Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Wednesaysih v.10

Yes, I am aware that today is Thursday-not Wednesday...painfully aware.  Yesterday I needed a re-do-have you ever had one of those days that just started off on the wrong foot and before 10 am you just wanted a do-over?  That was me yesterday.  Due to the fact that I am pretty indecisive-and yet appropriately assertive (I guess the use of appropriate depends on who you ask, but since you are reading and I am the one talking blogging about it, the word appropriate is perfectly...appropriate when it comes to my assertiveness), I frequently second guess decisions I have made regarding various situation in my life.  I am not going to go into too much detail about it (I know, but I promise you will thank me later) but yesterday was one of those days where my second guessing nature led me to frustration and the frustration led me to tears with led me to shut down mode which led to a nonproductive state of mind I was a struggle to say the least.  That being said, I beg your forgiveness for not actually posting this Weekend Wednesday yesterday...forgive?  Thank you for your understanding,.

So Last weekend Hannah and I spent some quality time together.  My little girl is getting bigger everyday right before my eyes, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  even though I want her to be my little cuddle bug forever, I love the fact that we can play together and do even more as she gets older-bitter sweet to say the least-my baby-who is not a baby anymore, will be 3 in less than a month.  On that note, something has happened-no nothing bad (well depending on who you ask) happened, but something happened this weekend.  Somehow, I have become Mom...I am no longer Mommy, just Mom...I don't know how or why it happened, but at some point this weekend, I turned into just Mom...It broke my heart a little, I am not going to lie.  I felt this same "pain" when Hannah looked at me last year and said "I don't no wanna rock tonight Mommy."  What?!?!  We rocked every night before Hannah went to sleep and sang our good night song and followed up with her bedtime prayers, and out of the blue-she looks at me-mid motion to sit down-and drops that bomb on me-I never even saw it coming...I put her in her bed, she rolled over on her side (that's how we know she is REALLY about to fall asleep) and she was out...I left her room closed the door and cried-while Hubs just looked at me with a confused stare...he will never get it.  So when Hannah decided I am Mommy. I received the same confused stare from Hubs...yet another sign that my baby is no longer a baby anymore...

As I previously mentioned, we are in full blown potty training mode so I try to make sure I don't go too far from home because Hannah seems to be very hesitant to try to go potty when we are out, and at this point, I need her to be comfortable with knowing that she has to go potty and then actually making the effort to go sit on the potty.  That being said, I made the executive decision to not go workout Saturday morning-for fear that the ladies in the child car center at the gym wouldn't know that they needed to ask Hannah if she needed to try to go potty and Hannah would get so caught up in play time (they have a jump castle in there, so there is NO WAY that going potty was going to take priority over  bouncing in the jump castle) that she would be more likely to have an accident and then feel bad and give up trying to go potty for the rest of the day, and that was not worth an hour of spin class to me-judge me if you will-I don't care. 

Saturday morning Hannah decided she wanted to watch George-you know-Curious George...jealous of my Saturday shows?  You should be.  We got Hannah a Curious George Goes Green movie (and by movie I mean series of George episodes that are related to Green efforts) and that was what she wanted to watch.  Now, Hannah is a multi-tasker, and cannot just sit and watch a show-she likes to play with her toys and have the show on in the background (she totally gets that from me-I hate when it is so quite I can hear myself breathing!).  She decided to play with some wooden spoons (oh the money I waste on actual toys) that are a normal wooden spoon on one end and a drum stick on the other (these were actually a gift for Hubs because that's how he rolls).  She then pulled out a bucket and began stirring the spoon in it.   I asked her what she was making-and generally her response is "I'm making you dinner," and this time her response was "I'm making compost."  There you have it folks, Hannah has gone Green. 

Saturday afternoon Hannah and I made a trip to Target-her favorite store.  I got her some more side walk chalk (or "chunks" if you are Hannah) and a jump rope-she loves playing with Hayley's jump rope so I decided she needed one of her own-not that she really knows how to use it.  After target we had lunch and went home to play "Chunks," blow bubbles, play soccer and "play" jump rope.  Hannah is a a frog, she likes to jump/hop everywhere she goes-not sure where she gets that.  I have been trying to get her to hop on one foot, (but that is not going so well...) so I drew a hopscotch game on the driveway with the "Chunks" and showed Hannah how to play...she is the CUTEST thing when playing Hopscotch-she puts one foot in the single square and kicks up her other (so it looks like she hopped with one foot) and then tells me (and/or Hubs depending on who is with her) that we are doing it wrong when we just hop with one foot on those same blocks....ahhh silly sweet Hannah!

Sunday was Father's Day.  Hannah and I practiced saying "Happy Father's Day" all night Saturday.  When Hannah saw Hubs Sunday morning, she jumped up and said "Happy Mother's Day Daddy!  You are such a good mommy!"  So A) hubs gets to be Mommy and I am just Mom?  I don't mean to sound bitter, but seriously? B) I SWEAR we practiced Father's Day and not Mother's Day, but Hubs is convinced that I sabotaged the  Well, maybe I would on any other day just to get a rise out of him, but I swear I didn't tell her to say Mother...pinkie promise...Any how, Hannah was so excited to give Hubs the card and picture she made for him that she opened it for him while telling him she made him a picture.  It was sweet.  Hannah and I went to church and had lunch with my parents afterwards.  This time, Hannah gave Poppi the correct Happy Father's Day delivery, and then proceeded to open his card for him as well-she is such a good helper...

Later Sunday, Hannah decided that she wanted to have Chinese for dinner (I am pretty sure it is due to the large variety of jell-o at the Chinese buffet that makes her want to go there so often...or maybe it is the fish tank in the front, or the water fountain in the lobby area...who knows), so we made our way to the Chinese restaurant, and afterwards we went to the party store to start getting things for Hannah's 3rd birthday party...3rd...yes that is correct, she will be 3.  Originally, Hubs and I were planning to do a Tinkerbell party...but when we asked Hans what she wanted to do, she said..."Hmmm...I will consider it...I think we will do Cars."  Cars...I should have seen that coming, she is practically obsessed with that movie...(side bar-so much so that a red mustang passed us this morning while we were stopped at a stop sign and Hannah said "Look Mom-That was Lightening McQueen!") so just to make sure we asked her again if she wanted Tinkerbell or Cars, and she said again that the wanted Cars...So we made our way to the invitations and there, in plain sight, was Mickey...oh no-what a dilema for an almost 3 year old...Mickey or Mater?  We pulled down 1 Tinkerbell, 1 Cars and 1 Mickey invitation, and put her little pointer finger on her chin and tapped it, and said "I think I want Mickey" and grabbed that package and walked away.  That was it-we grabbed some Mickey and Minnie invitations and some party favors and checked out-we will be going back for plates and other Mickey related items later.  Unfortunately, since then, Hannah has been asking to play with her new Mickey stuff and tells everyone it is her birthday...silly girl. 

We are planning to do a hot dog bar at the party-trying to keep it simple.  Maria did this for Mason's birthday and it was such a good idea we are stealing borrowing the idea too-Low maintenance, easy to do, kid friendly, that's what I call a win-win-win :) (Thank you Michael Scott).  I asked Hannah if she wanted hot dogs at her birthday party and she said "No, I think we just need cake."  I have finally convinced her that we will have both and that she will need to eat her hot dog before she can have cake-we will see how that goes when the party comes....

I also just scheduled her 3 year old pictures-I am excited, but I need to find some shoes to go with her dress.  Because her birthday is in July, I bought her a white dress (before you go off on a tangent about how it is a waste of money to buy a white dress for a child let me assure you that it was purchased solely for picture purposes only) with red white and blue cupcakes embroidered on the bottom-I am thinking Red sandals would be great because I want to put a blue headband in her hair so she can wear her hair down for the pictures-we will see if I can find the sandals I want though...

Sunday night I was struggling to find something I wanted to watch on TV and I finished reading my book so I flipped through the channels until I found..wait for it...JERSEYLICIOUS!  Okay-do any of you watch this show on Style?  I love know I am a sucker for a reality series, but this one is something special!  I love how feisty all of the girls on the show are!  Seriously-if you have never seen it, try to catch it- it is AWFULly entertaining!

Hope you had a great weekend! Seriously-when you can't find anything to watch on TV this weekend-try to find a Jerseylicious episode to get lost in-you won't regret it (okay, maybe you will, but if there really isn't anything else to watch and you have nothing better to do, it is a good alternative to staring at the walls...or folding laundry...just sayin).

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