Monday, March 7, 2011

I Have A Shoe Problem

Where did my weekend go?  Let's jump into Meet Me on Monday

1. What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
With my mouth...I kid I kid...I pretty much love a lightly salted french fry...oh they are so delicious-I am not a big fan of salt, so you will not find me pouring sprinkling an additional amount of that particular seasoning on my fries...I do eat them with ketchup-though, and as an added bonus, I put some pepper in the ketchup-I see people putting pepper on their fries all the time and I just wonder why they don't realize that the pepper is just going to fall off when the pick up the fry to eat it...if you put it in the ketchup the pepper stays right where you want it :)  (as a side note, I do love a sweet potato fry...with a little shredded parmesan cheese on the top-don't mind if I do!)

2. What was the last package that was delivered to your house?
SHOES!!! 3 pairs of shoes to be exact.  One pair of gold sandals, one pair of lime green flip flops (with a very cute lime green flower on the top), and a pair of yellow wedges...also with a flower on the top (I am seeing a theme here)  I was so excited they were there-they came a week earlier than anticipated!!! I have a shoe problem love shoes...
3. What is your favorite scent that you love to smell?
I just answered this not too long ago in a previous post but...Fresh Laundry or Acqua De Gio by Georgio Armani-this smells AMAZING and I can tell when any man is wearing it...ahhhh...

4. Do you smoke?
No, I don't judge people who do it UNLESS you are doing it while in the presence of children (including my own or the ones in other women's (or your own) bellies)  I hate that children are subject to the second hand smoke and they can't get away from it
5. Are your parents married or divorced?
My parents are married-to each other.  They have been married for other 30 years, which is not very common these days.  I hope that Hubs and I are fortunate enough to celebrate our 30th Wedding anniversary in 2035 (Wowzers!  2035!  I cannot believe that I just typed 2035...aren't we supposed to have spaceship cars and live on the moon by then?)  My dad was in the military when I was growing up so the fact that Mom & Dad made it through all of the deployments (and subsequent home comings/readjusting to life as a family again), multiple relocations, retirement & 3 kids (read that as 3 teenagers) is pretty incredible.  :)
Madukes & Pops!  This was from their 50th birthday party-which was a surprise for them :)  Aren't they so cute and happy?


  1. I love shoes too!!! My husband picks on me about how many shoes I have.

  2. I love getting a shoe delivery!