Monday, December 19, 2011

What's A Little Life Changing Event Amongst Friends Right?

Ahhh....Confessions...This is QUICKLY becoming my Favorite thing to do...and I am Happy that I am late posting this because if I wasn't I would not have the first confession to drone on and on about-for your reading pleasure OF COURSE...

So...Confess Sesh...where to begin...hmmm...If I was my oldest sibling, it would go a little something like this:

I am married 3 months ago...and didn't bother to tell anyone in my family-nope not a one-not even those that I speak to on a RELATIVEly regular Sister...My Mother...My Father...My Brother...nope, not a one.  But right after my husband and I tied the knot, I did have a conversation with my sister to tell her that we were going to GET married NEXT in September 2012...but I failed to mention that I already got married last September of know, those crazy life changing events that happen-that just slip your too...oh until 3 months later when I change my FACEBOOK status from "In a relationship" to "Married..."

BUT ALAS-I am NOT her...I am Me, and just so you know, the above-is a TRUE story and here is MY Confess Sesh:

I AM UPSET PEOPLE...UPSET...I am not even sure where to start with this in case you aren't friends with my sister-She, apparently, is married...I know right?!  Crazy.  What's that? -No, I don't know what her dress looked like-Oh, nope, Can't tell you how she wore her hair-Ummmm-nope don't even know "new" Brother In Law's middle name or anything about his family...oh yeah, no, I can't tell you WHAT DATE or TIME they actually did get married...nope, none of that-oh because I had no clue it was happening...and neither did any of the rest of my family for that matter.  Seriously...
Please don't get me wrong-I am ALL FOR ELOPEMENT-ELOPE if that is what you want to do-don't want a huge ceremony? Perfect-go to the JoP and have a quick ceremony..(.hey-if you want to get married in SC, call me-I can perform the ceremony for you-I am pretty dern good at it if you ask me-but I can give you references should you doubt my awesome abilities...)  Talk to you family about it though!  Life changing events are just that-THEY ARE EVENTS THAT CHANGE YOUR LIFE-ALL ASPECTS OF IT...and I am apart of that life too-and I feel super disrespected at the way I found out about this marriage...Oh, no, it wasn't via phone conversations-clearly we are much too busy being married for that...nope, it wasn't over lunch-also too busy being married for wasn't while we were trick or treating ALL TOGETHER-I didn't see a wedding ring when I saw you last either-because one of us has gone out of our way to hide this new status...until yesterday.  Yesterday my sister logs into Facebook and changes her status from in a Relationship to Married...and she doesn't have the opportunity to call her family to tell them at any point in the last THREE Months that she is married, but is OK with letting them read it on the World Wide Web where God and Country found out as well...nice...hope you secret marriage is everything you hoped it would be.  I thought we were closer than that-and I have always been the one to give you the benefit of the doubt when no one else would or did...My feelings are hurt and I feel disrespected.  no-Thank you very much.

I haven't started Christmas shopping yet...S-L-A-C-K I know...

That's it for this week kiddo's-what are your confessions? Link up with Leslie and spill your guts!

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