Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making Up for Lost Time

So...I know you are expecting a Weekend Wednesday post...and I thought about doing one, honestly I did, but I decided that I don't want to recap last weekend, so I am not there...(wait what?  Kind harsh Gretch? ...Okay.)  What I mean is, as mentioned before there is a lot going on with the Fam right my mind tends to lack the ability to focus on just one thing, and since I haven't updated in a while, I thought I would just go ahead and do my best to catch you up on the happier things that have happened in the recent past-not just the weekend-so let's get started...

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my niece, Hayley, turned 12.  12.  No, seriously, 12 (Okay, that was for me, because I cannot believe she is already maybe if I keep typing 12, it will sink far, unsuccessful).  Her birthday party was at a Roller Rink...did you just gasp?  I know, I did too, I was unaware that Roller Rinks still existed-forget the fact that a 12 year old would actually want to roller skate-but that there are open facilities that allow you to do that activity still...none the less, we all made the trip to the Roller Rink to help her celebrate her 12th know, last year of "pre-teens..."  Only, I do need to say that Hayley is really a sweet young lady, and has the ability to try to see the good in anyone.  I love having her in my life and can't wait to see the kind of teenager-and young adult-she grows up to be.  Hayley had fun at her party and she loved the gift we got her (a Tony Hawk skateboard game for her Wii-there is a board for her to practice her tricks on and everything) and she had fun with her friends.  Unfortunately, my camera dies not too far into the party, but I did manage to get some pictures of the event.  (I would also like to add that Hannah was very excited about the fact that she was going to go roller skating...until she got in the rink-at that point, she wanted nothing to do with the roller skates and wanted to play the video games with Hubs..."It's too Slippy" she told be honest, I was surprised they even had toddler sized roller skates...)

mmm...birthday cake from Publix!
Hans skating with Auntie Nina
Getting her roller skates on

Ready to skate with Daddy!

Aunt Ashley!

We had a difficult time convincing Hannah that it was not, in fact, her birthday, and that the cake was for Hayley...

She literally said "I don't want to take a picture with you, I want to watch skating" but I made her take a picture with me anyway-and this is what I got...

Hayley Blowing out the candles
Ty Ty and Hans-BFFs since birth
Hayley's birthday is 2 weeks after Hannah's and 2 days before mine (weird no?) the same weekend of her birthday party was my actual birthday.  We started the day out playing Putt Putt, at the request of Ms. Hannah...and BOY-it was H-O-T that day, so we played the front 9 (don't I sound golf lingo savvy?)  and walked to the last hole of the back 9 (man! twice in one post!) and dropped our golf balls in the hole and said good bye to them (well, Hannah said good bye to hers anyway) and went inside to cool off for a while. 
in the car on the way to putt putt

practicing her swing

The Hubs is a professional

The geese were out that day too...

Me and my Love Bug

My 2 favorite people

Playing a game inside...she loves any game that has a steering wheel

this game has a camera that tapes you and literally makes you the driver of the car
After putt putt, it was lunch time, so we headed to the Mall to meet up with Casey and Allen at Sesame.  There was a little bit of a wait for our table, so Hannah decided that she would play in the plants to pass the time...

There are corks to wine bottles in the plant so she kept taking them out and we had to keep telling her to put them back...

MBFF and her Mini BFF (WBFF?)

Hubs and Hans...eating a lemon
she really enjoys eating lemons...

teehee...this picture makes me smile

Does she look pitiful to you or is it just me?

On any other day, we would have gone home for nap time to commence, however, this day was different.  This day, we were headed to a birthday party for Ms. Rachel- who also turned 3 this year, and if Hannah took a nap, we would not have made it to the we chanced it and we headed to the fiesta (come to find out, Rachel was sans nap as well, so Hannah was in good company).

This is the face I got when I asked her to smile...

Birthday cake!  Again, we had a difficult time convincing Hannah that the cake (and party) were not for her...

Hannah loved this cat, and the cat seemed to like Hannah-or at least didn't mind Hannah petting it

Birthday Girl

Singing Happy Birthday

Hubs sporting Hannah's Ariel ring

Hannah LOVES a cupcake...especially a cupcake that has an Ariel ring on it!

I am a birthday princess too...
Later that night we needed to go to Bi-Lo (my new found love...ever since the Grand Re-Opening I have been obsessed with is so nice, and Hannah loves to pull the basket (you can either carry or pull the basket because it has wheels and Hannah pulls it behind her like it is a rolly suitcase.
Such a good helper
So that takes care of July...Moving on to August-which btw-is halfway through-and how did that happen?  None the less, Hans had to have her 3 year well check up-which happened in August (I am not sure how this didn't happen in July but her appointment got cancelled by the doctor's office and then it was never rescheduled-until I called to find out when it was supposed to be-and low and behold, the appointment was never rescheduled...)
The Doctor told us that Hannah has a very advanced vocabulary and is very smart for her age, which of course, we already knew...(I would like to believe that she does not say this to every parent, so if you know that they do, please do not tell me because I would like to continue to live in a fantasy land-thank you).  Hannah had to put on a paper gown, which she didn't seem to like very much, but she did very well at the appointment...they even did an awful finger prick for a blood test (seriously, that is the WORST test...I am such a baby when it comes to those, I will pull my finger right away from the doctor/nurse any chance I get when they are trying to poke my finger with a thank you) but Hannah, on the other hand, did VERY well, and didn't even flinch when she got poked-She's my hero!
She loves to spin on the Doctor's chair

see that fashionable gown?
In preparation of the first day of school, we decided that after 3 years, it was time for Hannah to get a hair cut, for the first time.  To prepare her for it, we talked to her about what was going to happen and reiterated numerous times that it was not going to hurt her...we took her to a place that was made for Children's haircuts (as a side note, I don't know how those ladies work there, most of the kids were screaming and crying the entire time they were getting their hairs cut off...hence why I reminded Hans numerous times that it was not going to hurt her) so she would have a pleasant experience...As a tip from me-take it or leave it-if you are going to take your child to get a hair cut, you should call to see if they will accept appointments, or avoid the experience on a Saturday all together...We went to Kelly's Carnival Cuts, and it was PACKED!  We only ended up waiting for about 30 mins, but luckily, there were plenty of toys and things to keep Hannah occupied while we waited.
Playing with Percy and Thomas the Train

Inside of Kelly's
Building a tower with some new friends

Hannah was a trooper the entire time she got her trim-I am pretty sure we owe her calm attitude to the lollipop the woman gave her at the start of the trim, but hey-MY kid was the ONLY kid that did not scream during her hair cut the entire time we were there (which totaled an hour by the time we left).

Being a brave Big girl

She looks thrilled

That is a lot of hair

Beauty and the Beast was on so she was watching it

So pretty...though, I hate the short layer around her face because it doesn't stay back when her hair is in a pony tail, and it always ends up in her mouth when she is eating

all the hair that was cut off

we went to Santi's afterwards so she could have some chips and "dip"
so happy for lunch!

Monday, Aug. 15th was Hannah's first day of school (though, not her FIRST first day).  She is in 3 day 3's this year.
My Big Girl all ready for school!

She was so excited!

She wanted to show off her "Pack Pack"

Coloring with the class

She is giving the girl across the table the stink eye because she was hoarding the crayons...

sad because our Baby is back to school

We are silly
So that pretty much catches you up...I know, it was a lot to take in at one time, feel free to read it again just to make sure you didn't miss anything!  Thanks for stopping by!

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