Friday, June 1, 2012

Mini Vacay Part 2

While in MB we also played some putt putt-which is also when I learned that there is a line on the putter that you are supposed to line the ball up with when have I been?  Is this common knowledge that everyone knows? 
Poppi has such good form

She loves a Zebra

She loves a giraffe more!

Hubs just landed a hole in one...I think I exceeded the amount of strokes allotted on this one
Saturday night we went to Medieval Times-everyone had a good time!
The Myrtle Beach Castle

Ready to Cheer for the Red Knight!

Happy to have a purple unicorn

Hay needed a crown

Yay Red Knight!

my loves!

Why am I so shiny all of the time?

Our Knight

The Red Knight gave Hannah a flower

So she started cheering for him-and kept hitting me and Hubs in the face with her banners

The red knight gave Hay his hanky of beauty

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