Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v. 13

This weekend was yet, another busy weekend for us, so I am going to jump right in for you.  Friday, I had an appointment with the eye doctor, I know, not very exciting for you-but for me it was.  I was out of contacts, well, I did have the pair in my eyes, but I didn't have anymore, so should something have happened to my lone pair, I would have been rocking my spectacles daily...which, I honestly don't think I could deal with...seriously, I have been trying to make sure I wear them once a week to give my eyes a break from the contacts, but by the end of the day, my head hurts and my ears hurt.  It is not that the glasses are too tight, they could just fall off my face when I look down, so I am not sure what causes my ears to hurt-and I can't workout in glasses-props to you how can workout in them, but the sweat drips on them, and they get foggy, and they press on the machines I am using, the bounce up and down when I am on the just isn't a good time for me...and now you know why I was excited to go to the eye doctor.  When I left there, I started out on a mission to find one or two birthday shirts for Hannah-and by birthday shirts, I mean shirts that say "Birthday Girl" not just random shirts I wanted to buy for her because it was her birthday...and yes, i did get her 2.  One for her party and one for her actual birthday-too much?  I didn't think so-clearly.  When i was finished, Hubs, Hans and I met at Cracker Barrel for dinner-Hans loves that place because of all of the rocking chairs she can play sit on either while we are waiting or after we eat.  She is also becoming a fan of the large checker games they have.  She isn't quite sure how to play the game, but she knows that she is one color and I am the other, and other than that, it is a Hannah Free-for-All...have any of you seen Big Daddy?  For those of you who have, do you recall the scene where Julian and the guys are playing cards and he wins all of the time because Julian made up all the rules?  I want to say that Julian even said that the name of the game was "I Win."  That's what it is like playing Checkers with Hannah...

After Hannah went to sleep, Hubs and I watched a movie...Running Scared...ugh, if you know me, you know I don't do scary movies, so when I saw this movie on netflix, and it was not listed as a scary movie I thought it was something that both Hubs and I would be able to enjoy (side note-Hubs will complain until he is blue in the face that I only ever get movies for Hannah or Chick Flicks for me, but when I ask him what he wants to add to the Que, he never gives me options...and he even has the account info so he could go in and update the Que himself, but I am left with the Impossible) task of trying to figure out what movies Hubs would like that I might be able to tolerate so we can have a "date night" every other week when Hannah goes to sleep...) because this movie had action and Paul Walker (HELLLLLOOOO Paul Walker), a win for both of a win for Hubs, that movie was horrifying for me...seriously, I was disturbed by approximately 98% of the things I saw/heard in the movie...and no, it was not the CONSTANT dropping of the "F Bomb" (but for those of you who do not appreciate the bad language-this movie is NOT for you), it was the actual content...ugh, I believe I am still traumatized from that movie...I made Hubs watch The Soup with me after the movie was over (at least twice) before I could turn the TV off and go to sleep so I could try to get all of those images out of my head...(if you have seen this movie, I don't care if you think I am a weenie-I never said I wasn't...)

Saturday, I had every intention of going to the gym when I woke up, but the overwhelming need to get my hair cut was stronger than my desire to work on my fitness (Shout out Fergie-"I be up in the gym just workin on my fitness-he's my witness) so I went to visit Margaret...and on the way there, I decided I am actually going to grow my hair out so I can donate it to Locks of Love-so I only got the dead ends trimmed up...generally I keep my hair about shoulder length (or shorter) but I always want to be able to pull it up (at least the front part anyway) so it is not in my face all of the time...(yes, I do always have a hair tie (or 2) on my person at all times) right now, my hair is a few inches past my shoulders, but I do have layers in the front (can you say "The Rachel?"), so I figured why not just keep growing it out at this I have a few more inches to go before the hair that I will keep will be at a long enough length for me to be able to pull it in a few months you should look forward to me showing you a picture of my Locks of Love donation and new (shorter and yet manageable) look!

When I got home, Hubs, Hans and I headed out to do some last minute shopping for Hans' birthday party.  We went to Target (clearly her favorite store) first and got some bubbles and bubble wands (which, i have to say might have been the best idea we had because most of the kids played with them-Thank you Target Hot Spot Deals!)  And while we were there, Hannah found herself a "Hoop-A-Loop" (you might know this as a Hula-hoop) and she proceeded to Hoop-a-loop up and down the isle...Apparently, Special Agent Oso recently showed a very lucky kid (and Hannah as well) how to Hoop-a loop in just 3 special steps...So now, because Oso calls it a hoop a loop-so does Hannah...and while she was hoop-a looping she was telling me the special was quite a riot!  The best part is, because she doesn't know how to actually get the hoop to spin, she needs me or Hubs to spin it around for her...

Literally saying "Step 1"  here
When we left Target, we walked down to Party City, Hannah's second favorite store now, to pick up some other things, and Hannah found a cowboygirl hat she wanted to wear around the she did...
Super Silly Cowgirl!
Saturday night Casey was having a themed birthday party...which was Glitter...and I own NOTHING that is glittery, so I needed to find something, but I was NOT willing to pay a lot of money for it, so I made my way into know Ross-Dress for Less?  No?  Well, sad for you if you don't have one...None the less, I convinced Hubs to go in there so I could find something glittery. shiny, sparkly, anything...I also knew that my best bet for anything like that was going to be the Juniors section...oh dear...the juniors sections...imagine it, here I am, an old lady rifling through racks of teeny bopper clothes searching for anything have no idea about some of the looks I got from the actual juniors in the store-on any other day, i would have given the old lady the same looks I got, so I can't blame them!  I did come up with a few options...
This is supposedly a dress...well I guess for an actual Junior sized person it might be a dress...on me, it was a long (shiny)shirt...

Blinding no?  This Gem is from The Jessica Simpson really does not make me want to see what else she came out with...
But I didn't go with the above options, I went with a Marilyn Monroe face...yes, you read that correctly, a sequence dress that created Marilyn's face...very shiny and only $9.00,,,done and of that can be found below when we get to me actually attending the party. 

At this point, it was time for lunch and then we needed to go straight home for nap time for Hans, as we were clearly pushing her sleepy time limits...(as demonstrated by the temper tantrum she threw in the middle of Hannah wanted a Taco (of course, it is always either Chic-Fil-A or taco...she is going to turn into a big chicken taco one day) so we went to Moe's...after Moe's we went straight home for nap time...

When Hannah woke up from her nap, we went to Walmart to buy the food for the party...we had a hot dog bar, and we decided that we were going to get individual bags of chips as opposed to the larger bags, that way there would be more of a variety and it would be easier to get to the chips...and we needed soda...which caused an argument in the middle of Walmart...yes, Hubs and I were that couple...I just wanted to get coke and he was determined that he was going to get Sam's Choice...well, what happens when no one drink the soda and we are stuck with a billion Sam's Choice sodas that I don't like?  Ugh, I lost and we got Sam's Choice(in case you were wondering, yes, we are, in fact, stuck with a ton of Sam's Choice sodas because most people drank the bottled water or the kids drank the Little Hug juices...yay) whatever, Hubs has a LOT of soda to drink in the very near future!  When we were shipping around, the sky opened up-it was raining so hard that when you looked out the windows it looked like a white wall...that can't be good for unloading your shopping everyone who was finished checking out just kind of corralled by the door watching the rain fall...well, we couldn't just spend the night in WalMart due to the sudden down pour, so WWDD?  (What Would Dale (Dad) Do?)  Dad would pull out his poncho and tarp and cover himself and the cart and roll I decided to go get Hubs an emergency Poncho, because I had an umbrella that was big enough for Hans and me to get to the car and not get soaked...So Hubs put his poncho on, we made our way to the car...I have to say, the poncho was the best idea ever!  Hubs was relatively dry and we made it out of WalMart with all of our groceries!  Success! 

When we got home, I had to start getting ready for Casey's Glitter party...Jane and I planned to ride to the party together (she is a trooper because she knows I would have gotten lost without her!) so I met Jane at her house and then we set out for a Gliterrific Adventure...Highlights can be seen below
Group shot of the Glitterific Gals (now you can see Marilyn's face, yes friends, that is all sequence!)

All that Glitters is not gold...unless you are Brewster

Jane and me doing Megan's Model pose

Casey's Boy Toy Allen (well, that's what the cup says anyway)

Malanos Mania SUPER Glittery!

Marilyn Loves MegaBooth!

My camera died so I couldn't get a lot of pictures, but LUCKILY I snapped this gem before it died!

The Birthday Girl Bustin a Move!
Jane and I left the party early (I think we were the only people who have children that we at the party-and those children do NOT sleep in and both of us had been up quite early that day, and I won't say this about Jane-but I am an old Lady, and that party started at 8:30...nuff said).  We were there long enough to watch a Captain Jack Sparrow song by Micheal Bolton...pretty stinking funny (with some bad language in it for those of you who do not like that sort of thing, you might not want to click here):

 I got home pretty late (for me) and Hubs was already in bed by the time I got there.  Hubs' goal that night was to keep Hannah up past her bedtime so she would sleep in on Sunday...

Well, while Hannah was awake past her bed time, that did not stop her from waking up at 6 am Sunday morning...Hubs and I tried to explain to her that she had a big day coming up and she should lay down and rest, but Hans had a different point of view, and decided it was time to be we got up and started our day.  After getting dressed, we made our way to Publix to get Hannah's cake (while we were in Publix, Hannah announced to EVERYONE we saw that it was her birthday party today and that her birthday cake was in the cart) -after Publix, we made our way to the park where her party was so we could start setting everything up.  Luckily Travis was there to help, otherwise, I don't think we would have finished in time...
Riding in the Airplane cart at Publix...with Snow White

Birthday Girl Shirt...and Snow White

Testing out the Bubbles to make sure they work

Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ryan and my nephew-to-be

Aunt Ashley and Maw Maw

Travie and Chris

Andrea, Leah and Millicent
Running on the bridge at the park

Jane and BABY Thomas, not to be confused with Thomas the TRAIN

Cupcake Cake!

The Bubbles really were a should consider it at your next children's event

um...seriously, where am I supposed to put all of these?

Micky Mouse Clubhouse Jump Castle
At least Hubs waited for all of the other kids to leave before he got in the jump castle

Hans and Hay

MaDukes and Me

Hubs and Me

My Love! 
Loves of My Life Together!

Despite the fact that it was really hot, and I was worried about the rain (which didn't start until right around 3) the party was a lot of fun.  Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Hannah's 3rd birthday with us! 

Hannah's actual birthday is tomorrow, 7/14, so I took the day off (Hubs already has the day off) so we can all spend the day together.  If it doesn't rain, our plan is to go to the beach in the morning, grab some lunch, take a nap, then head to Toys-R-Us so Hans can pick out a bike (and get her birthday crown and Jeffrey balloon ,of course) then we will go home so she can ride it.  I can't wait!  I know she is going to love it!  Now, if it rains...I am not sure what we are going to do...Monkey Joe's?
How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?

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