Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

As promised, this post is to tell you about the fun part of the weekend. 
Friday night, Hans and I had a sleepover with Hayley because Mom & Dad were going to a concert.  We went to Taco Bell and came back to watch Hannah Montana Forever (jealous?) and then it was off to bed for Hayley.  I will say-Friday night was a turning point in our relationship (Hayley & me) due to the fact that this 11 year old girl looked me right in the eye and lied straight to my face... :(  I didn't like it at all, and the worst part of it all, was that it was such a silly thing to lie about.  I stepped out of the room to change into my PJ pants and when I came back into the living room, she quickly hid something behind her back...
to which I said, "What are you hiding?" 
Hay: "Nothing" 
Me: "Clearly it is something, so what is it" 
Hay: *sigh* "it's a pixie stick"  as she says this she produces a blue pixie stick and adds "but I haven't eaten any of it because it isn't open"
Me: "your mouth is blue so I know it is open and that you have been eating it."
As I say this she hangs her head as if to say "crap i just got caught" 
I proceeded to tell her how disappointed I am in her about the fact she just lied to me, and told her that I do not lie to her so I would appreciate it if she offered me the same respect and courtesy, and then told her that if she was going to lie about eating something, to make sure it isn't something that could a) dye your mouth (tongue, lips, cheeks, teeth, etc) or b) isn't all over her face (she is a very messy eater for an 11 year old-seriously-nacho cheese gets ALL over her face when she eats it-as seen at the aforementioned trip to Taco Bell). 
When I woke up Saturday I headed off to the gym for some training with Heather followed by Spin class at 9.  I was spent after that spin class!  Smelling ripe I headed out to Target so Hans and I could listed to the Cat In The Hat readings they were hosting at Target in honor of the Cat's birthday...afterwards (and after getting so fresh and so clean clean) we headed out for a lunch date with my mom to Chic-Fil-A (side bar-Hans is OBSESSED with the chic-she wants to eat it ALL OF THE TIME-every meal-when you ask her what she wants for lunch she says "Hmmm...Chicken-Fil-A" I think she might turn into a chicken one day).  After our lunch date we had to go to Walmart to get some Elmers Rubber Cement-why it had to be Elmers I don't know-I am pretty sure all of the brands do the same thing, but what do I know about glue products?  And of course, no trip to Walmart is EVER complete without a trip to the Poor Man's Aquarium

We have to say hello to all of the fish before we can start our shopping journey
I may or may not have purchased some Girl Scout Cookies for me Jason & Hannah during this trip as well...I told myself i wasn't going to eat any of them but that lasted for approximately 1.5 minutes into the car ride home because Hans asked for a cookie and those shortbreads were just calling my name!
Darn you cookie for being so delicious!

Saturday Night we headed out to watch the Charleston Stingrays play (local hockey team)  Dad decided that he didn't want to go because he had a late night the night before, so he stayed behind with Hannah who developed a nasty sounding cough after her nap following our earlier adventures...So Hay, Mom, Nick, Ashley, and myself headed out to dinner and a hockey game-we had a BLAST!!!  We decided to take a shuttle from the outlets (across the street from the coliseum where the Rays play) to the game so we didn't have to fight the parking situation.  Well the shuttle was what appeared to be the World's Oldest School bus...
Ashley does NOT appear happy to be riding the cheese again

Say (Riding the) Cheese!

I don't know why this still makes me laugh, but it does

Love my Nick


Hay & Mom being silly

A 7th grade marching band performed after the first period

This little boy did a dance to Beat It-it was awesome!

For the Record-Nick is making the Bunny Ears-I am only Cheesin it up behind Megan

Malanos Mania

Casey & Big Poppa

Cara & Ellen

This picture isn't that dark on my camera so I am not sure what happened here-sorry Kayla and Benji

The Carlisles crashed the party too!

Like I said-we had an awesome time at the game.  When Hans woke up Sunday her cough had gotten much worse so I decided we were going to go to the doctor...6 hours later we were advised that my baby has the flu :(  to make it worse, there are only 2 pharmacies in my area that have the medicine the doctor wrote the script for, so it took a long time to get to the store, and while we were waiting for it to be filled, Hans threw up all over me and the isle of Walgreens...she looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm so sick"  I literally started crying right there.  I felt awful for her. 

When we got home, I gave her a bath and tried to give her her meds in the bath tub (hey, before you judge, her tummy was already upset and if this bad smelling medicine was going to make it worse, I figured it would be easier to clean up if she was already in the bath tub...) So she gets it and won't swallow it!  She cheeks it and holds it there until her mouth is so full of meds/drool that it just starts coming out of her mouth...and she looked at me and said "That's gross, Mommy"  (This was after Hubs asked if he could pinch her nose and rub her throat to get her to swallow it-um no Hubs, she is not a dog.)  Hubs tried to force her to take it Monday morning which caused her to projectile vomit all over the place, and, subsequently, she refuses to take any kind of medicine...not even the "good" tasting Tylenol or Motrin...it doesn't matter what we mix it with...*sigh* so we visited her real doctor today and she told us to wait it out, and gave us an orange flavored medicine for her cough to help her to have restful sleep-which Hubs mixed with her apple juice and she is drinking it as I type-maybe she will kick this flu a little faster now that she will be getting a little more rest!

I hate when she is sick-the weather is so nice she only wants to go to the park and play

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