Monday, June 13, 2011

Near Record-Breaking Highs...

Wow!  I had an awesome weekend-I am pretty sad that it is over, I am not going to lie...that being said, you most definitely should look forward to this week's Weekend Wednesday!  Hubs and I partied like we were 21 again (and most definitely paid for it later...).  When my alarm rang this morning all I could think about was how I did NOT want to get out of bed...and yet, here I am, so let's all enjoy a little Meet Me on Monday!

1. What is your favorite yogurt flavor?

Man...this is a tough one!  If you are talking about regular yogurt, I love key lime, lemon, or raspberry...(come on guys, you know I can't pick just one!)  I will say that I tend to choose the Key Lime option more than the maybe that is my favorite, or maybe it is because it is closer where I am standing when making my yogurt selection...who knows...

It doesn't have to be Light & Fit, it can be Great Value, and I would still love it!

Now, if we are talking Greek...that is a whole different story, because as those of you who partake in that kind of yogurt eating know, there are far fewer flavor options in the Gerek yogurt variety...I LOVE the pineapple and have recently discovered the black cherry flavor-and that is pretty good too (though, I find the black cherry flavor to have more "chunks" in it, and I am not really a chunks in my food kind of gal, so the pineapple flavor has a slight edge in that competition.

2. Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??
Well...On me, it is more of a Kankle sock, but you get the point there, I really don't like when people can see a lot of my socks (when I am wearing them, which is not too often).  I wear socks to the gym...and those are about kankle height...but considering the fact that I live in the south, and today's forecast is "a near record breaking high" (ugh, have I mentioned I am not built for heat...seriously, it was 78 on my drive into work today, and that was at 7:15...I am sweating thinking about how how it is going to be when I am ready to go home...I digress) I spend most of my time in my beloved Rainbows-or flip-flops-when I am not at work....Do you have Rainbows where you live?  No?!  Man0you are missing out-you should order some online and have them shipped to you ASAP...I will wait for you...

Rainbows, get some so you can love them too!
As far as the color, since I am only really wearing them to the gym, I stick with white-you know-so my feet can "breathe."  When I wear trouser socks to work, they tend to be neutral...occasionally though, I will bust out the patterned socks, or a holiday sock when seasonally appropriate...but again, I really only wear socks when I am going to the white ones win.

3. How is the weather right now?
Maybe you skipped my tirade above about the weather...if so, I will, it is HOT.  Sunny and hot.  SC is officially in a drought, and when I watch the weather report, there is only about a 10% chance of rain everyday for the next 3 there really isn't much hope of cooler weather in the near future...Today, we are "near record breaking highs"  The Record is 97, they are forecasting 96...(really people, when it is that hot outside, is there really a difference between 96 and 97?  I think not) and it really was 78 while I was "enjoying" my morning commute at 7:15...While I like the relaxed atmosphere of the summer, I do NOT enjoy the heat-I am not built for heat...I would really like to live somewhere that I can enjoy 4 seasons...and when 96 degrees doesn't happen until at least "real" summer or even July or August...

4. Are you a fast typer?
I would say I am a pretty fast typer...I am sure there are people out there who can type faster than I can, but I have heard from people that happen to share the same office vicinity as me, that I type fast. Which is weird, because I really never took a typing course to learn how to type "correctly." I am pretty sure the only reason I learned to type was because my Aunt Susie got me a computer when I started college (life saving gift right there!) that had an ergonomically correct key board (you know, where the keys are located on the proper side of the keyboard so your hands do not cross over to the wrong side...looks like a wave...) and due to that, I have learned the proper placement of my fingers for the home keys...and have become a pretty fast typer...

Probably the only reason I can type fast
5. Red or White Wine?
White...if you have been reading my blog, you are ware of my allergy situation with the Reds...and of the Reds I have tried, none are as good as the I am more of a sweet Riesling than a bitter/tart/spicy Red...i will take any red suggestions you might have, so that I can learn to appreciate the Red side of the house though. so please feel free to send those along (suggestions or bottles ;)  )

It's not fancy, but it sure is tasty!
What about you?  You can play too!

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