Friday, July 8, 2011

I Watch A LOT of Reality Shows...

Hooray! Hooray!  Its Friday!  I know it was a short week, but sometimes the short weeks are the longest when you get back to the daily grind (I really don't prefer that term, but I felt it fitting after the work-week I have had....)  None the less, Friday made it! This weekend is going to be full of Last minute shopping for Hannah's birthday party...I can't believe it is actually time for it to happen!  Hannah has been so excited about it since we bought the invitations.  Everyday she wakes up and tells me that today is her birthday, and I remind her that her party is Sunday, and she says, "We can have my party today, 'cause I want to."  The I give her the daily countdown, and today it was "Well, today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday, and the next day is Sunday, and Sunday is when we will have your party," which was followed by "Okay...but I want to have my birthday today okay Mom?  After we eat, we can have my party, sound like a plan?"  Silly girl!  But I am very excited that she is at an age that her birthday is exciting for her too!  I hope you look forward to Next week's Weekend Wednesday to read all about the party!  (Please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain!)

Because it is Friday it is time for FIVE QUESTION FRIDAY!! (I am having some real difficulties pasting the FQF button into my blog-can anyone help me with this?  It happened the last time I tried this too...)

1. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)
I don't think it is overrated...if you never learn cursive, how will you ever have a signature?  Regardless of if you type a letter or hand print a letter-there are times when an actual signature is merited-so if you don't know cursive, how will you ever have one?  AS a notary, I have to sign legal documents frequently and without knowing cursive, I would never have a unique signature and anyone could just write my name out and no one would be the wiser!  While it might not be used as frequently as it was in the past, I think it is still a good idea to teach it...It helps with legible penmanship as well...and I know plenty of people who need some serious help with that area!
When I was in school, we used to watch this show where a woman would show us how to write each letter in cursive...Did anyone else have to do that?
2. Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone?
Well, considering I do not have a smart phone, (I will pause here while you gasp in disbelief over the fact that there are people who do not have smart phones....good?  Moving right along) I have to rely on other modes of notification tools-no, I don't have a "pocket calendar" but I do have a day timer that I use when at work, and at home we have a wall calendar (that is not actually hanging up, but on a wall, but I believe that is the technical term for it none the less) and I do use a notepad (steno pad to be specific) to take notes on at work...and some other notepads to write things down when I am at home...Both Hubs and I have discussed getting new phones for a while now, but we never actually take the initiative to do it...maybe one day we will get a "smart phone" but for now, all I need it a texting capability and I am good to go!
It isn't as fancy as it looks!
3. What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe)
Hmm....tough one...I would grab the memory box full of things from Hannah's first and second years of life (cards, letters I wrote to her, special clothes, pictures things of that nature) our Wedding Photos, because I know we couldn't recreate those, purse-because it would have my phone and other important things in it (like my phone, wallet, know, things we would need to get away from the fire and prove I am who I say I am...this is a hard one...

4. Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person?
Um, Suburban Mouse?  I am NOT a city gal, that should come as no surprise to anyone, knowing my general lack of navigational skills and disdain for public transportation...and conversation with strangers in general, I like to have my own space (of sizable nature), and since I am an old lady I am no longer in the "night life" scene, and I have this (irrational I am sure) fear of being mugged or attached (thank you Law & Order SVU) if I were to be out at night walking around (avoiding public transportation) that really makes me paranoid about living in a big city...that being said,  I am not a true country chic either, in that, I really like shopping centers, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants,. and entertainment within a few minutes of where I am located...I don't do well in areas where you could have the possibility of encountering a "Sure do got a purty mouth" or a people with pitchforks type of situation...and I have a cell phone so I would like to live somewhere that has reception to allow me to use living doesn't always offer that...I also don't do yard work and something tells me in the country, there would be a lot of that to do...which means not for me thank you very much...if I had to choose one...ugh...I don't even know...I think my dislike of public transportation outweighs my dislike of yard work, so if forced, I would choose country,,,,only if I was forced though...

5. If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?
Oh Sweet Jesus!  I would be in heaven...such a tough one!  Oh my goodness!  If the Hills were still on, I would LOVE to figure out a way to get a spot on that show! (yes, I would sacrifice my dislike of a big city for The Hills...I love me some LC (wait, am I Spencer Pratt?  Who calls Lauren LC anymore other than him?)  A few years ago, I would have said Biggest Loser hands down...I wouldn't qualify for that show anymore, so that is a bust at this point, I would go crazy in the Big Brother house so that's a no go-though I think I would be very good at the game play, I am a little too big to be on America's Next Top Model, even though I think my smeyes is better than most I see on that show...I don't have any special cooking abilities (or really any cooking abilities in general-forget the special part) so Master Chef, or Top Chef, or Next Food Network Star would be out of the question...can't design clothes so couldn't be on a project Runway show...not a mob wife or a real that's out...I am married so that eliminates Millionaire Match Maker or Bachelor or Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad or Temptation Island (remember that one?)...Ice Loves Coco, not Erin...I would love to be on one of those silly Real World Road Rules challenges, but I would definitely not win, because I am too weak, so I wouldn't pick that...I am not a Kardashian so I probably couldn't get on one of those...I don't live in Jersey so no Jerseylicious or Jersey Shore for me...I would make a fool out of myself on Wipeout (does that count as a reality show-it's real people?)  I can't sing so no The Voice or American Idol for me, no Extra special dance skills, so I can't hang with So you think you can dance or America's Best Dance Crew, No America's got talent (that is worth watching...though I could TOTALLY be a judge on that show!) 

WAIT!  Does The SOUP count?!  If it does, I PICK THE SOUP!  Oh Joel McHale, you have now made an appearance (via me) in my blog 2 weeks in a row, please call me-we could totally hang!  Seriously, see above, I watch it all, I could add some extra sass to your chat stew!) 

In the even The Soup doesn't count...I would have to either pick Extreme Makeover-Home edition (mama would LOVE a new house!) or What Not To Wear...not because I think I have poor taste in clothes, but because hello!  $5,000 for a new wardrobe, complete with Makeup and hair and Professional advise as to what makes this face (and body) look good-don't mind if I do!!!

Really all the above just summarizes that I watch a LOT of reality shows...I love them...I will give them all my attention for at least 2 episodes, and should they keep my attention for those episodes, consider me hooked for life!

What Reality show would you pick?

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