Thursday, March 3, 2011

365 Days

365 days can seem like a very brief time or can seem like an eternity depending on the situation you are facing.  For example.  Hans was born in July of 2008-I am not sure what happened, but it seems like her first birthday was here in no time-my baby was no longer a baby and time just flew by...not fair.

Today, on the other hand, begins a long 365(ish) day period.  Today, my little brother is going to Afghanistan for 365 days...again.  Nick was deployed a few years ago to Iraq and a few months ago found out he is headed back out that way again...for a whole year.  Nick got married in September so he and Ashely are still very much so considered Newlyweds. 

My heart is breaking for her knowing that she is saying goodbye to him right now because she doesn't come from a military family so this is her first time (of many more to come) experiencing an overseas deployment of a loved one...her husband...I have no idea what it is like to send my husband overseas-and due to his profession, I never have to.  I made a conscious decision growing up to not marry someone in the military (now, had I of actually met and fallen in love with one, the story might have turned out different) because I really don't think I am as strong as my mother is.  My mom did a lot on her own due to my dad being in the Navy.  She raised 3 kids, often times, alone, not knowing where her husband was while he was deployed (back then, families were only allowed to send family grams because the Internet, shockingly enough, has not always been available, and the information that could be sent was some limited due to strict military guidelines) and she didn't always have an easy time with us for one reason or another.  I honestly don't think I could do it.  (I realize I am rambling but I feel like this all needs to be said so please hang in there with me.)

I hate that for the next year my parents won't have restful sleep.  I hate that for the next few months my sister in law will cry herself to sleep-or try to make herself so busy so she can distract herself from the fact that her husband is deployed.  I hate that whenever I hear a sad song on the radio that I immediately start crying because I think of my brother (even now, I heard a sad song in the car on the way to work and I am still crying thinking about it), I hate that Hans will have another birthday while he is gone...

Let's hope this year passes by quickly so he can hurry up and get home already...I don't even think his plane has left and I miss him already. 

It actually snowed here last year and Nick took Hans out to play in it
If you guys could keep him in your prayers I would really appreciate it.   

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