Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome To the 21st Century

I used to work at Verizon Wireless...I started out as a customer service rep and then moved on to be a Universal Coordinator where I did a variety of things, but mostly tech support...which was great for me-problem solving...but it also taught me one thing-one very important thing...I am not a fan of "smart" phones...honestly, they were the majority of the phones that had issues that needed tech support...and they were constantly going out of date-practically right after they hit the market for external sales-a newer-better-version was available-leaving you, the eager consumer-who was so excited after the initial purchase, regretting the fact that you chose to procure your phone one day too soon....or worse, outside of the window of no haggle no questions no penalties for returns/exchanges....poor poor eager consumers...(also note to wireless customers-if you drop your phone in the water-the technician will know-do not try to claim that you didn't drop it in the water...and if you do drop it in the water, DO NOT put that piece in the microwave in an attempt to "dry it" you will have just ruined your phone and I am not even sure the insurance will cover it...put the phone and battery (if the 2 can be separated, please do so) in a bowl of UNCOOKED rice-bury them in the rice and leave them there for about 24 hours...then put the phone back together and try to see if it will work-the rice will absorb the moisture...if that doesn't work, then I am unaware of any other options for you...but the technicians are not the reason your phone broke or is not functioning-and they are people too-so treat them kindly and with manners.  I digress...

None the less, since leaving VZW, I really have a different outlook when it comes to cell phones...I really just need a phone that texts and calls...the end...I like to have one that takes pictures Hubs and I got a phone about 3 years ago...and because the phones worked just fine, we didn't bother trying to upgrade when we became when my phone stopped receiving/sending texts and calls, I knew it was time for a new Hubs and I made our way to the VZW store...

Crystal, our sales rep, was amazing.  She had the patience of a saint and was very knowledgeable and helpful...and even let Hannah watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on her iPad (side note-if you ever find yourself at the VZW store on Rivers Ave, ask for Crystal B, she will take care of you!) which was amazing because it allowed both Hubs and me to pay attention to what she was saying as opposed to the standard one listens and tries to explain everything to the other...never ends well for anyone.  When Crystal saw out phones...The Verizon Blitz, I am pretty sure she started to have heart palpitations...I would have if I still worked there...and then when she pulled up our account and saw that we were not only out of contract, but had been for 2 years, she probably had a mild heart attack...again, I would have, because this is make or break time-either we are getting phones today-or we are cancelling and going with another provider...

We both ended up getting Driod X2s...and as she was activating them, Crystal said-you are going to hate these until you really learn them-and then you will love them...and she even went through some of the apps and showed us which ones had a price associated when using them and which ones didn't-again-Above and beyond...

As we left the store, phones in hand, Crystal said-Welcome to the 21st Century guys!  I kind of laughed when she said it, but what's sad is that I am not sure how I lived without this blasted phone before...Both Hubs and I have become more and more addicted to them and all of the silly games on them...Angry Birds anyone?  I digress...

So Hubs and I have officially accepted the advancements of cellular technology-after years and years of avoiding it...I still maintain that while my phone maybe be "smart" it doesn't mean I know how to use that piece...I am still a work in progress...

And now I believe Hubs is convinced we need an iPad...anyone have one-what do you think about them-Questions? Comments? Emotional Outbursts?  Anything is welcomed!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Members Only

So, as some of you know, Hubs and I have been looking for a church to call home...again, I try to refrain from being super religious in the blog, in an effort to make everyone feel comfortable to stop by and visit, so I don't blog about church or religion much...

When it comes to religion, my family pretty much comprises the entire spectrum- We have Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Mormons, Atheists and Jewish family members...I am sure there are many more that I just don't know about...Hubs was raised Methodist...As a child, I recall mom taking us to church a few times...but one of us kids always got in trouble for not being a good listener or putting our feet up on the pews in front of us (no names, as to who the offender of this action was, but I know for sure, it wasn't me....or Nick...) When I was in middle school, I attended church with my friend Kim and her family.  When I was in High school, I attended a Methodist church with my Friend Alana and her family. While I was in college, I attended chapel on campus...and since graduating have tried out a few different churches...I am sure this story is not too different for some of you..

I have made it my mission to find a place for My little family to call home because it is important to me...and I want my family to want to go to church...and having a church home helps to create that sense of wanting to go...So-Hubs and I have been "auditioning" churches for a while...attending the services and talking to members to get a feel for the atmosphere...and we have been attending Northwood Assembly for a few months now...and as few weeks ago, attended the New Member class and went through the membership process, and when we got to church this Sunday, one of the inserts in the bulletin announced that Hubs and I were new members of the church!!! 

Mission Completion (Thank you Little Einsteins)-We are now members of a Church and have a Church to call home... It feels great to have this important piece of the crazy puzzle of life finally put in its place... :)

I hope you have a place to call home that allows you to serve and practice your beliefs-whatever they may be-that makes you feel welcomed....
If not, feel free to join us at Northwood Assembly :)

Mr. & Mrs. Davis-Est. 8/20/11

So if you don't know, I am in the wedding, I am not a wedding planner, though I think that would be incredibly awesome and would LOVE to do it...nor am I a wedding coordinator (and on the same note, I recently met one and I could totally do that job too, possibly even better than she did...and far more professionally...I digress) I actually officiate the ceremonies...I Marry People...I LOVE this.  There is nothing better than feeling the love 2 people have for each other as they exchange their vows-seriously-it is incredible.  I am truly honored anytime someone asks me to perform a ceremony for them.

On August 20, 2011, I had the wonderful honor of making Madeleine and Tyler officially Mr. and Mrs. Davis.  The best part of the ceremony?  Hmm.... Hands down, the moment the Bride turned and Groom's eyes locked the second the Bride made her way to the aisle...I am tearing up as I type thinking about how happy they both looked and the love that was felt at that moment...It.Was.Awesome.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the pictures from the wedding events for you to enjoy :) 
I never had a reason to wear this dress so I was pretty excited to be wearing it 2 years after I bought it...I knew it would come in handy at some point!

The site of the wedding-Shem Creek-really pretty but CRAZY HOT in August

Practice run

These heart things were on the table and Hubs kept putting them all over my hands and arms during the rehearsal dinner speeches

Hubs and Me

Hubs got me flowers :)

This thing was awesome...

This is what I wore to the wedding...Those shoes were a last minute find...
All mic'd up and waiting for my music cue

How beautiful! 

Tyler, you may kiss your Bride!

Officially Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tyler Davis! (Seriously-look how happy they are!)

And now some pictures from the Reception...Hubs and I had a lot of fun at the reception!
The Fronsons!

MBFF & HBFF looking at the wrong camera...

Hubs & me

A Candid moment

Whoops...caught myself off guard

Waiting to be announced

Madeleine is very tall...some of the members of the wedding party were not...




We were right in front of a fan...I literally have the wind in my hair look!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bridal portrait!

"I can be camera ready at a moments' notice!" just so you know you will never get a candid of her...

Happy Couple and me


Naughty Lady of the Cloth?

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Davis-may you never forget the happiness and love you felt for each other on 08.20.2011.