Tuesday, September 7, 2010

100 Things

I am going to attempt to think of 100 random things about me...and lucky you-you get to read them!

1) I have 1 daughter-Hannah
2) I firmly believe that Hannah is the World's cutest toddler
3) I got married in March of 05
4) As of Sept. 2, 2010 Jason and have been together for 9 years
5) We have been married for 5.5 years
6) I am addicted to reality tv
7) I have an obsession with Vitamin Water Zero...
8) I am not so much a fan of regular vitamin water though
9) I have 2 dogs
10) one of the dogs sheds...a lot
11) I am currently located in SC
12) I would LOVE to move somewhere that actually has 4 seasons
13) fall is my favorite season
14) we really don't have a true fall season (sadly) in SC because it is soooooo hot
15) I really dislike hot weather...
16) One of my frequently said things is "And that's why we can't have nice things"
17) I have a BA in Psychology
18) I do nothing related to Psychology
19) Jason and I watch the Food Network all of the time
20) I always wanted to have 2 boys
21) until I got pregnant-now I am good with Hannah :)
22) I love the color red-as long as it is a blue based red
23) My favorite food is spaghetti
24) I used to hate wearing dresses
25) I wear dresses all of the time now
26) I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up
27) I love the Holiday Season
28) I love shopping
29) I am a bigger fan of buying things for other people than I am of buying things for myself
30) I am addicted to shopping online...seriously ask Jason
31) My College mascot is a Fighting Koala
32) I had some very good friends in college that sadly I am no longer friends with-for whatever reason
33) every few years I have an itch to move...
34) Jason hates when I get that itch
35) I loved high school and college-
36) I love school (judge me if you will)
37) I hate when it is too quite
38) I can't stand when it is so loud I can't think
39) I don't like places that are too crowded
40) I rarely wear make-up
41) I don't do outside
42) I will not go whitewater rafting with jason ever again...anyone else-sure-just not Jason
43) I call my niece everyday to find out how her day at school was
44) I love flip flops
45) I would live in flip flops, jeans, and a hoodie if I could
46) I do not have a land line
47) I love Law and Order SVU
48) I am watching an episode right now mostly for the background noise (see 37)
49) I slept with a stuffed animal until Hannah was about a week old
50) I stopped drinking caffeine when I found out I was pregnant with Hannah
51) I still don't drink caffeine
52) I probably would go crazy if I couldn't listen to music everyday
53) I hate doing dishes
54) When I brush my teeth-I sing a song in my head and frequently find myself dancing to it
55) I am distracted by bad teeth
56) I workout with a trainer 2 days a week
57) I am incredibly sore after those workouts
58) I really want to like running
59) I would love to run a marathon one day
60) but sadly I do not enjoy running at all
61) I never gave up on Britney Spears
62) I love babies
63) I do not like swimming in water I can't see through
63) I hate to hear Hannah cry
64) I hate is even more when Hannah is sick and I can't help her
65) My favorite sound is Hannah laughing
65) I bite my nails...and Jason hates it
66) I have a hair tie on my person at all times
67) I love to prove my point
68) I am sarcastic
69) being sarcastic is a gift-not everyone can handle it
70) sadly no one can tell when I am not trying to be sarcastic so it gets me in trouble a lot
71) I am an animated speaker
72) I cry when I hear something sad...
73) Please don't let that something sad be about a baby or a spouse-because then the crying lasts longer
74) I don't like scary movies
75) If I am forced to watch a scary movie it MUST be with someone, during the daytime with all of the lights on...seriously...
76) I was Bapitized on 03-07-09 with my daughter, niece, brother and nephew-one of the best days of my life
77) I love to take a nap
78) Everynight before Hannah goes to sleep we sing a song and say her prayers together
79) then we rock quietly in the chair in her room-hands down favorite time of the day
80) I called my mom yesterday to tell her Hannah went Peepee in her potty-and I was REALLY excited!
81) I hate driving-I am completely a passenger
82) I rarely forget a person I have met
83) I am really good with names
84) I love Starbucks
85) I really think my life would make an awesome reality show
86) I think Dancing with the Stars should be renamed to Dancing with famous people-but I don't watch it
87) I hate bananas
88) I will randomly say a movie quote
89) or sing some lyrics to a song during any conversation
90) I hate to see my friends going through bad times
91) I hate to hear people arguing
92) I would LOVE to win the lottery
93) but I don't play
94) I work with my dad
95) because we don't have the same last name-some people have no idea we are father and daughter
96) I love icecream
97) I LOVE college football (GAMECOCKS!)
98) I am obsessed with Fantasy Football
99) I have (an irrational) fear that while swimming in the ocean, I could be attacked by an alligator and a shark-at the same time (see 63a...because apparently i posted 2 63s-a bonus for you)
100) Khloe is my favorite Kardashian