Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v.12

Hey Hey Hey!  This weekend was a long weekend (and I don't mean that it dragged on and on, I mean it was a 3 day weekend!!!) and we were able to Celebrate July 4th!  I know I have said this before, but one can never say it enough: Thank you to all of you who have chosen to VOLUNTEER to Serve this Country to continue to fight for our freedom-I would like to give a special Shout out to those of you who are in my family who serve-My Brother Nick, who is actively deployed-we miss you and love you, My Aunt Susie (a woman who is truly inspirational and the true definition of a fighter-as she fought the battle against breast Cancer-and won, and then turned right around and deployed overseas to fight for my life (and yours too!) & Uncle Jeff-both in Alabama now, but have visited "The Sandbox" on numerous occasions, (Glaring omission and please accept my apology) My Uncle Andy, now retired (we don't actually tell people we are related, but for this purpose, I have waived my rights to be unrelated to him...My Uncle Kenny, also retired now, but that doesn't take away from what either Kenny or Andy did while active duty, My Dad, also retired, who loved his job and devoted more than 20 years of his life to serving this country-he is the reason I know the true meaning of integrity, devotion and diligence.  I apologize if I am forgetting anyone.  I saw this and loved it immediately and felt the need to share it for you to love too:

"As we approach Independence Day, remember...The American flag does not fly because the wind moves past it. The American flag flies from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it. American soldiers don't fight because they hate what's in front of them...they fight because they love what's behind them"

Hannah and I had a pretty low key weekend.  I will say (without too many details, as to spare those of you who do not have children) that Hannah is doing such an AMAZING job with potty training!  She practically goes all by herself now without being asked if she needs to go.  I am so proud of her-she is such a big girl now!  Hannah and I did a little bit of birthday shopping (and by birthday shopping, I mean that we were looking for things for her party), watched some movies, played with the sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles, played some soccer, and read some stories.  We had some good quality Mommy/Hannah time-which I love. 

My Bug

This random pair of what might be the world's ugliest shoes was in our yard Saturday morning...they were not there Friday when we went to sleep...

A closer view of the shoe...and I would also like to add that I told Hubs to get a stick and put them in the trash if they didn't disappear before trash day...and then the next day, they were gone....weird no?
Monday was July 4th.  Hubs was off Monday so we were all able to enjoy it together.  We ran some errands together, and had every intention of going to the Pool but Hannah (and hubs) wanted to take a nap, and by the time everyone woke up it was time to eat dinner and go to the Riverdogs' Game.  Hannah was so excited about the game all week-because she wanted to see Charlie and Chelsea (and not the Tree-she really doesn't like that tree!) and most importantly THE FIREWORKS!  We thought the game would be over much earlier than it was and we didn't get home until close to 11, but the game was ok but the fireworks were really great!  They did not skimp on the Fireworks at The Joe this year!  I am actually pretty happy we decided to watch them there-it was well organized and it was a good show.  On the way to the car, Hannah looked at me and said "I had fun at the Fireworks," and then went to sleep on Hubs' cute! 

It's hard to see, but Hannah is wearing her 2011 College World Series t-shirt that Uncle Andy sent from Nebraska-she wants to wear it everyday-seriously

Popping bubbles

Blowing bubbles
 Hannah wanted everyone to draw a rainbow with the "chunks" (you might know this as chalk)
Hannah's rainbow

Mommy's rainbow

Daddy's rainbow...

While shopping in Old Navy, Hannah found these sun glasses and HAD to have I got them for her...and now she is a diva

When we were in Wal Mart, Hannah found one of those things where you can press a button of a CD to hear a sample of the music on it...well she pushed the button and we happen to have the CD that she pushed and she said "That's my CD-This is My song!" and then proceeded to dance around the isle-it was incredibly cute

because I have been raving about the black OPI Shatter I decided to post a picture of it so you can see how awesome it is too...I gave Heather the silver shatter because I really just didn't like the way it looked.
Dad, Hayley and Mom at the Riverdogs' Game

My Loves

Dancing to one of the songs during the game

Someone was getting sleepy

I had the hardest time falling asleep Monday night-maybe it was due to the obnoxious neighbors setting off fireworks until the wee hours of the morning (jerks-not everyone is on summer vacation you know), so I was pretty tired when it was time to get up and go to work on Tuesday.  I was a struggle for most of the day too, I am not going to lie...I really wasn't even looking forward to working out-which is not normal for me...usually that's what gets me through the day, but I was so tired I thought there was a possibility that I could pass out on the treadmill...luckily that didn't happen though-because I didn't do cardio

Speaking of working out...Select Fitness has GOT to fix their air conditioning system and water fountain cooling thingy because by the time I get there (about 5pm) it feels like a sauna in there and the water from the fountain is as warm as it would be if it had been sitting in my car all day.  There is nothing worse than working out in the heat and trying to stay hydrated with warm water (I think my sweat is colder than the water from the better Select, it is like you are trying to make more reasons for me not to want to renew my membership...

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special on July 4th?  Next weekend is Hannah's birthday party!  She is so excited about it-I am just hoping it doesn't rain...that would really put a damper on the fun!

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