Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm an O Hero!

GOOD MORNING!  Welcome to Monday!  Does it sound like I am excited about Monday?  I am really trying hard to look forward to another week, but I am really sad for the weekend to be over, so I am over compensating with my happiness about the day...did it work?  No?  Saw right through it huh?  Hmmm...I will do better...Sadly, my monstrous cold/sinus infection is still lingering so I am still full of sniffles and...well you know what else I am full of by now ;)  Moving on to Meet Me On Monday

1. Caesar Salad or Garden Salad?
Garden Baby!  I love to have a colorful salad-when I make a salad, I strive to have every color of the rainbow represented on my tomatoes, orange carrots, yellow squash, yellow corn, (Hello summer squash, I cannot wait until we meet again!) green peppers, blue cheese crumbles (okay-not so blue but you get the point here) purple onions, brown mushrooms, black (and or green) olives, maybe some beets, white cauliflower, black beans ...I am practically drooling thinking about that it off with some balsamic vinaigrette...Makes me want some salad real bad

2. Will you be watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th?
Did they watch my wedding on March 12th?  No?  Probably not then, that thing is on a Friday-a) I have to work and b) when i am not working, and have time to watch tv, Hans is more interested in Cars or "Tangles" (AKA Tangled to everyone else).

3. Last thing you spent lots of money on?
An Earl Grey Tea Latte from Starbucks...look, I wasn't going to get one today, but Kendall needed to be picked up from the airport, and her flight was slightly delayed, but if I went back to work, i would have had to turn around and go back to the airport as soon as I parked my car at work, so I drove to the Bucks instead...judge me if you want, but it beat sitting in the airport cell phone parking area...(though I will say, Kudos to the CCAA for installing that flight status board in the waiting area because you know when the flights have arrived AND when the passengers are ready to be picked up (or have unboarded  (deboarded?) the plane....very useful)

Just what I needed for this ridiculous ongoing sinus issue...

4. Window seat or aisle seat?
How appropriate, as I was just talking about the airport!  I prefer the window seat, though, if I am traveling with Hubs, I give him the window seat so he has a little bit more entertainment...I swear, her is worse than a small child some times when we travel...he has a very difficult time sitting still (even when we aren't traveling) and he will seriously resort to the whole "I'm not touching you" know where he will hold 1 finger in my face and I say "Please get your finger out of my face" and he responds with "But I'm not touching you..." For some reason he never seems to tire of that game, me on the other hand...I am getting irritated with it just from typing about for that reason, I will gladly fore go my window seat view for a few more minutes of quiet on the plane...

5. Do you know your blood type?
I am an O Hero People!  O+...I feel like I just wrote about this not too long ago...I would go back and look for that post, but I just don't feel like it...oh well.  Are you a blood donor?  No?  You should be (if you can...I know some people can't for whatever reason and I feel bad for the ones who can't but really want to).  I know many people who just haven't even thought of donating.  if you are one of those people, allow me to tell you, 1) it doesn't really hurt...for me, the worst part is getting my finger pricked (ugh) before donating...but sadly, it is a necessary evil, as this is how they check your iron levels, and mine tend to be low so sometimes, I can't donate... 2) it doesn't take that much time...Hubs has large veins, and can donate in 10 minutes...whereas, I have super small baby sized veins (my veins are just about the only small things I have going on!) and it takes me about 30 minutes to an hour to donate 3) They give you FREE snacks!  Seriously, no one wants you to get sick while donating, so eat the snacks, and drink the juice/soda they give you-it is there for you!  4) Passing out is not typical.  The number 1* reason for people to pass out while donating is due to low blood sugar- make sure you eat a large meal before donating and you should be fine.  (*This is an unreasearched # 1 reason, however, I almost passed out one time, and it was due to not eating, and every other time I have donated, I did eat a large meal before and I was fine...)
Please make an informed decision regarding weather or not to donate by reading the information provided by the  American Red Cross
We want to meet you on Monday too!  Join in!

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