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Weekend Wednesday v/ 14

I know, I have been horrible at making sure I keep you all up to date with what’s going on…sorry…as usual-forgive? Thanks. 

We had a lot of fun this weekend.  Saturday, I met up with Jane and Cara for breakfast because Cara was in town for the weekend for a wedding, and she penciled in some time to see us.  We met at the Blue Rose.  I had never been there before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Sadly, I was the last to arrive.  I was on the way there, and the traffic on the interstate was something ridiculous.  I am not kidding.  One of those “information” signs on the side of the interstate displayed this “Incident ahead.”  Well thank goodness for that tid bit of information because I would have never figured out that there was an incident ahead  without reading that…forget the part where traffic was backed up for a few miles…I don’t want to seem needy, but I would have preferred to have been provided a little more detail of stated incident, like, oh, I don’t know, what mile marker at which the incident occurred so I could potentially gauge how long I would be sitting in traffic…Is that asking for too much?
Regardless, I was so happy that I was able to see Cara while she was in town (and as usual, it is always great to spend time with Jane too) because Lord knows I miss that girl’s face…and her ability to think about situations in a different way than I can.  The entire experience itself was a bit weird-they appeared to be slightly under staffed, as evident by the lack of refills and the amount of time it took for us to pay, but overall, not too bad.
In case you were even slightly interested in knowing what I wore to breakfast...I should also ad that Hannah is literally running around me in circles...
After breakfast, I made my way home.  Hubs and I decided that we were going to take Hannah to play putt putt…yes people, we did put our lives in danger voluntarily by giving our little girl a golf club…luckily it was plastic, and by the time we finished our game, each of us had only been hit about 3 times…not bad…we started on the “practice green” so we could give Hannah an opportunity to try to understand the purpose of the game.  She got the swing (tee hee) of things pretty quickly so we moved on to the first hole.  The order was Hubs, Hans, me.  Anytime Hubs would miss, Hans would say “Oh, you missed Daddy,” or “Oh, that didn’t go in daddy.”  It was pretty funny especially since she was practically yelling it at him.  I would also like to point out that I made a hole in one on the first hole, thank you very much.  Sadly, I wasted my 1 good shot on the first whole and my performance was sub par  on the other 17 holes…shame.  I have to say though, Hans did really well for her first putt putt attempt!  She actually made a few holes in 3 stokes (she even beat me and Hubs on some of them…sad no?)  On one particular shot, she actually made a bank shot off of the wood into the hole-I was impressed.  Because it was super hot Saturday, there weren’t many people outside playing so we finished pretty quickly. 


Hubs was trying to help Hans

It was difficult trying to explain to Hans why we couldn't go swimming in the water that looked pretty but smelled like the flamingo exhibit at the zoo...

Photo opp

showing off the green ball she picked

Hubs and Hans were danincg to the YMCA

I do these just for prrof that I was there

She made this shot in 3 sttokes

taking a break in the shade

I lost...sad
We hopped in the car and went to Once Upon a Child…we dropped some of Hannah’s old clothes off to see if they would by any of them back, so we needed to go see what the end result was.  We ended up making about $45.00 off of the items they wanted-which is great for me because now we had extra cash and space in the house-it’s a win-win J.  When we left Once Upon a Child, we asked Hannah what she wanted for lunch…she decided she needed a taco, and not just any taco, a taco from Taco Bell…so we took a hot and tired Hannah to Taco Bell.  After lunch e went home and it was most definitely nap time.  Hans and Hubs both took naps and I just laid down and relaxed while enjoying the air conditioned house…(I told you it was hot earlier, so a sister needs to be able to enjoy the fact that she can cool off!) Saturday night we just hung out and played games after meeting up with my parents for dinner.
I decided I wanted to wear Hannah's birthday crown....

Hannah was not happy that I wore her corwn so she took it back and sulked

My Love and Me at Taco Bell

My Love and Me in the car waiting for my parents for dinner
Sunday, we woke up and made our way to church.  After church, Hubs had some plans to celebrate my birthday (which is really this Saturday, but because he is scheduled to work he decided we would do  everything  a weekend early) so my parents took Hannah for the night and we set off…ok, really we went home so we could let the dogs in and I could change my clothes…but THEN we set off.  We headed to Sesame for lunch.  Hubs had a bison burger and I had an apple and brie salad. 
Hubs waiting for his burger

Me waiting for my salad
Then we made our way to the bowling alley.  (Side note, we did not go to the bowling alley we normally go to because this one was closer to the people we were meeting…I am not sure I ever want to go back to this bowling alley again, because it was a bit…creepy and weird at first.  When we arrived, we were literally the only people (other than the employees) there.  I was not sure if it was actually open…When Hubs and I walked in Casey and Allen were inside waiting with a big platter of Birthday Cake Rice Crispy treats…(which were AMAZING and if you haven’t tried some, you need to because you are seriously missing out).  We played 2 games, and then we left to go to Max and Henry's? (I am not entirely sure that name is accurate, but it is a knock off version of Dave and Busters.) 
Really? Light years ahead? 

Erin: "Allen, why don't you ever smile when I take your picture?"

Thanks for the Picture & a smile :)

Bustin a move

Hubs and Me

Don't try anything tricky...
I WIN-but Allen did give me a good run for my money!

Allen was so close to winning!
When we got there, they weren’t open yet, so we went to the Kickin Chicken for a bit, where I took the opportunity to partake in the $2.00 mimosas…ahh…I love a mimosa-especially when it is only $2.00.  When we finished there we went back to Max and Henry's.  Casey displayed her stellar hoop skills, I rocked it out playing air hockey, while Hubs and Allen opted for shuffle board match up (which I am pretty sure there will be a rematch at some point in the future).  We left there and made our way to Casey’s place so we could get ready for dinner.  (While at Casey’s Hubs was introduced to a new game-Angry Birds-on Casey’s iPad…ever heard of it?  Neither had I until Allen showed Hubs, and I am not kidding when I say that Hubs was in a trance while playing it-the only time we would speak when he was playing the game was to announce that he got a new bird so Allen could tell him what the bird did…weird no?)
It's dark but you can totally see Casey's form! She's a pro

New found obsession-Angry Birds

Allen explaining what the yellow does
When Hubs was able to put Angry Birds down, we left for dinner.  We went downtown to Fleet Landing.  Megan and Peter met us there which was a nice surprise.  (They were in VA for the weekend and, even though I am sure they came back for work, I will think of it as they came back for my birthday…).  We were seated at a corner table, and I had a PRIME people watching seat-I could see the entire restaurant from my seat…PERFECT!  I ordered the swordfish and Hubs ordered the crab cakes; both were delicious!. 
Hubs' fancy crab cakes

delicious swordfish
Megan demonstrating the Spray Guard 2000 AND 1!

Malanos Mania

Casey & Allen

Hubs and me outside of Fleet Landing
After dinner, Hubs and I made the long trip home where I had to start getting my stuff for work ready.  Hubs did a great job planning out the birthday festivities  J and thank you to everyone who came out to spend time with me-I had a great day! J

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