Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Davis-Est. 8/20/11

So if you don't know, I am in the wedding business...no, I am not a wedding planner, though I think that would be incredibly awesome and would LOVE to do it...nor am I a wedding coordinator (and on the same note, I recently met one and I could totally do that job too, possibly even better than she did...and far more professionally...I digress) I actually officiate the ceremonies...I Marry People...I LOVE this.  There is nothing better than feeling the love 2 people have for each other as they exchange their vows-seriously-it is incredible.  I am truly honored anytime someone asks me to perform a ceremony for them.

On August 20, 2011, I had the wonderful honor of making Madeleine and Tyler officially Mr. and Mrs. Davis.  The best part of the ceremony?  Hmm.... Hands down, the moment the Bride turned and Groom's eyes locked the second the Bride made her way to the aisle...I am tearing up as I type thinking about how happy they both looked and the love that was felt at that moment...It.Was.Awesome.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the pictures from the wedding events for you to enjoy :) 
I never had a reason to wear this dress so I was pretty excited to be wearing it 2 years after I bought it...I knew it would come in handy at some point!

The site of the wedding-Shem Creek-really pretty but CRAZY HOT in August

Practice run

These heart things were on the table and Hubs kept putting them all over my hands and arms during the rehearsal dinner speeches

Hubs and Me

Hubs got me flowers :)

This thing was awesome...

This is what I wore to the wedding...Those shoes were a last minute find...
All mic'd up and waiting for my music cue

How beautiful! 

Tyler, you may kiss your Bride!

Officially Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tyler Davis! (Seriously-look how happy they are!)

And now some pictures from the Reception...Hubs and I had a lot of fun at the reception!
The Fronsons!

MBFF & HBFF looking at the wrong camera...

Hubs & me

A Candid moment

Whoops...caught myself off guard

Waiting to be announced

Madeleine is very tall...some of the members of the wedding party were not...




We were right in front of a fan...I literally have the wind in my hair look!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bridal portrait!

"I can be camera ready at a moments' notice!" just so you know you will never get a candid of her...

Happy Couple and me


Naughty Lady of the Cloth?

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Davis-may you never forget the happiness and love you felt for each other on 08.20.2011.

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  1. The bride and groom are so adorable! And you are GORGEOUS, girl!!