Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v.6

Version 6 right?  I know i skipped a few recaps, but back to 6 is a little rediculous...sorry guys.  This weekend was pretty low key because Hubs was working, so it was just Hannah and me.  When I went to pick up Hans from my mom's house, Hans and Tyler were in the backyard playing soccer.  It was so incredibly cute!  Hans is totally going to be a professional soccer player! 

Saturday was Tyler's birthday.  I can't believe he is 3 already!  You know what that means right?  Yep, My Hans will be 3 in 7 short weeks!  Agh!  Crazy!  Ty's birthday party was at Chuck E. Cheese...Hannah loves that place but she does NOT love Chuck E stated numerous times before, she is NOT  a fan of any enourmous critter in costume...and she doesn't care what it's purpose is.  As soon as Chuck E came closer to her, she turned her little face into me, started crying, sweating and was incredibly sad to see.  We promptly left the party area and she ate her cake at a table behind the part area and kept one eye on Chuck E. at all times...Oh Hannah...After the party, we went home to take a nap (yes, I did end up taking a brief nap on the couch...jealous?)

Sunday, we went to Church and then headed to the grocery store.  Hans is such a good shopping buddy!  She also likes to organize the displays for the store...if she sees apples mixes in with the oranges, she cannot proceed to the next display until all of the apples are back in their that Baby OCD or is it just me?  Then we hung out for the rest of the day doing pretty muc whatever Hans wanted.

I ended up having to take River (one of our dogs) to the vet Saturday.  She has another ear infection...that dog is a mess.  She has bad hips, allergies and an ear infection...she takes more meds than I do!  Hopefully she is feeling better soon!

Like I said, it was a pretty low key weekend.  Next weekend Aunt Susie might be here so that will be is also Memorial Day weekend-do you have any exciting plans?  We might go pick some strawberries :)  I am also having lunch with Madeleine and her mom to talk wedding stuff!  I can't believe her wedding is just 3 months away!

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