Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lucky Number 7

Monday, Hubs and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary...I have NO idea where the time went!  It really does not seem like that long ago that we were preparing for our wedding, and yet, it was 7 years ago!  We have definitely had our share of the Goods and the Bads, the Sickness and health, and the richer or POORER part of the vows we exchanged 7 years ago, but I wouldn't trade it for the world, we have 1 BEAUTIFUL sassy daughter and 2 fur babies and while I am not where I thought I would be  years ago, I realize I am right where I need to be.  It is crazy how things work out like that. 

You may recall that I briefly mentioned here that Hubs was planning a trip to Savannah so we could celebrate our anniversary early.  Now, as promised, I shall tell you about it!  I know right-I can't believe it either, I am actually getting around to following up about a trip we took...take it in people take it in...if you need a moment to compose yourself, I completely understand...I might take one myself...

Good?  Good.

So I dropped Hannah off at school Friday morning and when I walked into her class her teacher said, "Oh, Mom is here today, we never see mom, this is a real treat!"  Now, I know she meant that in a nice way (or at least that is what I am telling myself so I don't cry) but I was like, man...I really do try...I go to all of her class parties and school functions, but as a Full time working mom it i almost impossible for me to work an "8-5" schedule and drop her off at school when school doesn't start until 8:30 and then turn around and pick her up when school is over at 11:30...sigh...way to start off the weekend with extra mommy guilt...I am already leaving her for 2.5 days, now I feel guilty for working too...sigh...some days I feel like I will never win. 

Moving right along...Hannah's Granci (Hubs' mom) came over to pick up her suitcase and load up the car seat in her car because she was picking up Hannah from school to start their fun filled weekend.  As soon as Granci left, Hubs and I hopped in the car and started our adventure.  First we stopped for lunch at Sesame-one of Hubs' most favorite places. 
Erin: "Please let me take your picture!  I want to document our trip!"
Hubs: "You know you just want to put it on your blog"
Erin: "Hello, I said I want to 'Document our trip' how else did you think this would be accomplished?"
He is a HUGE supporter of blogging...
For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to pull my hair back with a clip...looking a this picture, not the greatest idea I have ever had...oh well, who likes food in their face when they are eating?  Not this girl!
After lunch, we hit the road and headed to Savannah...basically a straight shot from Charleston...I was armed with my phone charger, so I could play Words With Friends, (and by play, I mean strategically plan what my next word will be based on the options on the board, because only my mom is as quick to play a word as I am and everyone else just plays a word every few days...COME ON PEOPLE...PUH LEASE pick up the guys wait so long that I forget what great word I wanted to play!...wait...maybe that is your plan...) and some Smut..The usual suspects, Us Weekly, In Touch Weekly, People, and the latest issues of All You (I am an old lady) and Glamour (old lady in denial...) and I was happy as a clam (which, BTW, are clams happy?  How do you know if they are or aren't?  I have never seen a clam smile...).  Hubs put in a Bon Jovi CD and we were cruising right along...When I love a song, I will belt it out at the top of my I know Hubs REALLY enjoyed the trip...and I don't care what he tells anyone...I will say that there was a point in time where I had to tell Hubs that I didn't care what he thought the words to the songs were, I was free styling and he was cramping my style...

We pulled up to the hotel late in the afternoon

It was a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L day...sunny, 80 degrees, awesome start to the weekend, so we were excited to unpack and go back out to see what we could get into. 

For those of you wondering what the room looked like
When we got to the room, Hubs had roses and champagne waiting for us!
Such a romantic(don't tell him I told you that...)
"Document THIS in your blog" It never ends...
We got settled in and then headed out to see what we could find.  The square our hotel was located in was a block or so behind the main street in Savannah so it was a perfect location for me, close enough to all of the action but not right in the middle of it so not too much in the way of a crowd!  There was a HUGE statue of John Wesley in the middle of the square

Don't know who John Wesley is?  No worries, there is a sign for that too...
There now you are all caught up!  You are welcome!
We walked to River, for those of you who have never been to Savannah, this is where the "action" is-this is where the people gather around for St. Patrick's Day and cause a ruckus...while drinking with open containers out in the general public on any given day...which is not legal in SC...(not that it stops most people from trying it though...)  We made our way to a bar called Rocks on the Roof.  Because it was such a nice day, we sat at a table that was half inside and half outside so Hubs (aka personal furnace) could enjoy the air conditioning and we could still enjoy the weather.  Win-Win-Win (thank you Micheal Scott). 
Hubs: "PLEASE STOP taking my picture for your blog"
Here is something you might not know if you have never been to Savannah...THERE ARE BIRDS EVERYWHERE...seriously...I don't have a fear of birds, but I much prefer it if they keep their distance...i will stay in my area (land) and you stay in yours (air) and we all get along, thank you very much. 
I know he saw me taking his picture since he asked if he could join us for a drink...

not gonna lie to freaked me out just a bit when he turned his head and made eye contact with me.

Now, something you should know about Hubs...he HATES Ketchup...however, this bar had a garlic ketchup and Hubs actually TRIED IT...and LIKED, of course, I took a picture for photo evidence (aka documentation for my blog)...please not the excited look on his face...PS...those fries were AMAZING (I only wish we had not stopped and ate lunch on the way because I would have eaten waist line, on the other hand, does not share the same wish.)
Hey there Big Cheese!  Where have you been my whole life?
What is this?   A picture of the Hubs smiling?  I cannot believe it!
We walked around some more and ended up eating dinner at a Seafood place called Tubby's...pretty good, I just wish we sat outside because it was insanely hot inside, and when hubs is hot, he is a big ol crankapotamous, so we ate and ran.
We went in some of the shops along River Street...
This one is for you Jane!
GO GAMECOCKS!  I had no idea there was a Gamecock pasta...
Saturday, Hubs set up a horse drawn carriage tour.  It was so sweet.  I am so thankful he did this because we saw WAY more of Savannah than we would have without it.  Unfortunately, about 30 mins after our tour, the sky opened up and it rained like crazy, so we did not go back to visit any of the places we saw along the tour (it's OK, it's a great reason to need to go back!).
Thanks for being such a wonderful tour lead, Oscar!  without you I would not know nearly as much as I did about Savannah, because let's face it, I wasn't willing to walk as far as you did...
Seriously, Oscar knew his way around Savannah like it was his own house.  I struggle finding my way around Charleston...I will spare you from too many pictures of the tour...
Because it rained from about 11:30 until some wee hour in the morning, after we ate lunch, we went back to the hotel and I took a nap, and did NOT feel guilty about it one was AWESOME. 
When I woke up (a good few hours later) it was STILL raining...and pretty chilly outside, but we were determined to go see what else Savannah had to offer.  We ended up getting some ice cream at Leopold's and then walking up Broughton Street to see what stores/shops they have.  We went inside this place called the Salt Table...and they have only about 1000 different kinds of salts...and tea...
That's right, Smoked Bacon Sea Salt...
Ever wish your popcorn could taste like Pickles?  You are in Luck-Snooky-call up the Salt Table and order yours today!
Hate having to put your beer down so you can enjoy some popcorn-Never Fear-Beer flavored popcorn coming right up! (gross)
Hubs wanted to visit a Pub called Crypt Pub...I was hesitant at first, as I don't do scary...ever...if possible...but I agreed and went in (this was all part of my master plan people) and it wasn't that bad...they put dry ice in the drinks so it looks cool when you drink them...though, Hubs' drink was OOC! 
This was a firefly and blackberry combo thing...
mine was a strawberry kiwi martini-delicious-but super messy...the sugar on the rim got everywhere and my fingers were stained red for a bit...
Looks like I am a fire breathing dragon with smoke coming out of my nose
You may recall me mentioning my master plan...well...when we arrived in Savannah, I noticed that Spring Awakening was being performed a the theater 1 block away (not even sure it was a full 1 block) and I REALLY wanted to see it because I have heard it is a great show...but it is a musical, and I have not been successful in getting Hubs to agree to watch any musical/ballet, enter master plan...It is cold, rainy, we don't want to be inside the hotel because we are on Vacation but we don't want to be wandering around outside because of the weather situation (and one of us may have only brought flip flops to wear...don't judge me it was supposed to be in the 70's all weekend) so I started looking at my phone to see if there were any tickets available for the Saturday evening show...Low and Behold there were!  I kept mentioning the show and telling Hubs about all of the great things I had heard about it and then mentioned that there were we would be out and about, but not in the rain...and What do you know-He said YES!  I am sure that the amount of liquor he consumed had something to do with it but I did NOT care! 
Waiting for the show to start!
Sunday the rain FINALLY stopped and Hubs and I decided to go back to River Street to see the side we didn't make it to on Friday and the first part of Saturday (before the rain started).  We stopped in at Huey's because he had heard that they served "World Famous Beignets" World Famous, you say?  Sign me up...and let me tell you, Byron, who was not the most attentive server, brought our order out with a side of the praline sauce...AWESOME...seriously, if you go to Savannah, try to stop in and order yourself some, you will not be sad-best I ever had...I say that with the caveat that I have never had a beignet before so I really can't compare them to anything saying I am Hayley's favorite Aunt-well duh I am her only Aunt...

It was Pretty chilly Sunday and REALLY windy so we visited the side of River Street we hadn't seen previously, and then we went back to a candy store to get Hannah a surprise.  While in the store, I found this gem...
seriously...people buy these?
We left around noon on Sunday.  I am so happy Hubs and I were able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but I missed my Hannah and I was ready to see her!

I mean who wouldn't miss this face?!
When I came home from work on Monday Hubs announced that he had already started to plan our 10th anniversary...

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