Friday, June 1, 2012

Bend it Like Beckham

This Post is REALLY late-but Hannah had her first season of Soccer this Spring!  She was # 3 for the Tiny Tot Stingers!  # 3 was always Uncle Nick's Jersey number, and it was a happy coincidence that she also got # 3 at a random selection-She has been so excited about the sport since she knew what it was-the girl loves to run-I have NO idea where she gets that love-and I am pretty sure she is going to be a cross-country runner when she is older.  Hans was the youngest player on her team-the only 3 year old-and you could tell by how much taller some of the other kids were-and well-how distracted she was during the games and practices...but whatever-she had a blast!  I am also not quite sure how it happened-but I was also the Team Mom for the team...But I shall now post some pictures so you can enjoy her season as well...This post is so late that tomorrow is actually the Team Party where the trophies will be handed out...I know-bad blogger...I will do better...
I would also like to add that at least 4 times-at every practice or game-Hannah would make the following announcement to anyone listening "Whoa, I'm a Sweaty Baby."  She is silly-she also mastered the art  of multi-tasking as she would run the drills while waving and blowing me kissing and telling me she loves me-I know all the other mom's were jealous that their kids didn't do that.

She wanted to sit on the ball-and fell off every time

Doesn't she look like a professional? This was from her very first practice

The Stinger Gals-I have no idea why the boys aren't in the picture...
Now some pictures from the Season for your viewing pleasure:
Pep talk before the very first game!

watching her team

Wait-you can't play soccer when you are sitting down?

I love this picture!  It was right after her team member kicked the ball into the wrong goal 

time to rehydrate!


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