Monday, February 14, 2011

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!  I am really not emotionally tied to Valentine's Day-it really hasn't been anything special for me in the past-regardless of my relationship status, so for me, it is really just another eat candy...and wear my favorite red sweater from Loft with a cute pink tank under it...Thank you Cupid :)  I am growing more excited about Valentine's Day-mostly because of my Hans...She is just starting to understand what all of the holidays are about, and now that she is in school (still loving it) she has her first School party tomorrow and she is very excited about her class party.  Me on the other hand...not so much...more on that part to follow.  I love that Hannah is excited about her party and her new Valentine's Day shirt with all of the sparkly hearts on it.  Jason and I have made it our mission to make sure she gets a special valentine every year.  This year, it is Tinkerbell her new bedding for her big girl bed is Tinkerbell (which just arrived Friday, so she was very excited to take a nap this weekend-which led to a 3.5 hour nap-unheard of in our house-but not unwelcome)  So I can't wait to give her her present when I get home from the gym tonight...(yes, I said gym, Spinning tonight followed by a session with Heather=one tired Erin...)

As for Hannah's party.  Hubs picked up Hans from school Thursday and asked me if I was aware of the fact that we are responsible for bringing sandwiches to the party...SANDWICHES!  and to make it better they can't have peanut butter in them...I feel like I am going to fail right out of the gate with this one...what kind of sandwich do you make a 2 year old for lunch? PB&J or grilled cheese right?  (or maybe it is just me)  So somehow, we landed entree portion of the party, and I feel so pressured!  We decided to go with some jelly and some turkey & cheese...and bring a small mayo & mustard with us in case someone wants it...ugh...sandwiches.  Why didn't we get chips & dip or even juice?  I is tomorrow morning so let's hope the other parents don't judge us for our sandwiches...BUT to spice it up we are doing heart shaped sandwiches so maybe people will be so distracted about the heart shape that they don't notice the lack of creativity in their entrees...seriously-I can't get over it-sandwiches...can't I just bring pizza and call it a day?

Hannah and I hung out all weekend.  We went shopping Saturday morning.  When we were in Target, she looked at me and said "I'm tired, can we go home and I take a nap in my new bed?"  it was the cutest thing ever, but I looked at her and told her that she was going to have to work on her shopping stamina because it was just a bit ridiculous for her to be that tired after only going to 2 stores...silly Hans... Yesterday it was so beautiful outside-somewhere in the 60's and sunny-so we went to the park and played for a little while.  We are still working on the potty training thing-and I introduced her to diet coke.  She really likes to drink "Mommy's juice" no matter what it is (well except root beer-she HATES root beer-and after she drinks it-she will look right at you like you poisoned her...).  Hans was sitting on her potty when she announced that she needed more "diet coat" I told her it was coke ... and proceeded to make the "k" sound-her response was "so?  I still need more..."  ahhhh Hannah. 

Hubs and I really don't exchange Valentine's Day Gifts-or if we do we put some silly $5.00 limit on the gift and go from there...This year-he got a box of chocolate covered cherries...he loves them and has already eaten 2 according to the last text I received...

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

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