Thursday, December 30, 2010


I can't believe 2010 is practically it is December 30, and It feels like it should only be about September...don't get me wrong...I am happy to have the glorious break from work (this year I called it the 13 Days of Christmas :)  try not to be jealous).  Anyhow...
Christmas was good.  We traveled to Columbia to see Jason's Dad and Stepmom and sister-we went out to dinner and then to the Zoo to see the lights.  Even though it was pretty cold, we had fun...until Hannah had a melt down-because she was tired, but as soon as we got her in the car under her blanket watching Nemo we were all better-in fact, she said- "I feel better now"  boy-is she a big girl going through her terrible 2' you can see Hannah in her "Nemo Coma"

Jason and me at the zoo
Hannah playing in her new tent and tunnel
On Christmas morning Hannah was super excited to see what Santa brought her. I was just excited to see her face as she opened all of her gifts...and boy did she get a lot of are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure

Hannah's new Balabce Bike

She sang Rock a Bye Baby to her new baby was so cute front of all of the Christmas trash...

After we got dressed we headed out to Jason's Grandma's house...where Hannah ate a rather large Banana

Then we left for Jason's Mom's house

Playing with whatever was on the window ledge


My Love

Up to no good

Opening Gifts

Jason stole part of Ty Ty gift

My niece Hayley

Silly In front of the tree

Hannah and Ty Ty

Merry Christmas
Then we left to go to My parent's house...which is where Hannah tried to take a nap butit was not successful so we left and came back for dinner...she did very well all day for not having a nap...and I think she was even tired of opening presents...though now everytime we go somewhere she says "Oh no!  Where are my presents?"  Hope she will soon realize that that is a special thing for Christmas...

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!

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