Friday, June 1, 2012

Dolphins Yes-Crocagator-Not So Much

We went on a mini vacation in April for 2 reasons-1) It was Hannah's Spring Break and 2) Hubs received his diploma in the mail and I wanted to celebrate his accomplishment!  We went to Myrtle Beach and My Parents and Hayley joined us as well.  We had a very fun but busy weekend. 

Hayley rode with us on the way to MB so Hans could have some company in the backseat and so we could all go on a Dolphin Cruise.  It was unseasonably cool that weekend-so the boat ride on the water probably seemed longer than it was because we were all pretty chilly-but we did end up seeing some dolphins and about a billion jellyfish...
Me & Hubs at the beginning

Hans and Hay

A Dolphin

One the way back

Me and Hans
After the tour we met up with Maw Maw and Poppi for dinner
Hey-Are you a Red Sox fan?  No-This is my husband's sweatshirt...

Hay and Poppi

Hubs & Hans you can see how sleepy Hans was-it was a big day~
Saturday we woke up and went to...Alligator Adventure...I do not like alligators-crocodiles or anything that could easily rip a limb off without much effort so this was PURELY an activity for my family...act of love if you will...(I would also like to add that I later found out that alligators can climb fences...SAY WHAT NOW!?  Lucky Hannah got to see the crocagators now because we will not be going back to that place...ever...)  I also would like to add that you can also find other things like lemurs and tigers there...random no?

I didn't mind the turtles

So brave

watching the lemurs get fed-did you know the Women Lemurs wear the pants in the Lemur fam?  Seriously...oh and you can't show your teeth/smile when you are feeding them or they think you are being aggressive-you know-the next time you find yourself in a position where you are surrounded by a family of lemurs...

Aidan the Tiger-not happy because it was too warm for him

My Bug Hanging Around!

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