Friday, June 1, 2012

Overdue-Baby Shower

So I am not sure what happened to the last few months of my life-they sure did go by fast though.  and so much has happened...I am not even quite sure where to start...let's I left off at Casey's Bridal Shower...shame on me...Since then we also had Megan's Baby Shower (I love that I am just now blogging about the shower when Megan is due in like 2 weeks...bad blogger...bad bad blogger...)
So Similar to Casey's shower-I totes forgot my camera-and didn't take any pictures of my own, but that did NOT stop me from borrowing some pictures from others...We decided to go with an Owl Themed shower-which-before you gag at the thought of an overly themed baby shower-rest assured-this one  tastefully incorporated throughout the shower so as to not make the showerers not feel like they entered a forest...  Here are a few pictures from the shower:
sweet owl pin-also-you can't even tell that Megan is pregnant in this picture...I was a walking whale when my shower rolled around!

Delish Gluten-Free Vanilla & Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes with cute Owl Toppers

Owl Banner

Me & My Cheese, Mom-to-Be & MBFF
I wish I had gotten a picture of the party favors and the food spread-because the food was amazing and the favors were really cute!  The favors were Hand Sanitizers (hey-you need clean hands if you are going to be trying to touch a newborn!) with owl's on them-and they smell amazing!  And Casey did an amazing job on the food! (I stuck with procuring the cupcakes and the standard veggie tray and fruit infused water-hard to mess up those!)

I can't wait to meet Mr. Man!

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  1. Awesome post! Those cupcakes were the bomb, I might have eaten 3-4. AND I'm still using the hand sanitize which smells lovely! Thanks again Erin and "MBFF"!