Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v.7

I love a 3 day weekend!  It is difficult for me to remain motivated the day before the long weekend is supposed to start and it is a little worse on the first day back, but judging my the lack of productivity in my department, I am certain I am not the only one who shares this sentiment...This weekend was Memorial Day weekend...As I stated, I love a long weekend, but i also need to take a minute to remember what Memorial Day is really about-and no, I don't mean that extra sales that most stores offer or your first day off in months or the fact that you held your annual BBQ, I mean it is a chance for all of us to spend an entire day remembering and paying our respect to those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom, so that on any given day we can go out and shop for those special bargains, or enjoy a nice BBQ with family and friends... You might recall that I have a brother in the Army who is actively deployed-fighting for us-you and me-and Lord only knows how many of his dear friends and Army "family" members have given the ultimate sacrifice...ugh, I am tearing up just thinking about it.  Anyway-I hope you took a moment to think about the real meaning of Memorial Day...and off of my Soap Box and on to The adventures of the weekend.

Friday, I was lucky to have a lunch date with Megan.  Megan needed to make a pit stop at Staples so she requested that we meet at Chic-Fil-A because they are in the same shopping center (more or less), and I Love the Chic so I was all for it!.  As we were waiting in line, I thought I saw something whiteish fall from the ceiling, so I looked up to see if I could figure out where it was coming from...but I didn't see anything.  I happened to look at Megan out of the corner of my eye, and see that she is making the WTF face, and I say-"Did you see that..." and mid sentence I realize that Poor Megan is COVERED in ketchup!  I look at the lady in front of me and she too, is covered in ketchup!  in front of her was a woman with her 2 young daughters...and one of those angels decided it would be a good idea to get 2 packets of ketchup, lay them on top of each other, and BITE down-thus creating a ketchup grenade-blowing shrapnel all over everyone who was in the line of fire...I am not sure how it missed me, but Megan had it in her hair (and from what I have heard, it took not one but 2 shampooings to wash the tomato & vinegar moisturizer out) across her chest and all down the front of her was AWFUL.  I didn't know what to say!  The mother of the children ended up apologizing to Megan (and the lady in front of us) but seriously...who does that happen to?

This special packet of ketchup holds 3 times the amount of ketchup as a regular packet...and 2 of them were shot at poor poor Megan....
Saturday we woke up and headed out to Boone Farm Plantation with the sole intention to pick Strawberries.  We picked up Hayley on the way and trekked out to Mount Pleasant.  When we arrived we were advised that Saturday was the last day to pick strawberries and that there were also blackberries that were ready to be picked!  We found this to be very exciting, so we headed out to find some strawberries first.  Hannah was so excited that we were letting her pick the strawberries-every time she found one she would say "Look Mommy!  I found one!" or "I found another one Mommy!"  She was so excited.  Hayley had fun with them too...she wasn't so much a fan of the bugs, in fact, one crawled on her hand and she literally jumped backwards and was pretty funny to see. 

Ready to Roll!

The girls making their way to the Strawberry field

This was right before the bug made its way to Hayley's hand...

Shhh! She's hunting for Strawberries!

Look Mommy!  I found another one!

Hubs stole Hannah's bucket and went to pick his own

The lovely crop of berries

Ready to pick blackberries now!
 When we felt like we had enough strawberries, we made our way to the blackberry field.  Now, if you have ever picked blackberries before (unlike myself before this trip) you know that there are thorns on the blackberry bushes...and MAN do they hurt!  Hayley went off with Hubs to pick and Hans led the way for us.  We found some really big blackberries-though I am not sure if it is normal, but the bigger ones tended to be at the bottom of the bush while we were there, I don't know if that is the case later in the season.  I think blueberry season starts later this month and goes into July, so we hope to go back for those (I am not much of a fan, but Hubs and Hans LOVE blueberries) but this time we might bring some gloves for those pesky thorns...Hayley disliked the thorns so much that she only picked 3 berries....

Just for proof that I was there...

World's best berry finder!

Hubs and Hayley
I had a lunch date (meeting) with Madeleine and her mom to discuss Madeleine's upcoming wedding ceremony-which I am officiating.  We were supposed to meet at noon, and we finished picking our berries at about 10:30 so we made our way to Waterfront Park to play.  The both had a blast.  There were these spinning things (I have no idea what they are called, but they look like giant cups and you sit in them and you spin around in circles) and Hannah and Hayley LOVED them.  Hans would yell "Faster Daddy Faster" so Hubs, of course, would spin her faster.  Meanwhile, I am watching thinking, man, if that were me, I would totally be throwing up right now (I do NOT do spinning things well).  Sure enough, one spinning playground thing later, Hans was throwing up in the wood chips...and that was our exit to leave...we walked back to the car where Hayley announced that her tummy hurt too-but luckily she didn't get sick-but the poor think looked miserable...any how, we stripped Hans down to her diaper and let her ride back naked. 

Faster Daddy!

It's all fun and games until someone loses their lunch...

She was so dizzy-this is right before she fell over...I am sure that it makes me a bad mom that I took this picture instead of helping her walk...

Hubs was pretty proud of himself

Loves to swing

Last spinning thing of the day...because right after this, Hans let go and fell off, stood up and threw up...good times...

Riding back sans clothes...but she kept telling us she had pretty toes...

Maybe we should have stopped spinning a while ago...

We found some pretty big blackberries-the 2 on the outside are "normal" sized berried, and the 2 in the middle...well...they might need to be tested for performance enhancers...
Hubs dropped me off for my meeting and then he took the girls to get some lunch and dropped them off with my parents and made his way back to Sesame to get sweet of him to not leave me abandoned in North Charleston alone-though I am sure Madeleine and her mom would have taken me somewhere if necessary.   The meeting went well (I think anyway).  we were able to talk about what she had in mind and what I had in mind.  Her mom even started crying-sign of a good wedding (and an emotional mother of the bride). 

Sunday, Hubs, Hans and I made our way to Edisto to visit Hubs' mom and step dad, Ray.  Ray built a beautiful house on the river with a really big fountain-that is big enough for Hans to swim in...and for us to stand in to cool off when it is hot (Speaking of is 95 degrees right is not even summer yet...I digress).  Ray also has a dock in his "front yard" which is really the part of the house that faces the river and not the part that you drive up to when you we had a good time visiting them, unfortunately, Hannah got sick Sunday night (I am thinking over heated...I feel like such a bad mom...) and she woke up Monday with a fever.

Showing me her no confuse this with showing me her muscles...

NOW she is showing me her muscles

Beautiful view from the dock

Hannah: "Mommy! I want to take the picture"

Love her

I think this is right before she asked if she could get in the water

Testing out the water in the fountain

She likes to sit up on the top with the dolphins

Swimming with the dolphins

Relaxing on the Hammock

Hubs: "Ugh, seriously Erin, why do you keep making me take these pictures?"

During low tide you can see all of the little crabs running around...they look like cockroaches from far away...gross

Monday, I had every intention of going to the gym to workout with Heather and get some good cardio time in, but unfortunately, Hans felt awful all day.  She didn't really even want to move off of her bean bag-she took a nap from 10-12:30 and woke up to eat a PB&J sandwich, then went right back to her beanbag to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...I kept having to make her drink Gatorade because I didn't want her to be dehydrated...I felt so bad for her.  (Hans woke up Tuesday with a low fever, but she seemed to be in a much better "Hannah-like" mood, so I took her to Mom's and then headed to work.)

That sums up our weekend-how was yours?  I hope you were able to enjoy a 3 day weekend and spend some time with your family and friends and took a moment to remember those for which Memorial Day was created.

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