Thursday, May 13, 2010


Welcome!  I created this blog so people who are interested in keeping up with the everyday happenings of the Phalen Fam are able to.  I lead a pretty boring life-and the people in it make it exciting.  So here we go! 
So as it stands, The Phalen Fam consists of Hannah, Jason, River, Kali and me.  Hannah is a professional doer of all things cute, including but not limited to, trying on all of my shoes, sunglasses, hats, scarves, makeup, and accessories in general.  Jason is a police officer-and has been since before we were married.  He is an extreme University of South Carolina fan, and loves all things spicy... River and Kali are both graduates of Dog Training in Your wouldn't know it though-if you were to come over, they would lead you to believe that they are never fed or given any attention-all lies-in fact, I know for sure they are hand fed by One, Hannah Phalen-I have personally witnessed Hannah pick up pieces of their food and feed them one by one to each of the matter how much we ask her not to, but she is a giver like that...other than being a mom to the world's cutest toddler, I administer government contracts for a living.  It is a far cry from what I ever thought I wanted to do with my life, but no one ever really knows what they are meant to do until God reveals it. 

I cannot believe that Hannah is almost 2. I feel like she is growing up too quickly and I am not okay with that. I would like for Hannah to be my little girl forever, but it seems, almost daily, that she feels the need to remind me that she is a big girl and is no longer a baby. People constantly ask me when I am going to have Baby #2. My answer is generally this: How can I have another baby? I mean, seriously, how would that baby feel knowing that its older sibling is the world's cutest toddler? Sibling rivalry right out of the womb-it can't be healthy. Also, Hannah is not much of a sharer...she does not like to share any attention with anyone else...ever...Also...there is no room in our current house for another baby...I also believe that both River and Kali will attempt to harm us in our sleep if we were to bring another baby into their please, people, until you hear otherwise, please just assume that baby #2 is nowhere in the near future-otherwise you will upset the dogs...

It is hard for me to believe that it is already May. Seriously, after January, generally, the first part of the year seems to drag on until Memorial Day. For me, I do not get a Paid Day Off from work until May 31st. Which is probably why the first part of the year seems to last forever. This year has been different. I feel like the last 5 months have flown by. Don't get me wrong, I am still very much looking forward to my day off-because it means more quality time with my Hannah :)

Alright, I feel that this is a good start for now, so let's see how frequently I remember to provide updates!

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