get out of it...making the long part of the bubble bath unsuccessful...I want a bubble bath...and some wine...or just some wine...
Oh to be here right now...
{six} what is your favorite salad dressing?
I don't so much think it is a favorite, but more of the go-to dressing.  I generally choose a balsamic vinaigrette, because early in the weight loss stages I learned that these are better for you than the creamy based ones (i.e ranch)  which, you would assume that most people would know, because come on people, if it tastes good it can't be bad for you right?

{seven} can you sing the alphabet backwards?

HA!  No, Hubs can, but I believe it is due to the fact that he is a police officer and I think it is a sobriety check...and the first time he tried to do it to me, after I had been drinking, my response was-Um Hello?  I cannot do that when I am sober!  Enter gotcha face here...Disclaimer*  I was not driving, nor did I have the intention of driving when this occurred, I fully support the responsible drinking of adult beverages-Arrange for a DD or Call a CAB!  Seriously, it isn't just your life you are putting in danger, it could be mine (or my Child's) too!  And I will be stepping down off of my soap box now...thank you

{eight} do you have any allergies?

Resveratrol... which is found in the skin of red grapes...makes me blow up like a beach ball-but I recently found out that the amount of Resveratrol is not high enough in red wine to have an effect on I am trying out all kinds of red wines...and I have NOT found one I like-so if you have any suggestions PLEASE feel free to send them my way :)
{nine} crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
We buy creamy-but I don't necessarily prefer is easier to spread on the bread...but I like a good crunch in my sandwich from time to time...

{ten} have you ever hitch hiked?
EGADS!  No!  I am too much of a worrier to do that!  Oh my!  That coupled with all of the scary movies about the awful things that happen to people who do-count me out!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Have A Shoe Problem

Where did my weekend go?  Let's jump into Meet Me on Monday

1. What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
With my mouth...I kid I kid...I pretty much love a lightly salted french fry...oh they are so delicious-I am not a big fan of salt, so you will not find me pouring sprinkling an additional amount of that particular seasoning on my fries...I do eat them with ketchup-though, and as an added bonus, I put some pepper in the ketchup-I see people putting pepper on their fries all the time and I just wonder why they don't realize that the pepper is just going to fall off when the pick up the fry to eat it...if you put it in the ketchup the pepper stays right where you want it :)  (as a side note, I do love a sweet potato fry...with a little shredded parmesan cheese on the top-don't mind if I do!)

2. What was the last package that was delivered to your house?
SHOES!!! 3 pairs of shoes to be exact.  One pair of gold sandals, one pair of lime green flip flops (with a very cute lime green flower on the top), and a pair of yellow wedges...also with a flower on the top (I am seeing a theme here)  I was so excited they were there-they came a week earlier than anticipated!!! I have a shoe problem love shoes...
3. What is your favorite scent that you love to smell?
I just answered this not too long ago in a previous post but...Fresh Laundry or Acqua De Gio by Georgio Armani-this smells AMAZING and I can tell when any man is wearing it...ahhhh...

4. Do you smoke?
No, I don't judge people who do it UNLESS you are doing it while in the presence of children (including my own or the ones in other women's (or your own) bellies)  I hate that children are subject to the second hand smoke and they can't get away from it
5. Are your parents married or divorced?
My parents are married-to each other.  They have been married for other 30 years, which is not very common these days.  I hope that Hubs and I are fortunate enough to celebrate our 30th Wedding anniversary in 2035 (Wowzers!  2035!  I cannot believe that I just typed 2035...aren't we supposed to have spaceship cars and live on the moon by then?)  My dad was in the military when I was growing up so the fact that Mom & Dad made it through all of the deployments (and subsequent home comings/readjusting to life as a family again), multiple relocations, retirement & 3 kids (read that as 3 teenagers) is pretty incredible.  :)
Madukes & Pops!  This was from their 50th birthday party-which was a surprise for them :)  Aren't they so cute and happy?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't Be Trying To Stir My Koolade When You Don't Even Know The Flavor.

Dear Friday,

Thank you for coming.  I feel like you were a little late and I would like to discuss the lack of commitment you show throughout the week-because, well, let's face it, you just aren't showing up...If I only showed up to do my job once a week I would be fired...consider this your warning, I do not want to have to fire you...

Ugh this week has been a mess for me.  Hans is sick (still has a quite nasty cough-of which she shared with MY FACE for approximately 20 minutes this morning-and then went back to sleep...she's a giver that one), Hubs is on nights so he hasn't really been home (which I hate) work is C-R-A-Z-Y, my little brother was just deployed, when I went to sleep last night gas was $3018/gallon, and when I woke up it was $3.32...WTH?  I needed Friday to get here much sooner than it did...
Now on to....

1. Have you ever forgotten your child in a store or at school?

Egads!  No!  I believe Hans is still too loud fresh & new for me to do that...She doesn't even let me leave the kitchen without her, I would never make it out of a store full of strangers without her!  Hubs on the other hand...
Also-Hubs and my mom are the ones who drop Hans off at school and then pick her up because I am already at work by the time her school starts and I am still at work when school is over...(before you judge, I would LOVE to be able to be the one to drop her off and pick her up but if I don't work we can't afford to send her to school then there is no need to pick her up because we will be living in a van down by the river...and I do make every effort to attend her school functions-parties awards ceremonies etc.)

2. Where did you go on your very first date? (Like...first first, not first with your spouse or current significant other!)
very first date?  I mean does that mean the first time I went somewhere with a boyfriend-or the first time I went somewhere with a boyfriend and he paid-because those are 2 separate instances. So here we go.  The first time I ever went somewhere with a boyfriend (where he did not pay for me) was in Middletown Rhode Island-and we went to see some quite bad random garage bands perform...but I guess when it is a battle of the "garage bands" you get what you pay for...subsequently, this was also the date and location of my first kiss...worst experience of my life, and if I based what I thought every kiss was going to be like after that one, I would have NEVER kissed another boy again...ever...ew...I will spare you the details, but I didn't want to do it in the first place, and I did a pretty good job dodging the advances for a good while...but then it happened...ew...and I excused myself from the folding table we were sitting on (quite romantic) and went to the bathroom and got a paper towel and scrubbed my tongue with it...awful...

Now on to the first date where a boyfriend paid.  I believe this was also in Rhode Island but we went downtown Newport (I know it sounds like it is so far from Middletown, but a) if you have been there or b)if you have ever seen a map of Rhode Island, you know that it is only about a 10-20 minute distance between the 2 locations....Anyhow.  I was grounded at the time, so it was a huge deal that my mom & dad let me even go out (I firmly believe that if it had not of been my birthday this story would not have happened).  It was my 13th birthday, and my boyfriend at the time, Chris, wanted to take me out to a movie (I want to say there might have been some type of meal involved but I honestly don't remember) so his mom dropped us off at the theater and we went to see Phenomenon.  I believe I asked him about 100 questions during the movie (like I tend to do) and he got frustrated that I was asking so many questions that we left early and just walked around downtown. 

I watched this movie not too long ago and I actually liked it...I think it was just too far over my head at the time we went to see it...

3. What's your "silly" fear? (We're not talking water and heights.)

Oh here we go...I really don't want you to think that I am crazy...but you probably will.  I have a few "silly" fears.  I am afraid that when I am swimming in the ocean (or water I cannot see through) that I will be attacked by an alligator and a shark...potentially at the same time...Hubs was watching some show on the history or travel channel (riveting stuff) and there was documentary about if 2 animals were to get in a fight which one would win-and they simulate the fight and in this instance it was an Alligator/Crocodile (not sure which one and don't care because to me they are all the same-awful) v/s a shark-(the shark won for those of you wondering because it held the alligator underwater and upside down so it drowned) and then the narrator said that this scenario could actually happen because these 2 water monsters can actually live in the same water!  OMG!  At that moment I knew I could not swim in water that wasn't clear...ew...

I also fear that I will forget that I brought Hans somewhere and leave her (thank you question #1 for bringing that back to my attention.  When I go to the gym on Saturdays that Hubs works, I drop Hans off in the Children's area-and I always think in the back of my mind that I will forget that I brought her and leave...I would feel terrible about it...

I am also a rather ungraceful person-so I have a fear that I am going to fall down the stairs-any stairs at any time-anywhere-no specific stairs...and then hit my teeth on the ground...(thank you Patriot X for traumatizing me for life)  I am sure there are more silly fears...but those are the main ones.
4. Confrontation: do you cause it, deal with is as it comes, or run far far away?

2 of 3  I don't like to be caught up in drama, but sometimes it is necessary to have a confrontation so the situation doesn't get out of hand.  When a situation does arise, that I did not cause, I definitely don't run from stated previously, you never want a situation to get out of hand, so running from your problems really doesn't help anyone.  I don't like when people get in my business without knowing all of the facts -don't be trying to stir my koolade when you don't even know the flavor.
5. Wood floors or carpet?

I need clarification-do you mean do I have wood floors or carpet or do you mean do i prefer wood floors or carpet?  I have carpet-which is completely destroyed, compliments of my 2 year old and her two 4 legged friends...I would prefer wood floors, but the layout of our current house doesn't really make suit wood we will probably just replace the carpet we have and move on with life.  I do enjoy not having to walk on a cold floor due to having the carpet though...I hate cold feet and mine are cold approximately 90% of the time...seriously ask Hubs
This would be me in the morning when I get out of my warm bed

And this would definitely be how I handle the winter months

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

365 Days

365 days can seem like a very brief time or can seem like an eternity depending on the situation you are facing.  For example.  Hans was born in July of 2008-I am not sure what happened, but it seems like her first birthday was here in no time-my baby was no longer a baby and time just flew by...not fair.

Today, on the other hand, begins a long 365(ish) day period.  Today, my little brother is going to Afghanistan for 365 days...again.  Nick was deployed a few years ago to Iraq and a few months ago found out he is headed back out that way again...for a whole year.  Nick got married in September so he and Ashely are still very much so considered Newlyweds. 

My heart is breaking for her knowing that she is saying goodbye to him right now because she doesn't come from a military family so this is her first time (of many more to come) experiencing an overseas deployment of a loved one...her husband...I have no idea what it is like to send my husband overseas-and due to his profession, I never have to.  I made a conscious decision growing up to not marry someone in the military (now, had I of actually met and fallen in love with one, the story might have turned out different) because I really don't think I am as strong as my mother is.  My mom did a lot on her own due to my dad being in the Navy.  She raised 3 kids, often times, alone, not knowing where her husband was while he was deployed (back then, families were only allowed to send family grams because the Internet, shockingly enough, has not always been available, and the information that could be sent was some limited due to strict military guidelines) and she didn't always have an easy time with us for one reason or another.  I honestly don't think I could do it.  (I realize I am rambling but I feel like this all needs to be said so please hang in there with me.)

I hate that for the next year my parents won't have restful sleep.  I hate that for the next few months my sister in law will cry herself to sleep-or try to make herself so busy so she can distract herself from the fact that her husband is deployed.  I hate that whenever I hear a sad song on the radio that I immediately start crying because I think of my brother (even now, I heard a sad song in the car on the way to work and I am still crying thinking about it), I hate that Hans will have another birthday while he is gone...

Let's hope this year passes by quickly so he can hurry up and get home already...I don't even think his plane has left and I miss him already. 

It actually snowed here last year and Nick took Hans out to play in it
If you guys could keep him in your prayers I would really appreciate it.   

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Am Not A Dipper By Nature

{one} do you wear holey jeans? if so, do you buy them that way?

No...I don't think I would purchase jeans with holes in them either...I feel like an old lady saying this, but why pay for something that has holes in in-KNOWING there is a chance that more holes could appear or that the current ones could get bigger?

{two} do you get a full 8 hours of sleep per night?

BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I have a 2 year old...And currently that 2 year old has the Flu so we are lucky to get 1 hour of sleep right now!

{three} what’s your favorite way to eat an Oreo?
Dip them in milk...
 STORY TIME!  I was at my friend Jessa's house when we were in high school, and her mom made some cookies for us, so we walked into the kitchen poured some milk and proceeded to eat the cookies (yes, I am aware they were NOT Oreos, but you will see why I am a dipper now).  As I go to take a bite out of the cookie Jessa yells "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!" I am so startled by the shouting that I dropped the cookie thinking it was poisoned and I stepped back from the counter.  Jessa calmly picks up her cookie and says "Don't you know you have to dip the cookie before you eat it?"  Up until that point, I was unaware that there were rules involved with the eating of a sweet treat, how could I have lived all 16 years of my life without knowing that you were first supposed to dip the cookie and then eat it?  So from that day forward, I have always dipped them in my milk before eating them ( I am not a dipper by nature...just by nurture)...Hubs gets mad at me because my cups always have cookie bits in them when I finish eating them...and for the record, I like the Vanilla Oreos FAR better than the regular Oreos.

That's My Jessa-she was such a beautiful bride!
{four} do you wear shoes in your house?

Yes I do-I have never lived in a house where shoes were not allowed...Plus my dogs have ruined the carpets anyway so it isn't like the act of removing my shoes upon entry is going to increase the lifespan of the carpet...

{five} who would you call first if you won the lottery?

Hubs!  No Doubt.  He would probably answer and then say "I'm at work I will call you later" like he likes to do, but then I would continuing calling him back until he answered...then I would call my parents

{six} have you ever been in a food fight?

Not a real time my sister and I were baking and we got into a flour fight...and THAT was a nightmare to clean up...I do not recommend that at all

{seven} do you snore?

I am pretty sure I do.  Hubs hasn't complained about it, but I know when my nose is stuffy or I am extremely tired i.e. last night (see question two)

{eight} do you know how fast you type?
fast enough for the people around me to say "wow, you type fast"  I don't know how fast it is officially because I have never taken a typing test-though I am not really interested in knowing either, because then I would just compare my score to other people's score and obsess about how to improve it and keep retaking the test...(I know you are judging me for that)

{nine} can you do a headstand (without using a wall)?

I can barely stand on my feet-what makes you think I can stand on my head?  Crazy.  I am too uncoordinated to function upside down!  i can't even handle the Tripod thing they try to teach you to do when you are in 3rd grade gym class...sad...

{ten} how do you like your popcorn?
Lightly salted with light butter.  Honestly Publix makes the best light popcorn I have ever had...if you don't have a Publix in your area you should be sad that you are missing out.  If I want a "flavor" in my popcorn, I like the  Orville Redenbacher's Natural Salt and Lime Popcorn...Delicious!

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