Monday, December 5, 2011

Say What?

So Hannah is really something else-I really never know what she is going to say.  This weekend I tried to get her out of the house as much as possible so Hubs could sleep (he worked nights this weekend).  At some point on Saturday, she picked up a new thing to add to anything she says...Real life examples can be found below:
"I will get that for you, Sweetie"
"I will open the door for you, Sweetie"
"I got this fork for you, Sweetie"
"I will see you after my nap, Sweetie"
"I will help you put your shoes on, Sweetie"

Now...from the above (few) examples, one would likely conclude that I call her Sweetie too frequently and should ease up on the usage a bit...however...I don't use the word Sweetie...I I do, it is a variation of the word and is "Sweets."  Nope, she picked this new word up from our waitress from breakfast Saturday...and so from then on, it was a Sweetie filled day.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it, there are FAR worse things she could pick up fro ma stranger than the word Sweetie...but it makes her sound like an older lady no?

Some other Random Hannah isms from this weekend are:
The So you don't get cold line-examples below:

"I am going to put my princesses on your tushie (while I was laying on my tummy reading her a story) so you don't get cold"

"I have ice..I am going to rub it on your cheeks so you don't get cold"

"I need bubbles in my bath-you do it so you don't get cold"

"I  need another starburst...can you do it so you don't get cold?"

Clearly Hubs and I are very concerned with her body temperature...

The Can't be Sure response (of which, she most definitely got from me"

Me: "Hannah, do you want applesauce or raisins for your snack?"  Hannah "Hmmm...can't be too sure Mommy...can't be too sure..."

Me: "Hannah, would you rather watch Charlotte's Web or Pocahontas today?" "Can't be to sure which one, Mommy, can't be too sure..."

The following has only been used once, so far, but I KNOW I will hear it MANY times as she gets older
Hubs bought a Christmas Music CD for her to listen to in the car.  Some of the songs are sang by Mickey and friends, the others are just random people...there are 10 songs total, and Mickey, ET AL., sing 5 of them...and of course, Hannah only likes those 5...well...listening to the SAME 5 songs over and over again gets REALLY I decided that we could listen to one of the non-Mickey songs-please see below for conversation with my 3 years old.

"Um...Mommy? No."
"Hannah, what are you saying 'No' to?"
"I don't no like this song, Mommy"
"Well, Hannah, Mommy and Daddy like it so we are going to listen to it for a minute, okay Bug?"
"Ugh, This song makes me sick." said while crossing her arms...

She also has an immense hatred for ants and mosquitoes...which results in the following comments:
"Be careful when you cross the street mommy!  Don't let the Ants get you!"
"Oh, and remember Mommy, don't step in the ants"
"Remember that one time, when the ants got on me?" (For the record, at the time this statement was made, the referenced occurrence happened 1 year ago...the kid forgets nothing)
"Remember that time at the Quarium, (Aquarium) when the skeetos bite my leg?" (There were some serious mosquitoes inside the Aquarium during a visit-4 months ago...and she still talks about it today)
"I'm sorry ants and skeetos bite my leg...Poor Hannah" (seriously said by Hannah)

Yesterday I asked her to please go back to her room and pick out her pj's and she looked at me with a straight face and said "Well, i am coloring right now, but maybe in a few minutes I can go back there Mommy, k?  That will be okay?"  hmmm...she is already a skilled negotiator and Hubs and I are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E...for real.  You never know what that girl is going to say!

Hannah is sitting on the soccer ball "So it doesn't get cold"

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