Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School

It happened, People...Sunday night I went to sleep and everything was normal...when I woke up Monday morning, I was the Mom of a Kindergarten student...How is it even possible that Hannah is old enough to be in Kindergarten?  I hate that every day she wants to tell me that she will be 6 on her next birthday...don't get me wrong, I am happy that she is excited to be older so she can do new things, but I am so sad at the same time because she is growing up MUCH to quickly.  She is one amazing gal though.  I would not trade her for any other little girl (someone PLEASE remind me of that when I am the recipient of her next batch of High Octane Sass...)

I don't really know when, why or how "we" became obsessed with Hello Kitty, but she wants Hello Kitty everything...

Mr. B was also excited that his sister was going to school
I, much like EVERY OTHER PARENT, decided that it would be a good idea to drive Hannah to school and take her to her classroom.  This very well may have been the worst idea I have ever had. The traffic for the "drop off" lane was backed into several streets...I ended up parking at the Electricity company across the street and we walked to school from there...I don't know how kids aren't considered tardy every morning because there is NO WAY all the kids made it to class on time. 

I did happen to get teary eyed as I walked Hannah to her class.  I probably would have lost it if her class wasn't so far down the hallway-AND if I didn't have a moment of clarity where I realized that if I started crying then there was a MUCH higher chance that Hannah would start crying and get scared...(not to mention that I do not want to be THAT parent who embarrasses her kid on the first day of Kindergarten...seriously, there is plenty of time for embarrassing moments) I pulled myself together and we BOTH made it to her classroom without any tears.  Before I left her room she ran to me grabbed my leg-gave me a hug and then sat back down at her desk...I had to leave or we would have had a situation...and by we-I mean me and by situation I mean-uncontrollable ugly crying status... I didn't even stay for the "Boo Hoo Breakfast" the PTA sponsored that morning-I feel certain that I would not have been the only one crying, but it was probably best for everyone that I start the 10 mile hike back to my car-and for any of you who do not live in the Charleston vicinity-the humidity yesterday was RIDICULOUS...I am sure I was sporting a nice Southern Glow... but not to worry, the traffic still had not gotten any better by the time I reached my car so I had PLENTY of time to sit in traffic cool off in the air conditioning before making it to work. 

I was so excited to pick up Hannah so she could tell me all about her day.  She told me she made lots of new friends and that they got to eat lunch in the BIG cafeteria-like a picnic on a table with all of her friends-AND that one of her friends from preschool was in her class (but she sits at the orange table and Hannah sits at the purple table so they ate lunch together...oh to be 5 again).

This morning, I was smart...I decided it would be MUCH easier for Hannah to take the bus to school instead of me trying to endure the drop off lane traffic (seriously-there are not 1 not 2 but 3 schools RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER that share an entrance for the drop off lane...3 schools...that is a LOT of cars at one time) and risking the "My baby is not a baby anymore tears" for the second day in a row...This was a much better idea...though we did have to wake up incredibly early because her bus picks up at 6:37...no wonder little kids have an early bed time-they have to get up before the roosters to make it to the bus stop on time...We made it-she boarded the bus like she was a veteran...didn't even stop to give me a hug-I don't even think she waved to me as they pulled away...I think pieces of my heart may still be found at the bus stop...my baby is not a baby anymore...

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