Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Have a Blog?!

Say WHAT?!  It isn't that I didn't want to post any new blogs for you lovelies to is just that...well...I ran out of hours in the day...and in the night... So let's play a rousing game of catch up shall we?

Hmm...last time we met I told you that the Sis's true-Sister did run off and tie the knot to Uncle Tyler...I am getting used to the fact that she is a married woman now, but I am still bitter at how it all went down...don't think I forgot about that Missy-because I didn't...I do wish you well and hope that marriage is everything you hoped it would be...AND I BEG YOU PUH-LEASE stop posting so many mushy posts about how In Love you are and how Wonderful your Husband is-we get it-that's why you married the rest of us from the instant gag reflex...get a room...I say that with as much love and sincerity as possible...Hey-I KNOW the rest of you were thinking it-I was just brave enough to being it to light...Moving Right Along....

Hmm...There was Christmas.  Which was awesome if I do say so myself.  Every year is more and more fun because Hannah is older and is so cute-which goes without saying really...but she gets so excited about everything.  This year she was learning about the true meaning of Christmas; she is also taking ballet and tap classes.  Her class had a Holiday party right before Christmas and Hannah looked at me and said "Mommy, will Jesus be at my dance party to have his birthday cake?"  I die.  My heart melted into mush right then.  I told her Jesus is always in her heart and now she tells people that He lives in her heart too...Love.That.Kid.To.Pieces.

Speaking of Christmas-one of my Favs-Jane-welcomed her new son into the world on Christmas!   William Nolan-(you better believe I will be callin him Big Will-but don't tell Jane because I am pretty confident that she will wrinkle up her nose at the thought of the nickname...) But much like her first son, Big Will is a handsome little heart breaker already...

I started a new Job...but within the same company-and new Job is AWESOME-while I have only been in the new role for a month, it already is 100000 times better than the last one.  Drastic.Improvement.

Valentine's day came and went...I far as celebrations go...After we picked Hannah up from Dance Class, she requested to eat at The Cracker Barrel...she loves a we did, and we might make it a tradition to go there, since it was low key and we were in and out without much hassle, and we were able to spend time together as a family-which was nice.  Hubs did get me a coffee mug set that said: "We go together like Milk and Cookies."  That's how you know we are a good match people-In the card i got for him I told him he was the cheese to my Marconi...the french to my get it...we are dorks...lovable dorks.

MBFF-Casey-is getting Married!!!  I could not be more excited about this event!  I am even more honored that I was asked to perform the ceremony!  It is going to be one awesome event.  Megan, Ellen and I are in the process of planning a shower for Casey...which will be 3/17 or St. Patrick's Day and at the end of March we are making our way to Greenville for a Bachelorette Party-watch out Greenville-here comes trouble!!

Speaking of Megan, She is making a human...That's right-Megan is pregnant-and recently (well, recent for you, because I am a slack blogger and haven't updated you on ANYTHING since December...) learned that her human is a B-O-Y!!!  Casey and I are in the process of planning a baby shower for Megan (Megan's sister in law is also planning, though I am not sure she wants a shout out on the Ol Hit or Miss-but in the interest of full disclosure-it is not just Casey and me doing the planning).  Megan's shower is going to be on 3/24-so excited for that! 

March is going to be a busy Month for sure!  This weekend, Hubs and I are headed to Savannah-our 7 year anniversary is on the 12th and we are scooting off for a getaway.  we live so close to Savannah but neither of us have ever been there-and after this weekend-we will both be able to say that we have!  The next weekend will be filled with shopping and getting ready for all aforementioned showers.  The 17th is Casey's shower, the 24th is Megan's shower and the 31st is the Bachelorette party. 

Hooray for Weddings and Babies (especially when they aren't mine)!!!

Additionally January 1, 2012 was the official start of the Fiscal Fast...where you don't spend money on clothes shoes or accessories for yourself for 2 make up for the money you spent in December for Holiday festivities...the Fast ends TODAY!  I am proud to say that I have not procured ANYTHING for me (and if you know me, you KNOW this was a TOUGH online lunch trips to the outlets...sigh....) that wasn't food or necessity-things like toilet paper, toothpaste, body wash...since December 31....And of course, this year is a Leap Year so there was one extra day in February to work with-but my bank account is much happier...speaking of that HAPPY LEAP DAY!!!

I have a PEN PAL!!!  Her name is Nicky-and we really do send each other hand written letters-Leslie over at Blonde Ambition posted a blog about wanting a Pen Pal and she could not have done a better job matching us up!  Nicky and I share a lot of the same interests!  Speaking of that-Who is watching the Bachelor?   Does anyone else want to kick Courtney in the teeth?  seriously.over.her.  I am also watching Survivor this season because there were 2 girls on this season from South Carolina :)  I am a reality Show junkie!

As another random bonus-I was heating up my frozen boxed lunch today and a gentleman coworker-whom I see frequently but could not tell you his name or what he does- stops next to me and says "You ALWAYS have the best shoes!"  I DIE!  I LOVE my shoes and I love that other people love them too!  a few months ago, another coworker said "In my eyes, no one will ever be able to fill your stilettos!"  Be still my heart!

View from the top

View from the side-sorry for the blur-the pictures are from my phone
Hopefully You will have another post from me next week talking about Savannah-as the Hubs is planning everything and won't give me any details...hard to pack when I say-Hey what do I need to pack and Hubs says: "Shoes and pants."  SAY WHAT?!?!?!  Boys...

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