Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Confessions: Ice Cream Loves My Thighs

It's FRIDAY!  So that means it is time for a Confess Sesh with Leslie over at A Blonde Let's get to it!

1) I confess that I silently (ok fine, sometimes not so silently) judge people for their use of poor grammar.

2) I confess that I watch swamp people...I know, I know.  I really just can't turn it off.  I am thankful that there are subtitles because I am really not 100% positive that everyone speaks English all of time...

3) I bought some ice cream cupcakes for me to enjoy Hubs' birthday this week.  He and Hans had 1...I may have eaten far...and I fully intend to eat more. 

4) I am obsessed with ice doesn't matter what season it is or what the weather is outside, I want ice cream every day.  I love ice cream and ice cream loves my thighs...

5) Father's Day is this weekend, and Hans and I already gave Hubs his in last month.  It is a 2 person rocking hammock-and it is amazing.  You should be jealous if you don't have one or if you don't know someone who does have one. 

It's a wee picture but you should still be jealous.
6) Hans and I went on a date to see Madagascar 3 and I didn't really care for much of the movie, but I did like this part...and Hans and I might frequently reenact it...
7) My vacation doesn't start for another 2 weeks but I am already in vacation mode...and may have been for a cool 2 weeks now...sad but true.

8) I might be the world's worst pen pal...seriously-it took me almost 2 months to respond to my pen pal's letter...AND I TYPED IT...not even hand written...but I did go back and draw some pictures on it with pretty colored ink...does that count for anything?

9) The Gamecocks are back in Omaha for the CWS!!!  Hoping for a 3peat but I am just excited for them to have made it back there again (side note, Hubs was at the first game against Oklahoma the night Hans and I went out for our date-I am jealous but I still loved the QT with my Hans.)

10) Speaking of the Gamecocks-I CANNOT wait for FOOTBALL SEASON TO START ALREADY!!!!! 

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