Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v.3

This was a pretty low key weekend for us.  Hubs had to work so Hannah and I were left to our own devices...neither one of us felt particularly well so we watched movies (and by that I mean Cars and Tangled of course).  Recently Hannah has been paying more and more attention to my toe nails-well more so the polish on the nail not so much the nail I asked her if she wanted me to paint her toes too.  She got very excited and said "Yes, I love it!"  So I went and found a color that is more appropriate for a two year old (my toe nails are painted a very dark purple, so dark that they look black...I am pretty sure her teachers would have some raised eye brows when Hannah strolled into class Tuesday morning rocking that look...) I found a pink color and brought it back to the couch.  I put Hannah's sandals on her feet (I figured if she was wearing them, there would be less opportunities for the polish to find its way to my couch, carpet, etc...)  I proceeded to paint them.  She saw them and said "Nice...You clean them off now..." When I told her they could not be cleaned off, she proceeded to scream and cry demanding that her toes be cleaned was clear that it was nap time...I let her toes dry for a little while and then sent her off to her bed...when she woke up, she strolled out to the couch and said "Loooook mommy, my toes are so pretty!"  Maybe Mommy/Hannah pedi's are in our future! I will try to post a picture of it later for you...

Hope your weekend was awesome!

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