Thursday, March 17, 2011


I know...I know... I KNOW!  I haven't blogged since last Friday...shame on me-I really am sorry-I have just been super busy...sooo...forgive?
I take the fact that you are still reading as a sign that I am forgiven so THANKS GUYS! So as previously mentioned (with my head hanging in shame) I haven't updated you guys in a while so let's start with where I left off Friday-The First Annual Award Ceremony for was pretty fun-I am not going to lie! Below are some pictures from Friday evening:

Hubs and Me stopping for the mandatory self portrait (hey if we didn't do this, we would never have pictures of us together!)
Hubs and me again

That's right people-I have made SIGNIFICANT contributions, as Hubs said "They wouldn't engrave it in wood if they didn't mean it..."

Me with Mom and Dad-they clean up well!

The Grubbers

Due to her pregnant status, Kendall cannot drink she makes you order it so she can smell it...

Hubs being silly

If you had the logo on the back of your agenda (I am not sure what to call it so I am going with agenda) then you were the winner and proud owner of the flower arrangement center piece-look how excited Hubs is about the fact that he won!

Hubs and his flowers

Me and Pops
Overall, it really was a good time.  Now to figure out how to get on that committee so I can go next year too...
Thumbs up for approval :)
Saturday was our 6th Wedding Anniversary.  What did we do to celebrate you might be wondering?  Well, I woke up early and went to the gym for my early morning spinning class and to work out with Heather...meanwhile, Hubs got his oil changed and went to pick Hans up from her Granci's house (Hubs' mom).  We met at Poblanos (Mexican) for lunch and then Hubs went to work and Hans and I went to Target (or the Red Store if you ask Hans) and then we went home to take a nap because we were both SUPER tired. 

Monday was the Finale of the Bachelor...Now, I have not blogged about the Bachelor, but I have been team Emily for a while...sorry for all of you Chantal O. lovers, BUT I really got sick of hearing her say "after doing this with/for you Brad, you better be putting a ring on my finger..." UGH really?  So imagine my excitement when Brad gave Chantal the boot and then proposed to Emily!  Sweet, quite, reserved Emily (much like myself...Bahahahahaha who am I kidding right?!) who told Brad's family that she was ready to move her daughter to Austin, TX to start a life with Imagine my Disappointment when I found out that Emily totally did a 180 on Brad!  I know not, I am officially throwing my Team Emily shirt away (okay, I don't really have a Team Emily shirt, but IF I DID, It would be in the trash...for sure.  Oh AND Ashley is going to be the new bachelorette?  Really?  She does not have a personality that I enjoy all...they should have picked someone who was feisty so they would get better ratings...oh well...
Now that The Bachelor is over, what is on TV on Monday nights?  Anyone?

Moving right along-or back tracking slightly, After my Monday evening workout with Heather (who really did a number on my legs Saturday so I was pretty sore to be honest) I left the gym and Hubs and I took Hans on a bike ride. Now that the weather is so nice out we want to get her outside before it becomes too hot-and SHE LOVED the bike ride...she had the biggest smile on her face the whole time...I would post a picture of her, but the last time I tried to take a picture of her while riding a bike, I almost crashed into a's okay if you are judging, I would be too...So Tuesday, we were going to take her on another bike ride because the weather was beautiful AGAIN. I got home, after my Heather workout and a spinning class-but Hans only wanted to go for a ride in her "crab" which can be seen below

I think she calls it a crab because the eyes look like Sebastian's from The Little Mermaid (and this is a really old picture of her...)
But Hans doesn't like to Fred Flintstone power the Hubs and I push her...and she is pretty cramped inside of the we were about 3/4 of the way around out block when we decided it was time for Hans to get her own Hans Powered we went to grab a bite to eat (let's not fool ourselves into thinking I only had a bite though) and then we were on a mission to find Hans her new car...and this is what we got...
The picture without the little blond girl wouldn't save down correctly...Hannah looks way cuter than this kid...of course!
So the battery is currently charging in the garage and Hans will soon be cruising the neighborhood in her New ride...I never had one of these when I was younger, but I always wanted one...I am living vicariously through Hans...

We are also going to the Zoo this weekend!  I can't wait (well I can wait to smell the stinky animals, but I can't wait too see how excited Hans gets when we are there-she loves the animals!  It is going to be AWESOME-85 degrees, QT with the fam-I can't wait.  I hope you are looking forward to pictures from the Zoo because they will be here next week

Have a great weekend guys!

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