Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make Up Session

It's no secret-I am a slack blogger...but i don't have to tell you that because you have been staring at the SAME blog since June...if you have hung in there for this long-thanks...I am going to try to give you a quick recap of what you have missed out on while I was off living life...

Shortly after Hubs' birthday, Father's Day happened...
Hannah participated in a variety of Swim lessons...she is basically on her way to the Olympics
Hannah also went to Cheer leading Camp
She will still break out with a random cheer every now and then-so stinkin cute
Someone also celebrated her 4th birthday!
K 4 started in August and this was her back to school hair
I saw this on pintrest-it is a snail braid and is much easier to do than it looks
She was stoked about going back to school...I hope she still feels this way in 10 years...
she was not stoked about the fact that her mommy kept taking pictures of her because she just wanted to go to school already...
At some point in the summer Hannah decided that she was going to be Snow White for Halloween...sneak peak for tomorrow's festivities
She really wants to wear those heels trick-or-treating, and I told her her feet would hurt but she is determined
We went to EdVenture in Columbia
We spent some quality time together before seeing Super Why
Obvi we both like giraffes
Our second season of soccer started (and finished...) I was actually one of the coaches for Hannah's team so that was an experience I will never forget...
The Fair is in town so we went to visit...this was the first year that Hannah was able to ride the rides and she LOVED it!

This was her favorite ride because the cars whipped you around the curve of the "track"

She didn't want to ride alone so she made Hubs ride with her...he looks like he is going to break the swing

Loved it!
Finally, since Halloween is just around the corner...literally less than 24 hours, we went to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin(s)...Hannah got 2 and the Hubs got 1...but carved 2 pictures into it because it was that big... pictures of the pumpkin carved will come later...you know in 6 months when I remember to post again...if it is any consolation, I thought about blogging every day...
annual height picture at the scarecrow...she is getting so big!
Sorry I am such a slacker...hopefully I will be able to post more frequently from now on!

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