Monday, March 26, 2012

Mission: Bridal Shower = Success

I have said it before and  am about to say it again-I love weddings!  Last weekend Megan, Ellen and I hosted a beautiful Bridal Shower for our dear friend and MBFF, Casey.  The shower was on St. Patrick’s Day, which did open the door for some very awesome potential themes for the shower, but in the end we decided to make it a Spring/Garden themed shower.  Megan was gracious enough to allow us to hold the event at her lovely home, located in...Charleston…Downtown…

Side note:
For those of you who do know me…you are very aware of my navigational handicap…I am not exaggerating people, if a chance exists for me to get lost, please believe, it will happen, and I will find myself driving around in circles in unknown areas…rather frustrating-so I tend to only travel to destinations I am familiar with (If I am driving, that is...)…and I avoid places like Downtown because a)I am VERY unfamiliar with it b) I live approximately 30-45 minutes from there, so it really is kind of a long trip for me to go out there c) ALL OF THE ONE WAY STREETS, sweet 8 pound 6 ounce Baby Jesus, why is it necessary to have so many one way streets?   Bonus story…My parents bought me a plane ticket for my 16th birthday so I could go visit Kim, my best friend in RI…and since I was legally able to drive, Kim, Bridget (Kim’s cousin) and I went for a drive somewhere…(couldn’t tell you where though because it has been a MINUTE since I was 16…sad) and sure enough I ended up turning down the wrong way on a one way street…who knew that this first driving experience would curse me forever…I digress
So you should know that I really only make an annual appearance downtown…as in literally…once a year…(though, this year I have already far exceeded that between good bye happy hours, bridal showers and trips to the various hospitals located in that area…and it is only March).  So you can imagine my concern for making it to Megan’s, unassisted, and on time…you may have forgotten this key part, but the shower was on St. Patrick’s Day…which means anyone who is able to be in a bar, was…or was on their way to a bar…in the street…on foot, on bike, in a vehicle, by carriage…you name it, the streets were filled with drunkards of all ages…young, (as in, I hope the bouncers were checking the IDs REALLY well that day, because some of those kids looked like they might still be in high school…I am an old lady, I know)old (as in my age, old so really late 20’s-30’s) and older…as in..>I think I saw Santa Clause wearing a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt…seriously, Santa.  With the streets filled like that, my anxiety of the “I don’t know where the H I am” feeling started to increase, I knew I needed to phone a friend…and I have to say, Megan did a wonderful job getting me to her house-and I didn’t get lost once…I did almost run over several people (they do make crosswalks AND sidewalks people…you might want to consider using them…just sayin…) and expressed my overwhelming sense of “You’re #1” to several other drivers as they stopped in the street to chat it up with people already at the bars…(ugh-park it in a spot, and then talk…not in the middle of the road) .  I was running behind due to the additional foot/transportation traffic, but I made it none the less! 
We jumped right into setting up and the party went well, and might have been the best Bridal Shower ever thrown!   Additionally, I was successfully able to perform the Word's First 1000 point turn when backing out of Megan's driveway while trying to avoid running into a brick wall-or two-literally.  You SHOULD be jealous you didn't get to witness that!  Luckily, with the help of Casey, Megan, Ellen and some lovely female tourists (who happened to be walking through taking pictures of the garden...I made it out-and am proud to report that I did not get lost on the way home-Mission Bridal Shower= Success!

Unfortunately, I was lame and forgot to charge my camera battery so I don’t have any of my own pictures to show you, but I am going to borrow some of Megan’s so you can experience the party as if you were there! I am a giver like that!
Ellen, Megan, Me and the Spread!

Ellen's Wonderful Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

The Beverage table

Casey Loves Allen Banner

Casey with her Hostesses

Our gift to Casey was a necklace that said "C<3A"

Some of the Shower guests

Awesome party favors, A Coke and personalized M&Ms

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