Friday, October 28, 2011

He seriously does it out of spite

It has been a long time since I participated in 5 Question Friday so I decided today I was going to bring it back on the Hit or Miss Radar...for this week anyway-we will see where next week takes us...

1. Do you prefer cotton, silk, or flannel sheets?
I LOVE a flannel sheet set in the winter time...however, Hubs might catch on fire if I were to ever put flannel sheets on the bed...he doesn't even sleep with a blanket because he gets so hot while he is on the other hand, I sleep under multiple blankets...I get it from my seriously-that woman sleeps in sweatpants and a sweatshirt year round and still requires multiple blankets....

All that being said, I am forced to stick with the cotton sheets...which aren't bad, just not as warm as the flannel ones are...which means I need more every night I go to sleep and tuck my side of the blanket under me so it doesn't go anywhere when I roll over...and just to be SPITEFUL Hubs starts out sleeping under the blanket-no matter how hot he is, and no matter how much he is sweating-he won't push the blanket off just so I don't have the entire blanket to myself-seriously-this is a conversation we frequently have...and I lose every time...every.time.lame.

2. What time zone are you in?
I am in the Eastern Standard Timezone...and it never fails, no matter where I am working, I always have to deal with people on the west coast who are 3 hours behind us...kind of makes my job a bit difficult when it comes to timely communication...

3. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
Well it used to be all of the time our family was able to spend with each other...which is now my second favorite new favorite is seeing how EXCITED Hannah gets about ANYTHING Holiday related.  That kid's face lights up at the mention of the Holidays...She LOVES (and I know I cannot express the amount of love but just know it is A LOT of LOVE) Lights-any sort of lighted decoration delights her heart like you have no idea...when it gets closer to Christmas, she and I will drive around neighborhoods in our area on our way home in the evening just so she can see all of the is incredible to see how happy they make her!
And-not that you asked-but another favorite part of mine is how people are generally happier around the is a pleasant and welcomed change from the standard-I am yelling at you because it makes me feel important to know I made you feel bad about something-mode of thought most people  have the rest of the year!

4. What is your favorite Wintry drink?  (It doesn't have to be an alcoholic drink!)
I really enjoy eggnog...Hubs HATES it and I won't let Hannah try it so it is really just me in the house, so it is a rare occasion to find some in our fridge...BUT last year Hubs did buy me some eggnog ice cream-which was pretty good and really nice of him...though it would have been even nicer if he would have stopped making gagging sounds while I was eating it...but whatever, I take what I can...

5. In your opinion-what is the worst job in the world? is tough...I would have to say it is a toss up between garbage collector (especially on a hot and Humid August day in thank you!) or the people who work at the...I don't know the proper/technical term for the "Poo Plant" if you know-after you flush the..waste-it goes somewhere...and I do NOT envy the person who has to do anything with it after that...Really anything that deals with bad smells or touching anything unsanitary...blech...I shudder at the though of either...seriously-I would not be able to do it so Hats off and much respect to those of you who can-and do-Especially the Garbage collectors in my neighborhood-they are so friendly and always look so happy and wave to me whenever I pass by!

What job couldn't you do?  You should play 5QF



  1. you're right on about the poo plant! ewwww! stopping by from 5qf~

  2. Stopping by from 5QF, fun answers! Have a great weekend!