Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v.5

Look, it's my blog and I will post late if I want to...sorry, I have been busy (I know, don't roll your eyes, I am aware that I say that practically every time I blog, but I am just trying to be honest with you...)  And even though it is not Wednesday, I thought that maybe you still wanted to hear about last weekend, before a new weekend begins am I forgiven?  Thank you! 

Hubs was working so Hans and I were on our own as far as our activities went.  Friday night, Hans and I went out to dinner with My dad and Hayley (or Poppi and Sissy if you ask Hans).  My mom (mawmaw) was out of town so Hans spent the day with Poppi and Sissy playing because Sissy was on Spring Break last week.  Hans LOVES playing with Sissy.  Apparently they went for a walk and while they were out it started raining, so Sissy and Hans took it as a sign that they should being jumping in the they did, by the time Poppi found them, they were soaked.  (side bar, Hans had a cold she was just getting over...guess what decided to extend its stay?)  I had to blow dry her shoes before we could go grab some dinner.  Hans got pretty fussy at dinner (someone was so excited to play with Sissy that she didn't take a nap all day) so we ate in a hurry and ran out.  Hans got a bath and then wanted to go to bed. 

Saturday, I had a session with Heather so Hans and I made our way to the gym.   She loves going to the gym to "play with friends."  After the gym, Hans wanted to go to the "Red Store" (You might know this as Target-she is obsessed with Target...she wants to go there all of the time...), so we visited Target...where I managed to spend $100 on stuff I really didn't need...then we went grocery shopping, and while at Publix, Poppi called and asked if we had time to take Sissy to get an Easter dress...of course we did! 

After the groceries were put away we picked up Sissy and headed to the mall.  Sissy is graduating from middle school in about a month so she also needed a dress for graduation...We found her a super cute black dress with white polka dots and a red ribbon-but it really didn't say "Easter" to me, so I told her we could get it and go try on other dresses somewhere else to see if we could find something else...well, imagine my surprise when we checked out and the dress was 60% off!  I love a surprise sale!  So we headed off in search of the perfect Easter the time we left the mall I had 2 dressed, 1 pair of shoes, a head band (all for Sissy) and one sleepy Hans.  I dropped Sissy off and took Hans home and put her in her bed for a late afternoon nap...(if I am being completely honest, we both took a nap...)

Sunday was Easter.  The Easter Bunny did NOT disappoint! Hans was very excited about the fact that the bunny left her 2 baskets...(note to self: next year make sure Hubs is chaperoned while shopping for Easter basket items to ensure that we only have 1 basket-not 2 "But Erin, she needs all of that stuff"  Seriously people, he is worse than I am).  Then it was time to get ready for church...Hannah LOVED her new Easter Dress!  She called it her Princess dress, and wanted to spin around in Princess Circles all day.  She loved it so much that she has asked to wear her "Princess Dress" everyday since Easter, and keeps asking when it will be clean so she can wear it and be a Princess again.  This was weird to me considering she didn't like dresses until that she wants to wear one every day...silly girl! 

After Church, Hans wanted to take a nap and not go to Poppi's house.  I put her down for her nap and started the typical Sunday festivities-you know-laundry, cleaning, etc. When she woke up, I took her over to Poppi's house to see what the Easter Bunny left for her there-and she was super excited to find all of the eggs that the "Messy Bunny" left around Poppi's house (I just love that little girl!). 

As previously mentioned, my mom was out of town, and could not watch Hans Monday or Tuesday while both Hubs and I were working, so we made plans with Hubs' mom (Granci) to keep Hans for a few days, so we had to bring her to Granci's house before heading back to Poppi's house (sans Hans) for Easter Dinner.  I was kind of excited about the prospect of knowing I was going to be able to sleep through the night without interruption!  I must have jinxed myself because at 4:15 am my phone started making the "I'm about to die so plug me in or you won't have an alarm to wake you up" I had to turn on the light, find the charger and plug that piece in...even without my baby home, I STILL couldn't get 1 whole night of uninterrupted sleep...sigh... below are some pictures of Easter.  I hope you guys had a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

Before Church

She likes to pick flowers...but those are weeds so I don't mind

I didn't even have to pose her like this!

Showing what the Bunny brought!

mouth full of Jelly Beans

My love in her Princess Dress

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