Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Wednesday v.4

Warning:  This post is going to be full of pictures...if you don't want to be subject to viewing pictures of the World's cutest toddler, please stop reading now...(but for real, why wouldn't  you want to see a lot of pictures of Hans...after all, I am 99% confident that she is the real reason you come back to read the blog...)

This weekend was a pretty busy one for us!  Hubs was off Friday so he was home with Hans while I had to work...We went out to dinner when I got home from work, then we watched a movie and all went to bed.  Saturday, Hannah we woke up and got ready to go to the East Egg hunt sponsored by Hannah's school.  She had a blast!  At first, she was a little unsure so she had a little melt down, but then Hubs offered to hold her basket for her while she checked things out and that was all Hans needed to get her tush in gear and "find" (look, she was in the 0-3 age group, so there really wasn't a lot of finding involved, more like walking and trying not to step on the eggs...) all of the eggs.  All I could think of was how many times she was going to ask me if she could eat the candy, until I realized that Hannah's school is AWESOME and put stickers and other things in the eggs for her age range so no candy in those eggs...I just now have stickers all over my car, furniture, house, etc...  I will say that Hannah still has not warmed up to the idea of the "real" Easter Bunny...she would make me tell her where the bunny was, and want to see it, but if we got closer than 10 feet, she would start to get upset...maybe next year...

Finding the eggs
Someone just spotted the GOLDEN EGG
The Golden egg was way up in a tree so Hubs had to help her reach it

Tah Dah!

"Look What My Got Mommy"

Raise your hand if you are awesome!

It's dark, but she got to go to the front to get her Golden Egg Prize, she was so excited!

So you could pick from stuffed animals or a giant you can't guess what Hans picked

checking out her loot
Snack time!

she only wanted to eat the blue icing-after she ate the icing, she asked for another one...
Me and My Love leaving the Easter Egg Hunt
We left the Easter Egg Hunt, and Hubs wanted to eat lunch, so we went to Five Guys...mmmm, be jealous if you do not have one (or more than one) of these in your area...After lunch, we needed to go to the grocery store because it was baking day for my Amish Friendship Bread (which turned out AMAZING in case you were wondering, I was so proud of myself) and I still needed more ingredients for the bread.  After the store, it was nap time.  Hans napped for about 3.5 hours, she was worn out from all of the Easter Egg excitement! 

We decided to go to church Saturday night instead of Sunday morning because we were going to go downtown for Cara's going away brunch.  After church, we had a pizza picnic while watching Hans' new favorite movie...Cars..What?  Cars is not a new favorite for Hans?  You have heard about cars for the last few weeks?  Mmmhmmm, yep, I understand, welcome to my life...

Sunday we woke up and got ready for our trip downtown...and just so you know, Hubs drove, so we did not get lost.  Hubs decided he wanted to park a "little bit" away from the Battery so Hans could see all of the fountains while we walked to meet up with everyone.  (A little seemed like miles, but if you were to ask Cara, she would say "It's only a few blocks")
Here are some photos of our excursion

As an added bonus for you, this is where Hubs proposed on May 7, 2004

She got a rock in her shoe so Daddy to the rescue

Showing her muscles!

 Hans wanted to play croquet

We got to spend time with a lot of awesome people-who can be seen below


Jane and her Parents came out to play

A lot of fun people in one place

Baby Thomas (not to be confused with Thomas the Train)

Even Cole came out

Allen was the Croquet master
Hannah LOVED running around (probably because she was able to take her shoes off.  Cara even arranged for an Easter Egg hunt for here are some photos documenting the fun


My Loves

I didn't even pose her for this

Playing soccer and eating Watermelon

Corn hole with Casey

Checking out the Loot from the East Egg Hunt
We left a little early because I Hannah needed a nap before we went to watch the Riverdogs play baseball...
Mom Hayley and Ashley

Jason: "Ugh, Erin, you know I can't see"

Smiling for the camera


If you saw this, you might think he worked for the Riverdogs...but no, that's just Dad

Hans and Aunt Ashley

Taking peanuts from Sissy

Clapping for the Riverdogs!
As I said, we had a pretty busy weekend, but it was a great Family weekend.  The weather was beautiful and everyone was in a great mood!  I hope you had a great weekend too!

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  1. Looks like Hans had a great time Easter egg hunting!